Büşra AKSU
Nisan Ezgi SİNGİN
Weight Training
• Strength training is an all-encompassing term
used to describe all endeavors aimed at
increasing one's strength and pushing the
body's potential to further heights.

• Weight training is a specific type of strength
training that specifically uses weights to
achieve its goals.
• Proper weight training incorporates many
cardiovascular benefits, but its chief goal is to
build muscle in a healthy, educated, and safe
• This course will provide a comprehensive view
of muscular function – how muscles work,
how they grow, the nutrition they need to
propel growth, how their development can
facilitate fat loss, and how to safely exercise
using the proper form and technique.
Football Course
• Our new, unique curriculum for children is
designed to put fun at the centre of learning
and education at the forefront of our coaching

• Every player will be taught the four core
technical principles; control, passing, shooting
and dribbling and each player, regardless of
their experience or intention, gets individually
and continually developed to ensure the best
and most personalised experience.
• We create an atmosphere of fun, forming the
best possible environment to learn, develop
and make new friends. We’re
confident we’re leading the way in how
football should be delivered, no over-
coaching, no over-complication, just simple,
fun sessions.

Draw Course
• This course is designed for beginner artists
who have an interest in learning how to draw
or sketch -- or simply want to improve their
skills. It will cover drawing people, places,
things, and even abstract concepts. For best
results, we highly recommended that you take
your time going through this course.
• It covers the tools you'll need to draw and also
provide plenty of exercises to practice drawing
using different techniques and styles.
• It will cover
drawing people,
places, things, and
even abstract
concepts. For best
results, we highly
recommended that
you take your time
going through this

• Yoga is accessible to everybody. A history of
5000 years is proof of how lasting and magical
this exercise art really is.
How many other exercises can boast worldwide
• The fact is, over the past twenty years, yoga
popularity has increased from minimal
interest to one of the most popular exercise
regimes around. With so many different yoga
schools, instructors and styles, the choices can
be daunting.
• This course is designed to give you the
information you need to decide on the perfect
combination that will make your practice the
most enjoyable and satisfying.
• You will be guided through the steps for
beginner yoga poses and meditation, with
emphasis on concentrated deep breathing.
• Appeal to(v):Try to persuade someone to do something by
calling on (a particular principle or quality)

• Attract(v):Cause to come to a place or participate in
a venture by offering something of interest or

• Enthusiastic (adj):Having or showing intense and
eager enjoyment, interest, or approval

• Expert(adj):Having or involving a great deal of
knowledge or skill in a particular area

• Have a passion for someone or something: to have a strong
feeling of need or desire for someone, something, or some

• Hooked on: Devoted to or absorbed in something

• Instructor(n): A person who teaches something

• Productive(adj): Producing or able to produce large
amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities

• Take seriously: If you take someone or something
seriously, you believe that they are important and
deserve attention.

• Technique(n): Skill or ability in a particular field

• Forthcoming(adj): About to happen or appear

• Guest(n): A person who is invited to visit someone’s
home or attend a particular social occasion

• Jam(v): Improvise with other musicians, especially in
jazz or blues

• Junior(adj): For or denoting young or younger people

• Social event(n): An event characteristic of persons forming

• Talent(n): Natural aptitude or skill

• Catch on: Become popular

• Join in: To become involved in an activity with other
• Tryout(n): A test to see how useful something
or someone is
• Sign up: Commit oneself to a period of employment,
education, or in the armed forces

• Take part: Join in an activity; be involved
• Audience(n): The assembled spectators or listeners at a public
event such as a play, film, concert, or meeting
• Composer(n): A person who writes music, especially
as a professional occupation

• Rehearsal(n): A practice or trial performance of a
play or other work for later public performance

• Lead singer(n): The main singer in a musical group

• Carpentry(n): The skill of making and repairin wooden objects

• Pottery(n): The activity or skill of making clay objects
by hand

• Sculpture(n): The art or practice of shaping figures or
designs in the round or in relief, as by chiseling
marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal.

• Sketch(n): A simple, quickly-made drawing that does
not have many details

• Attack(v): In games such as football, when one team attacks
the opponent's goal, they try to score a goal.
• Be in the lead: Having the leading position or higher
score in a contest

• Cricket(n): Cricket is an outdoor game played
between two teams. Players try to score points,
called runs, by hitting a ball with a wooden bat.

• Court(n): A court is an area in which you play a game such as
tennis, basketball, badminton, or squash.

• Defeat(v): If you defeat someone, you win a victory
over them in a battle, game, or contest

• Draw(v): To hit or strike (a billiard ball, for example)
so as to give it backspin

• Overtake(v): To go past something by being a greater
amount or degree

• Pitch(n): An area painted with lines for playing particular
sports, especially football
• Ring(n): Two round handles at the ends of two long
ropes that hang from the ceiling and are used
in gymnastics

• Serve(v): To put a ball or shuttlecock into play, as in
court games

• Tackle(v): The act of stopping an opposing player
carrying the ball, especially by forcing the opponent
to the ground, as in football or Rugby.

The whole point about folk and dance music is
that it ……… an organic urge to dance.

appeals to
I have a friend who is very …… at the language.

Cricket fans are currently …… a series of college

hooked on

The Lake District ……… thousands of foreign
visitors each year.


Back then the rallies were big and the support
was energetic and ………


John ……… fishing, so he fishes as often as he

has a passion for

All students are taught by ……of the Shadow
Flight Centre.

With these abilities they can concentrate on skill
and … when it comes to competitive football.


The actress was …... of honour at the launch.


Keep an eye on the noticeboards for ……. events.


Deforestation and overgrazing destroy …... land,
while acid rain damages crops.


It's hard to ….. them …… in their pretty grey

take - seriously

He had the opportunity to …. with Atlanta blues


The player was given hardly any opportunities to
show off his …..


I wonder if the game will ever …..
with young people.

catch on

He then became the youngest ever ……. world
champion the following year.


The …… for the team will be next weekend.


We only need one more player for this game -
can you persuade your sister to …..?

join in

He ……. for a ten-week course.

signed up

It is free for University members to watch both
the …… and the performance.


Tom teaches the art of Greek ……. at the local art


We have come here to ………a major game.

take part in
The …… were clearly delighted with
the performance.