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Source: http://sponsorop.

As of January 2014, over 67 million people play League of Legends per
month, 27 million per day, and over 7.5 million concurrently during peak
Sheer, Ian (January 27, 2014). "Player Tally for League of Legends Surges". Retrieved January 31, 2014.

With regards to viewership, events
(streams, exhibition matches,
Tournaments) are often joined by big
sponsored teams in the PC electronics,
peripherals and gaming industry (MSI Evo
GT, Razer, Thermaltake eSports, CM
Storm, Wargods Gaming Cafe, Mineski
Gaming, Imperium Pro Team) in the
Philippines ALONE, which show great
success with exposure.

Benefits for Inno3D:
-Your marketing team will have FREEDOM to design the jacket and Emblem/Logo with
the Inno3D 's name and logo, as long as it includes Gamer Tags and Team Name, which
will be a primary identifier in tournaments and skirmishes (exhibition matches),
encouraging brand awareness and exposure.

-The in-game or online identities of each team member will also contain the Inno3D
Team tag (e.g. Inno3D Rockhart, Inno3D Nein, Inno3D Tsuu) which will be used by the
members every time we play separately and as a team, also helping in promoting the

-The team will positively reinforce the brand Inno3D at all times, especially during
tournaments and skirmishes.

-The team will behave in a professional and friendly manner at all times, being a role
model of an exceptional and responsible gamer, which would also reflect on the publics
perception of the brand.

-The team will actively participate in major local tournaments in the Metro Manila
vicinity, as well as online tournaments posted in the League of Legends website and
other prominent online sources, at the minimum of once every month. Local skirmishes
will also be held regularly to ensure maintenance and improvement of team
About the Team:
-The team is currently composed of Diamond to Challenger Tier League of Legends
players who have been actively playing the game since the late Season 1 (August 2011, LoL
is currently on Season 4 as of 7/24/2014) with the following members:

Hazen Carandang (
(Mid Laner)

Mark Nakshima (

Aaron Que (

Louis Giron (
(Solo Laner)

Karl To (

Ryan Christopher Buluran (
(Substitute, 6

Note: Each role will have a substitute player (except for 6
man) for contingency reasons, in case a main player
would be unavailable for practice. Substitutes to be added upon approval of Inno3D representative.
Actual costs/team expenses/records:

-Standard Costs to be handled by the team manager Karl To (transportation
costs to local events, location scouting and handling/logistics)

-Necessary equipment, such as Team Jackets, gaming peripherals as well as
member allowance (snacks, gaming costs, miscellaneous), and to be handled
by the Inno3D, with actual quotation for such to be submitted to and approved
by assigned Inno3D representative handling the team. Subject to change as
deemed fit by Inno3D representative.

-Records for tournament wins to be submitted monthly to assigned Inno3D
representative for record-keeping.

We look forward to pursuing this venture with you!

For more information and for any questions or clarifications, please do not
hesitate to contact us!

Team Manager:
Karl To
9 V. Angeles Street
Brgy. Kabayanan, San Juan City

Phone: +63 915 2022890