“Never believe that a

few good people can’t
change the world. For,
indeed, that’s all who
ever have.”
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
!ourney to New Kind of "hange
Tabdeeli ka Safar
!une #$%& ' (arch #$%)
*+,+-N. /nsuring Public welfare and
,atisfaction in KPK
ccording to a (arch #$%) survey by 0allop,
public satisfaction.
Pakhtunkhwa – 57%
Pun1ab ' #23
,indh ' #43
5alochistan ' 63
“There is nothing so
powerful as an idea
whose time has
7abdeeli in.


"orruption9free Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



;evenue, /state and Patwari ,yste<

=rban 7ransport>7raffic

/nergy ? Power




7abdeeli in *+P "ulture

No security and protocol

No elite forces in houses

"( living in an anne@e

ll 0ovt rest houses to be given to 7A"P for

No *+P line cutting on airports, standing in lines
7abdeeli through 8egislation
7he 1ob of an elected representative is
to ensure that the interest of the people
is held fore<ost and is ensured through
introducing and passing legislations to
achieve that.
#B historic bills of public interest
passed in %$ <onths
8ist of bills passed

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance 5ill #$%&

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa /@plosives 5ill #$%&

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa r<s 5ill #$%&

Khyber Pakhtunkwa ;ight to +nfor<ation 5ill #$%&

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial -<buds<an C<end<entD

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 8ocal 0overn<ent 5ill #$%&

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa /htesab "o<<ission 5ill #$%&

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Plants 5reeders’ ;ight 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Far< ,ervices "enters 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa :igher /ducation ,cholarship
/ndow<ent Fund 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Aeserving Eidows and ,pecial Persons
Eelfare Foundation 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa /nergy Aevelop<ent -rganiFation
C<end<entD 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ;iver Protection C<end<entD 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa !ournalists Eelfare /ndow<ent Fund 5ill

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Private Partnership 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkwa ,urrender of +llicit r<s 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (edical 7ransplantation ;egulatory uthority
5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 7ibb and :o<eopathic /<ployees
C;egulariFation of ,ervicesD 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 8ocal 0overn<ent C<end<entD 5ill

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food ,afety uthority 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa :ousing uthority 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 7enancy C<end<entD 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa :otels ;estriction C,ecurityD 5ill #$%)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ;ight to Public ,ervices 5ill #$%)
7abdeeli in Police
8eading by /@a<ple


s pro<ised by P7+, KP police has been co<pletely
de9politiciFed under the able and co<petent
leadership of +0 Nasir Aurrani

+0 Police hi<self ad<itted in various interviews
that no interference by provincial govern<ent in
police <atters will take place. /ven opponents
and 1ournalists also ad<it this fact

/ven AP- Nowshera, ho<etown of "(, has been
replaced by +0 without any approval of "(

Action Againt !orru"tion

No tolerance policy in KP Police on corruption

%#G Police officials ter<inated, $2 de<oted on
corruption><isuse of power against intelligence
reports and public co<plaints

#erit $ae %ecruit&ent

+n past, recruit<ent in Police was polluted by political interference

7o curb it, KP Police has decided to do recruit<ent through well9
reputed N7,

;ecent recruit<ent of "onstables has been done through N7,

'nline %egitration of ()%

-nline F+; can be registered at www.kppolice.gov.pk

7otal F+;s. %$&$

;egistered F+;s. 62%

"ases Filed. %%4

waited. )&

Police to *icti& Ser+ice

Police to victi< service launched. 7oll Free Nu<ber $6$$9$$)$$

,tablih&ent of !ounter Terrori& De"t

"ounter 7erroris< Aepart<ent "o<prises $& wings

-perational, +ntelligence and rresting has been established

##$$ Police<en will work in it

,tablih&ent of #odel Police Station

ll B$$ Police ,tations will be converted to (odel Police

& Police ,tations 0ulbahar, FaHirabad and =niversity 7own in
Peshawar have already been converted into (odel Police

