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It is a question that a researcher wants to

answer, or a problem that a researcher
wants to solve.
A situation or circumstance that requires a
solution to be described, explained, or
In educational research, the research
problem is typically posed as a question.
It is the first step in the research process.
It should be of interest to the researcher himself
It is a current and novel issue
It should not carry moral or legal impediment, nor
should it be controversial
Testable and Solvable
The variables are clear, separable, and updated
It shall incur expenses affordable to the
A research paper usually has numerous
constraints and there are factors that limit the
successful performance of the project. The
researcher should be aware of these things which
1. Availability of Data. This is the most important
consideration that a researcher should be
concerned of. One can never do an empirical
research without data.
2. Funds. It is also one of the constraints. A research
activity is an investment and therefore, needs funds.
One needs funds for questionnaire, data analysis,
for papers, other materials, and for typing of the
3. Capability of the Writer. One should not write a topic
on theory on numbers when one has not taken the
course. One should write on topics which he
believes he is capable of doing.
4. Attitude and interest of the researcher. One will be
motivated to do the researcher if one has the proper
attitude and interest in what one is doing.
5. Interest of the Sponsor or the Benefactor should be
considered. This, however, should not conflict with the
interest and capability of the researcher.
6. Importance of the issues involved. Topics that are
already saturated with findings should be avoided. It
should be a topic that is current and likewise popular.
7. Regency of the issue. It is an event or an issue that
is contemporary and of interest to many.
8. Cooperation of other people. One should be assured
of others who will play an important part in the
research report.
9. Facilities and Instruments are Available. Facilities
and instruments needed in an experiment should be
available, especially laboratory equipment and
1. Research problems: typically a rather general
overview of the problem with just enough
information about the scope and purpose of the
study to provide an initial understanding of the
The purpose of this study is to investigate the
attitudes of high school students to mandated drug
testing programs
2. Research statements and/or questions: more specific,
focused statements and questions that communicate in
greater detail the nature of the study.
This study examines the differences between males' and
females' attitudes toward mandated high school drug testing
What are the differences between freshmen, sophomore,
junior, and senior students' attitudes toward mandated high
school drug testing programs?