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Human Values and Ethics

Noorinder Singh
Human Values and Ethics
Natural acceptance of human values
Definitive Ethical Human Conduct
Natural acceptance of human values
Values are as defined psychological construct
which are internal to a person.

Are values we possess naturally accepted to us
Natural acceptance means :
1. Understanding
2. Acceptance
Natural acceptance of human values
Q. If you trust a person you trust that person ,
there is no space for distrust.
It is either Yes or No

Best way to evaluate the value or feeling is :
Verify the proposal and validate it experimentally.
It leads to mutual fulfillment in behavior and
mutual prosperity in work
Science of conduct or Human conduct in
terms of values , policies and character.

Philosophy that addresses the question about
morality or standards:
Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, matter of
justice, love, peace or Respect

Distinguish between Values and Ethics

Values in behavior = Ethics
Right understanding in Profession =
Professional ethics

Ethical Human Conduct
Is Combination of
1. Values
2. Policy
3. Character

Values help us to live in harmony with family,
character helps us to live in harmony with
society, policies help us to maintain harmony
with orders of nature
Characteristics of Ethical Human
A human being is called a successful and
prosperous if he blends his professional skills
and ethical human conduct.
Eg : Good Doctor, Good technocrat
Characteristics of Ethical Human
Values : trust in value on which the
relationship is standing

Policy : Policies are rules if followed, help us to
Protect , Enrich and Utilize adequately the
various assets possessed by us. Assets are
self, body and Physical recourses.

Our character is determined by the Values we
incorporate in our life.
Character = output(values+ perceptions+
imaginations + experiences)

Characteristics of a Good Character
1. Chastity (swaurush/swanari) individual must
have faithful and trustworthy relationship with
2. Access to rightfully acquiring wealth (swadhan).
Distinguish between right and wrong ways
3. Compassionate behavior and work(Dyapooran
karya vyavhaar). Make sure no body feel
exploited while doing work with you

Vision for human order
Vision for human order has three elements
1. Humanistic education
(manviya shiksha-sanskar)
2. Humanistic constitution
(manviya samvidhan)
3. Humanistic order
(Manviya vyawastha)
Vision for human order
1. Humanistic education (manviya shiksha-
sanskar): refers to the education which
transform the animal consciousness to the
human consciousness. Put the check on
2. Humanistic constitution (manviya samvidhan)
Set of rules which human being should follow.
Refers to the living in harmony with in self and
living in harmony with entire existence.
Mutual fulfillment and coordination is must.

Vision for human order
3. Humanistic order (Manviya vyawastha):
Process of right understanding in the society
and continuity of this process among human
beings from generations to generations.

human being having definitive answers for
every how, why !!
When an individual learn how to self expose himself THEN
he is able to develop following competencies.

1. Develop a clear picture of comprehensive human goals.
(like : ???)
2. Confidence in oneself
3. Mutual fulfillment behavior :

Goals and confidence >> ethical human conduct>>
sesutainable personal and collective prosperity.

This all lead to Mutual fulfillment in co-existance with nature
What ethical violation bring in our
Unethical nature of promotional activities
Cut-throat competition leads to destruction
Adulteration and wrong practices
Negligence and disregards in environment
Unsuitable technologies.

Holistic Technologies Production
System and Management Models

Right Understanding help us to develop a
vision for holistic approach.
Holistic means process and technologies
adopted by one must be compatible with
Criteria to guide the development
1. In accordance to appropriate needs and

2. People-Friendly

3. Eco- Friendly
Evolution criteria for technologies
The adopted tech. must fulfill the criteria :
1. It should satisfy the real human needs
2. Compatible with nature
3. Must promote the renewable sources of
4. Low cost and energy efficient
5. Must not harm health
6. Safe and people friendly
Evolution criteria for Production
What type of production system to be adopted,
need to answer the questions:
1. What to produce ?
2. How to Produce ?
3. For Whom to produce?
4. How much to produce ?

Must answer the needs, which should be according
to comprehensive human goal
Production system can be judged by
1. Optimal utilization of local resources
2. priority for local consumption
3. Maintaining the required quality standards
4. Promoting individual creativity and sense of
Evolution criteria for Management
Focus of Management must be on People
involved in production system and
consumption process.
Profit maximization must not be the ultimate

Case Study Lijjat Cooperation
For humanistic management model
1. co-ordination in the working unit as in well-
knit family.
2. Co-operative and motivational management
3. Healthy employer-employee relationship
4. No Exploitation of labor.
5. Participative mode of management.