,tablih&ent of (orenic lab

Forensic 8ab will be established in Peshawar and ,wat

Forensic 8ab in ,wat will be functional soon

%aiing of !anine -nit

"anine =nit has been established and <ade operational

&# out of 4$ sniffer dogs have been received

,P has been appointed to head this unit
7abdeeli in the
Patwari ,yste<

%efor& in Patwari Syte&

+n ,epte<ber #$%&, news published in leading newspapers stated that Patwaris called <eeting in
Peshawar and :aripur against the govern<ent steps to refor< syste<, which itself is indication of
govern<ent direction to curb corrupt Patwari syste<

‘Jhang Model’ has been introduced in which DCO calls the citizen to enquire about any bribery
demand/delay in process by Patwari

Aisplay of prescribed rates of fee ? ta@es at conspicuous places in “Patwar Khanas” 7ehsil buildings, ,ub
' ;egistrar offices ? in the office of dditional ssistnat "o<<issioner C;evenueD

Patwaris have been shifted to Patwar :alHas
nchors li!e "areeha did a mystery buying in#estigati#e program in
Peshawar and reported that not a single Patwari was willing to ta!e bribe
$rom the crew posing as ordinary people
 !o&"uterization of .and %ecord
 "o<puteriFation of 8and ;ecord under process in Peshawar, (ardan, bbottabad and A.+.Khan
 %e+enue !ollection
 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ;evenue uthority established
 According to State $ank of Pakitan/ KP re&ained &ot efficient "ro+ince in firt half of (0 1234-35
KP re+enue collection tood at 4167 $illion in firt half of (0 1234-35 a co&"ared to
3368 $illion in corre"onding "eriod of "re+iou year i6e6 139% increae a co&"are to
Pun:ab; 15% and Sindh; 3165%
7abdeeli in

!o&"ro&ie on Power but not on !orru"tion

KP 0overn<ent re<oved its $# <inisters on
allegation of corruption 9 risking power but did
not co<pro<ising on corruption

ccording to 7ransparency +nternational
Pakistan, National "orruption Perception ,urvey
%&'& report (P was the most corrupt
pro#ince o$ Pa!istan

;ightly <entioned by 7ransparency +nternational
Pakistan representatives in press conference as
Ithe unprecedented e)ample set by (P *o#t
by remo#ing its ministers on corruption

Ae&ent of Tran"arency )nternational

)n Dec/ 1234 Tran"arency )nternational Pakitan re"ort that (P *o#t
has not shown any sign o$ corruption that was rampant in last +P
go#ernment in (P
KP /htesaab "o<<ission

For the first ti<e in Pakistan, e<powered and autono<ous /htesab co<<ission is being
set up which is not anwerable to !hief ,<ecuti+e of the "ro+ince unlike =A$ whose
"hair<an is appointed by the Pri<e (inister with consultation of -pposition 8eadership

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa /htesab "o<<ission #$%) has been enacted

,earch ? ,crutiny co<<ittee co<prising of honest, respectable and non9partisan
<e<bers for<ulated

dvertise<ents for /htisab "o<<issioners, Airector 0eneral and Prosecutor 0eneral
have been <ade by ,earch ? ,crutiny "o<<ittee and soon the co<<ission will start

+nvestigation will be started against any written co<plaint of corruption sub<itted by
;ight to +nfor<ation

Another &iletone toward Tran"arency/ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa beco&e firt "ro+ince to bring
the >%ight to )nfor&ation Act 1234;

/nables citiFens’ access infor<ation in all public <atters

"overs all Public ,ector institutions of the Province including subordinate !udiciary and Provincial

Public +nfor<ation officers in all depart<ents notified, trained and listed in press. -fficers are
bound to provide infor<ation to the citiFens on reHuest within %$ working days

"hief +nfor<ation "o<<issioner as well as two other co<<issioners appointed and office
established. 7he co<<ission has already started receiving co<plaints and started acting upon

wareness ca<paign is being run across province
,ermed by -mar Cheema and ci#il .ociety as way o$ ahead o$ the /ight to
0n$ormation bill passed by Pun1ab *o#ernment2
;ight to ,ervices ct #$%)

Another &iletone toward ti&ely er+ice/ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa beco&e
firt "ro+ince to "a >%ight to Public Ser+ice Act 1235;

Thi act enure citizen; acce to "ublic er+ice within "ecific ti&e li&it

+n case of any failure of provision of public service by designated officer
within specific ti<e li<it, the citiFen <ay file co<plaint to the concerned
authority and co<<ission

-n failure of provision of services within specific ti<e li<it, the co<<ission
<ay i<pose fine on culprit along with order to pay a certain portion of fine to
the aggrieved as co<pensation
!o&&iioner under %ight to Public Ser+ice act 1235 ha+e been notified
and tarted working
7abdeeli through :ealth

#anage&ent !ouncil in Tertiary !are ?o"ital

For 7ransparent procure<ent of <edicines, eHuip<ent and <erit based
recruit<ent and pro<otions, (anage<ent "ouncils have been

"o<prising of apolitical and well9reputed <e<bers to ensure transparent
procure<ent of <edicine, eHuip<ent, <erit based recruit<ent and

+n the past, all non9official <e<bers of councils were either law <akers
of NP and PPP or their close affiliates

Doctor; Ser+ice Structure

7he issue, which creates tension between govern<ent and doctors in
other provinces and resulting suffering patients, has been resolved by KP

Notification issued and will be i<ple<ented fro< Fiscal Jear #$%)9%B

(ree ,&ergency Ser+ice

Free /<ergency ,ervices worth ;s. % 5illion in all 7eaching and A:K :ospitals

-versight "o<<ittees constituted to ensure transparency

,tablih&ent of )nulin $ank

+nsulin 5ank started working in :ayatabad (edical "o<ple@ where free treat<ent provided under I+nsulin for 8ife’ progra<

Further, after no<inating focal persons in $6 hospitals, work has been started to establish +nsulin 5ank in 8;:, K7:, A.+.Khan,
5annu, Kohat, (ardan, bbottabad and ,wat

#other-!hild ?ealth Ser+ice

(other9"hild :ealth ,ervices <ade operational in
)4 5:=s

,pecial +ncentive progra< initiated in %# backward
Aistricts under I(aternal :ealth ,ervices’ for
which ;s.&$$ (illion have been allocated and
I+<<uniFation ,ervices’ for which ;s.#$$ (illion
have been allocated

wo<an who will visit for regular checkup during
pregnancy and after delivery will be paid ;s.#2$$.
Progra< has been started

/very child who will co<plete the i<<uniFation
course would be paid ;s.%$$$. Progra< has been

#obile ?ealth Ser+ice

(obile :ealth ,ervices has been inaugurated in %B
districts to provide services at door step

>Sehat ka )naf; )&&unization !a&"aign

KP 0overn<ent with support of Aonor agencies e@ecuted an
unprecedented i<<uniFation ca<paign I,ehat Ka +nsaf’ in
Peshawar Aistrict. Peshawar was declared I8argest ;eservoir
of Poliovirus in the world’ by E:-

7he ca<paign co<prises twelve rounds, covered <ore than 2
lac children of Peshawar Aistrict in each round
"or the $irst time in last 3 years4 samples o$ polio#irus test
negati#e $rom Peshawar this year which is great hope

,ehat ka +nsaf included routine i<<uniFations against nine
vaccine9preventable childhood diseases such as (easles,
Pneu<onia, (eningitis, :epatitis95, 7etanus, Pertussis
Cwhooping coughD, Aiphtheria, Polio and 7uberculosis

I,ehat ka +nsaf’ ca<paign also e@pands to Aistrcit
"harsadda, ,wabi and (ardan
7abdeeli through /ducation
+ndependent (onitoring =nits

+(= has been established. +ts scope is to <onitor regular attendance of teachers,
students, <issing facilities and assess future reHuire<ents

+(= will <onitor all #6,$$$ schools in the province

.mart Phones with pplication .o$tware will be provided to all (onitors which will
confir< the presence of <onitors on desired location and ensure the provision of
reHuired data

)2B <onitors, eHuipped with 0P, enabled PAs visit #6,$$$ schools to <onitor

+(= has been placed under /?,/A, directly reporting to ,ecretary, /?,/A. t the
Aistrict level +(= district staff will report to Aistrict (onitoring -fficer who will report
to Aistrict ,teering "o<<ittee and Airector +(= at provincial level.

