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Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.


Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
Hon. R. S. alias Dadasaheb Gawai, Founder
I am pleased to see that, KIRTI Polytechnic, Amravati is the foundation stone of
which had been laid down by me only a few years ago, has now been turned
into a 'RISING SUN' of knowledge and success. Since its inception itself,
KIRTI Polytechnic has always been emphatic on the creation of an ambience
which is propitious for learning in terms of quality of its infrastructure,
academics and research.
KIRTI Polytechnic, Amravati is established in year 2014. KPA stands committed to
provide value based quality and education of global standards to the student's
commensuration to the changing arena, the need of the hour is to provide an
education system which amalgamates the aspirations of the present
generation without distorting our value system.
KPA aims to provide a 'holistic' education for an integrated personality by
striking equilibrium between the modern outlook and traditional values. It shall
be our endeavour to promote education.
Hon. Dr. Sau. Kamaltai Gawai
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
The strength of a nation depends solely upon the character of its people, and which in turn
depends upon the education that the nation imparts to its citizens. Education is the essence of
humanity and the kind of education one receives demarcates one from the others. Kirti
Polytechnic, Amravati is fulfilling this vision by imparting quality education by choice and not by
chance, and by imbibing amongst its students a strong sense of character, nationalism and
dedication towards the upliftment of the society.
I believe, there is nothing that cannot be achieved through hard work and dedication. I am
sanguine that Kirti Polytechnic, through all its constituent Units shall continue to work in unison
to help the nation achieve its goals.
Dr. Balkrushna P. Adhau
It is widely acknowledged that engineers are the backbone of the society and have
great responsibility towards development of the nation as also the mankind.
'Engineering' is the science of applying scientific concepts for improving quality of life.
Keeping the above in mind, KIRTI is providing engineers, as well as aspiring engineer, a
platform for gainful professional interaction and development so as to contribute in the
national growth.
I am confident that the College is in a position to deliver the best theoretical and
practical training to the students and offer the best talent to the employers.
I wish all the best to the aspiring students, parents, employers and all other stake-
holders in achieving their goals

Prof.Pavan Deshmukh
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Mechanical means mechanisms of machines. According to the
Oxford Dictionary, a Mechanical engineer is a person skilled in
Design, Production and Maintenance or repairs of machines. It is a
discipline in which mathematics and sciences are blended with
experience and judgment for the production of useful serviceable
goods with economy of material.
Mechanical engineers deal with design & manufacturing of machines
and processes. Typical machines are automobiles, aircrafts, and
ships, equipments in industries, robotics, medical equipments,
agricultural equipments and Processes like power generation, food
preservation, and production of sugar, cement, steel, engines, textile
& fabrics. Mechanical engineers use these core principles along with
tools like computer-aided engineering and product lifecycle
management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial
equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport
An Electrical engineer, the academic programme lays stress on a
deep understanding of electrical networks and devices of
electromagnetic field theory, electrical energy converters, electrical
energy distribution systems etc. For an electronics or communication
engineer the BE/B.Tech programme focuses on electronic network
and devices, subjects such as electromagnetic field theory, computer
fundamentals as also their protection, communication and control
Electrical engineering encompasses all devices and systems that
operate electrically. Electrical engineers are integrally involved with
the generation, distribution, and electromechanical use of electric
power. They also design and produce general electronic circuits and
their solid-state components such as integrated circuits and
computer chips. Electrical engineering is the largest of all engineering
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.
Shri.Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati.