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Infrastructure & Facilities

Advancement towards Efficient Cargo Handling


The Cebu International Port is one of the busiest ports in the Philippines.
The Port of Cebu has positioned itself as the trailblazer as far as
Philippine ports sector is concerned, with highly impressive year-on-year
tonnage throughput growth of 24.43% forecast Philippines Shipping
Report Q1 2012
Due to the high demand of cargo volume, the existing Cebu International
Port has been congested, handling more than of its intended capacity.
Though internationally operated, the port cannot accommodate larger
international cargo ships due to the shallow depth beneath its berths.
Its infrastructure & facilities should be upgraded in order for the efficiency
of the port operation and services.

statement of the problem:
How to design an international cargo seaport that will have a high
trading volume of cargoes?
What are the different cargo ships that will dock in the cargo seaport?
What is their respective berth depth needed?
What are the new possible international cargo ships that can be
What are the different cargoes to be handled in the cargo seaport?
statement of the problem:
How to enhance the facilities and infrastructure of a cargo seaport to
achieve world class standards?
What are the different laws and/or standards for cargo seaport planning
and design?
What are the facilities and infrastructure that are present in the existing
cargo port?
What are the possible facilities and infrastructure to be upgraded and/or
added to have efficient service and to enhance the navigational safety of
the cargo seaport?

statement of the problem:
How are the facilities and infrastructures to be treated in order to
reduce or avoid negative environmental impacts to be brought by the
cargo seaport?
What are the possible elements that will be harmed during the
construction and operation of the cargo seaport?
What are the sustainable strategies to be applied unto the cargo seaport
To design an international cargo seaport that will have a high
trading volume of cargoes
To enhance/upgrade the facilities and infrastructures of the
cargo seaport to achieve world class standards thus, enhancing
the Cebu transport and trade competitiveness
To comprehensively plan sustainable cargo seaport that is
harmless to the environment

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of Container Terminal, Chinese Taipei, October 1999
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method of research
Qualitative method
first hand experience, truthful reporting & quotation of actual conversation
Descriptive method
Collection of data in order to answer questions concerning the current status
of the study; description, recording, analysis and interpretation of conditions
Instruments for gathering data
Collect information from professionals which has the experience and expertise on
port design
Full and/or accurate information cannot be elicited by questioning
sampling population:
Shipping Industries
Transportation Industries
sampling design
n= N/ 1+Ne
n= sample size
N= population size
e= desired margin of error

Random Sampling
Lottery sampling- usually carried out by assigning numbers
to each member of the population and from these, the required numbers of
sample units are picked

Statistical treatment
Frequency Table
Percentage Table
Analysis & presentation of data
Statistical Presentation
Graphical Presentation