For<ally launched by the "hief (inister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on pril %4, #$%)
>Ta&eer-e-School; Progra< has been launched, an +nitiative to fund <issing facilities
in hundreds of schools in KP under

7otal #B$ ,chools fro< Peshawar, Nowshera, bbotabad, (ardan, and A.+.Khan selected
i.e. B$ fro< each district

%## schools and details of <issing facilities already posted on website www.ta<eer9e9
school.pk and people have been asked to provide <issing facilities of any school of their
own choice

first ti<e ever in Pakistan progra< to i<prove the standards of all govern<ent schools
in KP

progra< through which interested individuals and organiFations donate for the efforts

(ain areas of focus include, 5oundary walls, ,anitation, "lassroo<s, Furniture, Arinking
water etc.

,nroll&ent !a&"aign

/nroll<ent "a<paign IParho aur Lindagi
5adlo’ has been launched for Jear #$%)
5etween ugust6+o#ember %&'74 appro)
74&&4&&& out o$ school children were
enrolled under this campaign

School !lutering

7o i<prove standard of education in public
sector schools, clusters have been for<ed
wherein 4 pri<ary and #9& <iddle schools will
be given under the supervision of one
principal of a high or higher secondary school

#&,$$$ clusters already notified and syste<
will be operational soon
 -nifor& !urriculu&
 Phase wise =nifor< "urriculu< has been introduced in cade<ic session started in
pril #$%)
 5ooks according to new curriculu< and in /nglish <ediu< for 0rade9% have been
published and distributed
 (ree Te<t $ook
 =nlike past, this year Free 7e@t 5ooks in KP published and distributed on ti<e and
 !heating-(ree SS! ,<a&ination
 KP 0overn<ent took several steps to ensure Icheating9free’ ,," e@a<ination including
 ""7* ca<eras in selected centers as pilot pro1ect. Eill be e@pand ne@t year
 (Ns, (Ps, "o<<issioners <ade freHuent visits to /@a<ination "enters
!# had re@uet o""oition on ae&bly floor to "int out any cheating in
e<a&ination hall but they failed to "oint out any incident6 !i+il ociety and
teacher aociation alo a""reciated cheating-free e<a&ination

Teacher; %ecruit&ent

,hortage of 7eachers

Aue to negligence of previous govern<ent, shortage of
teachers were accounted for %)$$$

+n Phase9%, KP 0overn<ent has recruited 6$$$ teachers

+n Phase9++, KP 0overn<ent has initiated process for <ore
4$$$ teachers

(erit 5ased ;ecruit<ent

+n past, teachers recruit<ents were always polluted with
political interference

7o curb any political or govern<ent interference, teachers
have been recruited through well9reputed N7,. 7he results
are directly announced by N7, on its website.

Teacher; Training

Phase wise training targeting I#&$$$
trained teachers’ has been started fro<
!anuary #$%)

7raining for I(aster 7rainers’ has also
been conducted in various sub1ects

Sti"end for Pri&ary School Aoing Airl

KP 0overn<ent is paying <onthly stipend
of ;s.#$$ to the pri<ary school girls to
encourage fe<ale enroll<ent

,chool based 7eachers policy

4 ;oo< ,chool instead of # roo<s

,tipends for 0irls enroll<ent

ll new schools at the ratio of 2$3 fe<ale to &$3 <ale
7abdeeli through /nviron<ent

!lean and Areen Pehawar

1 billion tree "lantation
7abdeeli through 7ransport>7raffic

Tran"ort Planning B Traffic ,ngineering De"art&ent ha been etablihed

Pehawar #a Tranit Syte&

Peshawar (ass 7ransit ,yste< likely a co<bination of 7rain and busses

0round 5reaking of Pro1ect e@pected in Aece<ber #$%)

$u Syte& for ?ayatabad Town

Aue to unavailability of 7ransport inside :ayatabad 7own/ Peshawar, private transport co<panies
invited to bid for internal routes. +t will be operational by !une #$%)

!o&"letion of %ing %oad

"( strictly directed the co<pletion of ;ing ;oad in #$%B. +t will ease the traffic flow of Peshawar

