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Just Dial is Indias no 1 local search destination.

We service to over 25 million unique users spread across 1300
towns / cities in India.

Just Dial, India employs 4,000 employees and has more than
1,00,000 Small & Medium Enterprise advertisers.

More than 5 lakhs people call Just Dial every day to get
information on Businesses / Services and that too free of cost at
any time of the day or night.
J ust Dial services is available on

PHONE:- 24/7 operator assisted search on a
single national local no. 6999 9999 .


WI RELESS:- search by sms on short code 53999

WAP :-
Justdial Snapshot
Undisputed leaders in the local search space
5 Lac users per day
Offices across 11 cities
4000 dedicated professionals
A 24X7 service
Service across 1300 cities / towns

Kuch Bhi, Kahin Bhi, Khabi Bhi
1 Lac live customers
Services on Phone, Web, Mobile
Website ranked among the top 50 website in

Growth in the last 14 years

1300 towns /
Cities 8

11 Cities 8
Offices Across 1
8 Crore 2.4 Crore
Calls 25000
4000 2,500
Employees 30
1,00,000 60,000
Office Space 850
135 Crore
34 Crore
Service across
Visits (
0 0 5.8 Crore
2009-10 1996
Turn over
Corporate Office
Why do Clients Advertise in Justdial ?
Ready to Buy Customers: Reach to all those callers who
are in need of a product but dont know where to buy.

Instant Business: As our callers call when they are Ready
to Buy, our Customers can encash their need to the

Return on Investment : We make every rupee of our
Customer fetch the maximum returns

Feedback facility: It makes us reach to our customers
when they want to buy a product/service.
Other Media Vs. Justdial
Many people view but
few remember to call the

Fixed information.

No feedback on how
many people actually

Loss of opportunity is

Easy to remember

Flexible information
with human touch.

Advertiser gets to know
who enquired his

Loss of opportunity is
Opportunity to earn over Rs.6 lakhs per annum and this for even a
person with very basic qualification or no experience but with only
passion to succeed in life.

You can be a Partner in the expansion plan of Just Dial.

You can work independently part time or full time & Earn attractive

You earn Commissions on any new and unique Business Listings
( Data Collection ) and on Selling the basic Advertisement pack
called Smart Listing Pack to your Customers.

Data Collection --- Smart Listing

Just Dials Reseller
Opportunity through Data Collection
How Do I earn Money on providing Data

On every unique data provided by you to Just Dial you can get paid upto Rs.50/-

Example of earning potential

If you give 30 datas to Just Dial per day.
Considering that you work for 25 days .
Total data you would have given 750 nos

At the rate of Rs.30/- per data ( Average Commission considered only for example )
YOU EARN Rs.22500/- per month for 750 datas.

In a year YOU EARN Rs.2,70,000 only with this minimum effort.

Please refer the FAQ section in the website for any doubts
Date Base Payment Breakup
Data base payment breakup
Field Field Value
Company Name 2
Address 3
Contact Person name 2
Landline numbers 2
Mobile numbers 4
email ID 1
Hours of operation 1
Categories 5
Penalty - If any of the fields above carry incorrect
Payout value for the field with
incorrect information will be
deducted respectively.
Extra if Photo in Jpeg / gif / bmp / jpg format. (File Size -
max 200 kb per photo , max 5 photos) is uploaded)
Extra if the above photo is Geo Coded 10
Total 40
Bonus - If more than 95% of audited data in a batch is
correct in all respect for the fields filled in, then You get
20% bonus on Rs.40/-.
Bonus - If 100% of audited data in a batch is correct in
all respect for the fields filled in, then You get
25% bonus on Rs.40/-.
( Rs. 50 /- )
Penalty - If less than 80% of audited data by the
Database team in a batch is correct
Batch gets rejected. No
commision. The Batch gets
uploaded back into the Reseller
account and the Reseller can
correct and resubmit.
Action Incorrect details
If in case any of the fields entered by you carry incorrect information , value
equivalent to the payout for that field will be debited from your payouts .

If the amount to be recovered due to incorrect details is surpassing the
payout , a debit note to this effect will be raised and issued to the Reseller.

Opportunity through Smart Listing

Your Client will pay a One time Registration fee to Just Dial
Rs.2999/- .


Monthly payment of Rs.500/- every month through Electronic Clearing
System .


Monthly payment of Rs.750/- every month through Electronic Clearing
System .
( Applicable only in case of inclusion of 30 second video upload of your business )

Service tax as applicable on all payments.

Offer applicable on all cities listed below :

How do I earn by selling Smart Listing
Advertisement Pack
Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Coimbatore
Kolkata Chandigarh Jaipur Pune Ahmedabad

If your Client is from any Town Or City which does not have a
Just Dial Office the One time Registration fee is Rs.500/- only


Monthly payment of Rs.150/- every month through Electronic

Clearing System .

Service tax as applicable on all payments.

Please refer the FAQ section in the website for any doubts

How do I earn by selling Smart Listing
Advertisement Pack
Limited offer
How do I earn by selling Smart Listing
Advertisement Pack
For every client you sign up, you will earn 33% commission of
the initial Registration amount .

For every monthly payment cleared through Electronic Clearing
System ( ECS ) received by the company from your Customer you
will earn 20% Commission till such time your Customer pays the
monthly payments to Justdial .

In case of Full Year payment without ECS by Advertiser You get
only 20% commission.

Please refer the FAQ section in the website for any doubts

Illustration of Earning by Selling Smart
Listing Pack to Customer
Every Smart Listing costs Rs.2999/- which is the Registration fees.

Consider 6% of the customers from database ( 750 data ) that you provide , advertise with Smart
Listing. ( Refer Slide 12 of this presentation )


6% of the customers from Data base 45 Clients advertise in Smart Listing

You EARN per month Rs.44535/- per month as you get 33% commission of the Registration

In a year , YOU EARN Rs.534421/- only from selling Smart Listing packs to Customers.

Your earnings from the 20% of the monthly ECS collected from Customers approx Rs.49500/-

Please refer the FAQ section in the website for any doubts

With the example illustrated.., YOUR
gross earning per year can be as

Data Base Rs.270000

Smart Listing Rs.534421

ECS Rs. 49500

Total Rs.853921
You can join online on the Just Dial Reseller homepage by filling up a form &
accepting the terms & conditions.

You will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you have to pay a one time membership fee of Rs. 5514/-
(Inclusive of 10.3% Service Tax) by way
of :-
Credit Card
Net Banking
Debit Card

If you want to pay by cash or cheque, please send mail to, we will be happy to assist you.

An Annual Service Charge of Rs.999/- will be payable before the end of every 12
months of your Business, to continue business for the next year.

Please refer the FAQ section in the website for any doubts

Just Dial will provide:-

Online Training modules .

Downloads to help you sell better.

A virtual Office for all transaction through the Internet.

Please refer the FAQ section in the website for any doubts

Now it is time that YOU took the decision

and join as a Reseller .