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 Originally designed for the Macintosh computer
 "PowerPoint" due to problems with trademarks, the idea
for the name coming from Robert Gaskins.
 In August of the same year, Forethought was bought by
Microsoft for $14 million USD ($29.1 million in present-day
 PowerPoint introduced many new changes with the
release of PowerPoint 97
 Prior to PowerPoint 97, presentations were linear, always
proceeding from one slide to the next

 PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of
individual pages or "slides".
 The "slide" analogy is a reference to the slide
 A better analogy would be the "foils" (or
transparencies/plastic sheets) that are shown
with an overhead projector, although they are in
decline now. Slides may contain text, graphics,
sound, movies, and other objects, which may be
arranged freely.
Cultural impact

 The benefit of PowerPoint is continually debated,
 Though most people believe that the benefit may be to
present structural presentations to business workers, such
as Raytheon Elcan does.
 Its use in classroom lectures has influenced investigations
of PowerPoint’s effects on student performance in
comparison to lectures based on overhead projectors,
traditional lectures, and online lectures. There are no
compelling results to prove or disprove that PowerPoint is
more effective for learner retention than traditional
presentation methods.

 Although PowerPoint has the aforementioned benefits
 some argue that PowerPoint has negatively affected the
society. The terms "death by PowerPoint" and "PowerPoint
hell" and "PowerPoint deathmarch" refer to the poor use of
the software.
 Many large companies and branches of the government
use PowerPoint as a way to brief employees on important
issues that they must make decisions about. Opponents of
PowerPoint argue that reducing complex issues to bulleted
points is detrimental to the decision making process; in
other words, because the amount of information in a
presentation must be condensed, viewing a PowerPoint
presentation does not give one enough detailed
information to make a truly informed decision.

 A “PowerPoint Ranger” is a military member who relies
heavily on presentation software to the point of excess.
Some junior officers spend the majority of their time
preparing PowerPoint slides.
 Because of its usefulness for presenting mission briefings,
it has become part of the culture of the military,
is regarded as a poor decision-making tool.
 As a result some generals, such as Brigadier-
General Herbert McMaster, have banned the use of
PowerPoint in their operations.
Artistic medium

 Musician David Byrne has been using PowerPoint as a
medium for art for years, producing a book and DVD and
showing at galleries his PowerPoint based artwork.
PowerPoint Viewer

 Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer is a program used to
run presentations on computers that do not have
PowerPoint installed. Office PowerPoint Viewer is added
by default to the same disk or network location that
contains one or more presentations packaged by using the
Package for CD feature.
 PowerPoint Viewer is installed by default with a Microsoft
Office 2003 installation for use with the Package for CD
feature. The PowerPoint Viewer file is also available for
download from the Microsoft Office Online Web site.

 1990 PowerPoint 2.0 for Windows 3.0
 1995 PowerPoint for Windows 95 (version 7.0; Office 95)
 2001 PowerPoint 2002 (version 10; Office XP)
 2003 Office PowerPoint 2003 (version 11; Office 2003)
 2007 Office PowerPoint 2007 (version 12; Office 2007)
 2010 PowerPoint 2010 (version 14; Office 2010)
 2013 PowerPoint 2013 (version 15; Office 2013)