Traffic Carden for Pehawar

G$$ 7raffic Eardens trained in line of :ighway ? <otorway Police has
been approved by "(

7hey will be trained and on road by ,epte<ber #$%)

Traffic !ontrol B #onitoring Syte&

+nstallation of surveillance ca<eras on )$ sites of Peshawar co<pleted

"ontrol ;oo< established in 7raffic Police :ead Kuarter 0ulbahar

,<art Aevices CPAsD handed over to selected 7raffic wardens
7abdeeli through /nergy

KP 'il B Aa !o&"any etablihed

"/- notified

5oard reconstituted

,igning of Production ,hare gree<ent with -P8

Negotiation with K=FP/" for Paharpur 5lock

"o<pany Fully Functional. :iring in Process. (eeting with various co<panies

?ydel Power Station

Policy revised, +ncentive for private sector

B$ (E 5ar re<oved

,tablih&ent of 452 ?ydel Power Station in #alakand/ Swat/ Dir and Shangla/
coting %6 7 $illion/ ha been finalized to o+erco&e energy crie
;un of Eater Pro1ect

&B$ plus hydro power plants established

8ocal distribution of power generated

(ade available at a fraction of a cost to the local
+ndependent ,olar =nits

%#$$ households in %$$ villages given independent solar units

% solar unit per house

/ach house is given.

% pedestal fan

% ceiling fan

& 8/A lights

% charger

KP DATA !enter

Prion #anage&ent Syte&

Digitization of Data at ho&e de"art&ent6

Auto&ation of S"ecial $ranch "olice6

Traffic #anage&ent yte&

Auto&ation of ar& .icene

Auto&ation of Public er+ice !o&&iion

Digitization of Pro"erty Ta< %ecord
7abdeeli in +79,<art KP

!hief #initer; %edreal yte&

)T ,<cellence Progra& for Student

,-howcaing of regional indutrial Product

(ile tracking yte& at Secretariat 'ffice

Digitization of regitration deed

*ideo conferencing facility at 7 di+iional ?D connected to !#/ !S/ A!S
and !abinet %oo&6

!itizen (acilitation !enter

?ealth #anage&ent infor&ation yte&

$io #etric attendanceE?% &anage&ent

Dibure&ent of Fakaat

KP S&art ,&"loyee

Acce !ontrol #echani& for KP

,- Do&icile

Auto&ation of Ar& DealerE#anufacturer

Auto&ation of Pro"erty dealer/ Auet ?oue/ ?otel etc
7abdeeli through ,ports

Talent ?unt Progra&

"ricket 7alent :unt Progra< has been started across the province

,earch of Players has been done, will be followed by 7raining "a<ps and

S"ort Stadiu&

$6 sites have been acHuired for ,ports ,tadiu<s in various Aistricts

0round 5reaking "ere<ony held, work in progress

Gawan #arkaz

!awan (arkaF has been established in 2 Aivision

;s.%$ (illion each was allocated this year

!awan (arkaF will have data center, 1ob center, sports center etc.

+t will be a hub for all youth activities, awareness ca<paigns, co<<unity services
7abdeeli through 7ouris<
 Touri& !or"oration Khyber Pakhtunkhwa HT!KPI ha launched a tour o"erating
agency in )la&abad to "ro&ote touri& ector in the "ro+ince
 )ntallationE-"-gradation of !hair .ift
 +nstallation>=p9gradation of "hair 8ifts has been approved for Naran to ,aiful9(ulook, (ala< !abba and
 (erry Ser+ice
 Ferry ,ervice has been started in +ndus ;iver, A.+.Khan
 De+elo"&ent of Touri& S"ot
 =ew Touri& S"ot identified/ a""ro+ed and te" being taken for de+elo"&ent6 (or e6g6
 Su"at .akeE#eadow
 Aabeen +alley
 Ku&rat *alley
 $atakundi %eort
ccording to a (ay #$%& survey by +;+,, public
satisfaction of those who are satisfied and highly
Pakhtunkhwa- 74%
Pun:ab – 51%
7abdeeli ka ,afar 1aari haiM
7his is not the end, this is 1ust the

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