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Understanding Some of the Critical

Success Factors in Strategic Customer

Relationship Management
Implementation Projects: The Case of
Robeco Private Banking

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Aims of the study
• The importance of managing the customer
relationship is universally recognised as
being of vital importance in the business
world today. As a result, a strategy for
tackling the problem of customer relation is
very important to every company and
Aims of the Study

• Examine the CRM in a Swiss Bank -- The

Robeco Private Banking
• Explain why CRM is an important strategy
• Identifying The Critical Success Factors
(CSF’s) for CRM implementation
CSF & CRM Implementation
CRM Implementation Projects

Addresses most CSF’s
Addresses some CSF’s

Does not address CSF’s

low high

Level of Risk
Background & Foundations

• What is CRM?
• Industry Trends
• Challenges
• Motivation of our Study
Benefits of CRM
• Relationship marketing increases retention
• Greater potential to learn from customers
• Relationship behavior anticipates customer
• Increased profitability through targeting
Challenges in CRM
• Customer Loyalty Vision
• Appropriate Customer Care Solution
• Managing Performance
• Managing the Organization
• Service Provider Selection
Motivation for our Study
Forecasted European Spending on CRM projects

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
• What are we trying to establish?
What are the CSF’s required to implementing
What do companies look at when implementing
a CRM system?
Research Design
• Framework for identifying CSFs
Literature Review
• Considerations
Identified Possible CSF's
• Questionnaire sent to professionals and service
• Interview with Robeco Private Banking
Survey: Questionnaire
How would you rank the importance of retaining customer loyalty? Please tick one.
Very high High Moderate Low Very low
1 2 3 4 5

Which would of the following be the most important (number 1) to the least important
(number 6) in implementing CRM in banking?
The Internet ( )
Profitability and value creation of ROI ( )
End users involvement ( )
Role of the service providers ( )
CRM training issues ( )
Tracking and measuring project on achieving CRM goal ( )

• Onyx Software
• Nortel Networks
• IDC Research Analyst
• IDC Senior Analyst
•What was your role in your companies CRM effort?
•What were the goals of your CRM project?
•What particular CRM solution did you select? Why?
•What were the major obstacles/challenges you faced?
•Why did you select Cambridge Technology Partners as your
solution providers?
•How do you monitor the performance?
•How did you manage Organisational changes?
•What were the major milestones for implementing the CRM?
•What role did the users of the system play?
•What factors were critical to the success of your CRM
Why we chose case study as a part of our research?
•An attempt to describe relationship, which exist in reality
within a single case or organization.
•Case studies capture reality in greater detail than is possible
using survey approach and dealing with a large number of
variables as in our research.
Company Profile
Rabo Robeco Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is a registered
Swiss bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the
Rabobank Group in the Netherlands.
The leading fund manager in the Netherlands
445 autonomous local Rabobanks in the Netherlands
serve over 7 million customers
Outside the Netherlands, Rabobank is represented in
over 35 countries with more than 150 offices

Total balance sheet at the end of 1999: EUR 281 billion

Total assets under management: EUR 125.5 billion
The bank wanted to implement a system that would provide the
customer service representative with the ability to quickly access
all of the customer's account information, including signature
cards, from the computer desktop.

Business Solution
The CRM solution that was chosen was Vantive Sales and
Support version 8.0 as a base and was designed, developed and
implemented between November 1998 and October 1999.

The Bank's level of customer service has increased and
customer satisfaction has significantly improved.

Gaining competitive advantage and

customer satisfaction in a European
banking market.
Robeco, an early adopter of CRM system.
Focused on proactive segmented client
Robeco aimed to provide much more
comprehensive service, increasing revenue.
Gain deeper understanding of its client
5 CSFs of CRM Implementation
• Managing Performance Benefits
• Managing Organizational Discipline
• Developing Appropriate Customer Care
• Service Provider Selection
• Developing Customer Loyalty Vision
• Robeco Private Banking
Case Study Analysis
• Robeco’s Initiatives
Dual management of this project with
Cooperation from Key Management Level
Case Analysis
• Managing Performance Benefits
Benefit Analysis developed that Projected
client lost rate
• Calculated bases on improved “client Intimacy”
• First projection: Increase in clients till 2003
Client Retention rate
New Clients by the year
Case Analysis
• Managing Organizational Discipline
Integrated Approach
• Client Management
• Prospect Management
• Business operations
Case Analysis
• Appropriate Customer Care Solutions
Personalize Customer Service
Replace reactive with Proactive
Forecast Alarm
Paperless office
• To drive the corporate reflex faster
• Easier Access to Desired Information
Case Analysis
• Service Provider Selection
• Cambridge Instead of PriceWaterhouseCoopers
• Technical Focus
Conclusion & Recommendations

CRM Critical CRM Implementation

Implementation Success
1.Establishing CRM Goals
1.Customer Loyalty 2.Strategic use of CRM
Vision tools
2.Appropriate Customer 3.Ability to measure and
Care Solution track CRM goals
3.Managing Performance 4.Manage Change for
4.Managing Organisation users
5.Service Provider 5.Partnership for project
Selection success

Thomas Wu David Laurent
Phoebe Truong Anushka Joshi
Ivan Yip