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Importance of

Establishing Rapport

If there is one industry which is catching the
imagination globally, it is the call center industry.

The call center industry is primarily a people centric
industry. This industry requires people with good
communication skills and basic computer knowledge.

Communication Skills

Establishing rapport.

Do you have good rapport with your customers?

First impression is made in the first few seconds of the call
(approximately in about 15 seconds), how you conduct
yourself in this critical time would effect the business
relationship you have with your caller forever.

When you communicate on phone, the focus is on your voice
and your words and from then a lasting impression is created
by the caller on you as well as the company.

Greet the caller
Identify yourself
Display a friendly attitude
Have a positive tone
Use the callers name
Use careful phrasing
Do not sound robotic

Greet the caller warmly.
This also helps in building
rapport with your

Treat the caller as your
friend as this would
establish a comfort zone
and helps you to earn
their trust.

Good morning. My
name is ___, how may
I assist/help you?

People like to know
who they are speaking
with. It makes the
caller remember you
for a long time for the
service provided.

As a front end representative
over the phone, the caller
interacts with you only
verbally. So the focus is
completely on your voice and
the words that are used. It
may not just be the
information you are providing
that is coming out loud and
clear, but the attitude and tone
also matters.

Keep the your attitude
positive, friendly and helpful.
Smile when you attend the call
and it will be reflected in a
pleasant tone to the customer.

Calling the customer
by his name
personalizes the call.

It makes the
customer feel that he
is being given

Carefully phrase the sentences during the call. Careful
phrasing also helps in rapport building. Here the choice of
words is supposed to be taken care of.
After the customer has put forward his requirement.
Use I believe Airtel has an offer which you may be
interested in
Avoid I have an offer for you
Use May I tell you about it.
Avoid Let me tell you about it

The call should be interactive.
There should be a two-way
communication between you and
your customer. Reading or scripting
the information might irritate the
customer and kill the created
The customer will only become an
audience and not a participant.
Memorize the script and practice
saying it out loud until it sounds