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General characteristics:

The lesson that will be conducted is designed for the fifth grade class of
Sk Bangsar. According to standardized tests, students performance
levels are average in the area of IT competence. However, they can
benefit from extra support activity that will help strengthen their IT
competence. Majority of these students do not have computer at home
and have no exposure of IT.

Entry competencies:
The fifth grade classes of SK Bangsar are able to:
Use the World Wide Web to research, locate, select and utilize information.
Write a timeline on technological advances
Exhibit familiarity with the term of technology such as e-mail, modem, CPU
and URL etc.
Use technical equipments (Computer, LCD Projector) for effective
Learning Styles:
Majority of the students are visual and kinesthetic learners. They prefer group
work and class presentation.

The objectives are as follows: Given the term technology students will
be able to interpret and do a research about technological advances.
Using the Internet and the World Wide Web, students will be able to
locate useful information beneficial to their oral presentation. The fifth
grade class may use computer and LCD projector or any props as they
relate to the topic to enhance public appeal. Students will have time in
class to revise, review, organize and prepare their presentation in
class. Students will be evaluated on their illustration and organization of
information. Students will have 20-30 minutes to complete their

All of the equipment needed to successfully complete this lesson are
located in the classroom. The classroom must be equipped with
computers that have internet access for research. The teacher
distributes an article based on technological advances. The lesson will
start with a group discussion lead by the teacher. The pupils will be
divided into small groups. The teacher will continue the lesson after the
group discussion.

1. Preview the material: Never use anything in class you have not
thoroughly checked out.
2. Prepare the material: Make sure you have everything you need and
that it all works efficiently.
3. Prepare the environment: Set up the classroom so that whatever
you are doing will work in the space you
4. Prepare the learners: Give the students an overview, explain how
they can gain this information and apply it
and also how they will be evaluated
5. Provide the experience: Give meaningful teaching-learning
Students are encouraged to ask any questions
about what they are required to do for this
particular presentation at any time during the
1. Evaluate student performance:

The evaluation should match the objectives. Pupils can be adequately assessed with a pen and paper
test and result of performance.

2. Evaluate media components:
The teacher should evaluate the effectiveness of the media components either it assists the pupils to
achieve the learning objectives or not.

3. Evaluate instructor performance:
The teacher must be assessed on the effectiveness by observing the process of teaching-learning in
the classroom.
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