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The End of Humanity

Known Perspectives for the End of
• Christian Perspective
• Socio-Political Perspective
• Economic Problem Perspective
• Global Warming Perspective
• Robotic Society Perspective
• 3 ways on how to know
God’s Will
Scriptures – deal with the
Bible and the word of God
written by man under the
inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Revelations – takes place
when God manifests to man,
such as when God talks to the
prophets and Jesus became
Oral Tradition – it is based on
the accounts of those who
have experience the presence
of God in history and in their
Scriptures and The Judgment Day
• According to the Scriptures, time
will come that God will judge
everyone according to his deeds.
The good will go to Heaven while
the bad will be put in hell.

• The extinction of man here is just
the body, since soul also is part of
being a man. The souls that will go
to heaven will never extinct and
will live forever
War : Socio-Political Perspective
• War – Brought by
military superiority,
driven by technology,
which evolved from guns
to cannons, and
individuals to countries.
It can not only destroy a
country but also a
continent and the whole
human race as large.
Globalization in Economics
• Globalization is a process of
crossing borders, bridging gaps ,
and building one community
known as the global village. It is a
drive to create unified system in
within the bound of the
• Free market is the fore-runner
principle of economics and this
evolves from the fact that
everybody has the right to have
their own business
The problem of Free Market
• Capital is a fundamental part of this
system and only those who have
capital can join.
• Technology is used by the capitalists
in labor which results to lessen
human labor and eventually to
unemployment. It creates wider gap
between the rich and the poor.
• When there are many unemployed,
there will be a greater demand for
needs . This will result to physical
competitions such as crimes in order
to survive. Crimes will be rampant
and the world will be thrown into
• This will cause the collapse of
• A. Using your camera, take a picture of any
event or situation where there are many
people affecting the lives of others, therby
effecting changes.
B. Explain the following statements through
real life situations.
• “You must be the change you wish to
see in this world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

• “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can
only be achieved through
understanding.” – Albert Einstein

• “Don’t wait for the last judgment; it
takes place everyday.” – Albert Camus

• “War is a defeat for humanity” – Pope
John Paul II
C. Write True if correct. Otherwise, False.
___________ 1) Qualia is the quality of the
feelings or experience.
___________ 2) Globalization helps to reduce
the gap between the rich and the poor.
___________ 3) Free market offers equal opportunity to
everyone so long as one has a capital.
___________ 4) Floods and heavy rains are not
signs of global warming.
___________ 5) For the Christians, the death of man is
applicable only to the body and not to the