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Deciphering the Texas

STaR Chart
By Jeffrey Bergman
EDLD 5352 - 1182
November 29, 2009
 Define STaR
 Introduce STaR Chart relevance
 MHS Results 2006-2009
 Summary/conclusion
What is the STaR Chart?
 School Technology and Readiness

 Its purpose is to address the technology
advancements of individual teachers and

 The chart addresses the Texas Long-Range Plan
for Technology (2006-2020)
STaR Chart key areas:
 Teaching and Learning
 Educator Preparation and Development
 Leadership, Administration, and
Instructional Support
 Infrastructure for Technology
Layman’s terms
 Are teachers and districts helping
students become better 21st Century

 How compliant are campuses, and
what technologies are available to
Levels of Progress

 Early Tech

 Developing Tech

 Advanced Tech

 Target Tech
Early Tech Level of Progress
 Early Tech indicators are a few of the
 Instruction is teacher-centered
 Skills of teachers include multi-media and
use of the internet
 There is no campus technology plan
 There are 10 or more students per
computer, dial-up connectivity and no
web based learning
Developing Tech Level of
 Developing Tech indicators are as follows:
 Instruction is teacher-directed and students use
technology on an individual basis
 Skills of teachers includes technology for
administrative tasks and classroom management
 The campus has a Long-Range Plan for technology
 5-9 students per computer with most rooms
connected to WAN/LAN
Advanced Tech Level of
 Technology is integrated into
foundation area TEKS
 There is an integration of technology
into teaching and learning
 Campus plan is supported and there
are grants along with local funding
 4 or less students per computer with
all rooms connected to WAN/LAN
Target Tech Level of Progress
 Teacher serves as a co-learner and activities
are seamlessly integrated into TEKS
 There are regular technology-supported,
learner-centered projects
 Campus plan is focused on student success
 There is on-demand access for every student
McKinney High School
McKinney High School
 Alternates between Developing and Advanced Tech
 Has it’s own student-created news website-
 Has many available technology resources, but lacks
in areas of educator preparation
Summary Area of MHS
14 Teaching and
12 Learning
10 Educator
8 Preparation
6 Instructional
4 Support
Infrastructure for
2006- 2007- 2008-
2007 2008 2009
Summary and Conclusion

 MHS showed a weakness in Educator Preparation &
Development (3 point drop in three years based on staff
 MHS shows strength in Leadership, Administration, &
Instructional Support (Advanced rating for the past two