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Human Resource Planning

Unit 1
Organization’s Human
• The people in organization or
business that help it to achieve its
• Production workers
• Office staff
• Members of the marketing team
• Accountants
• cleaners
The role of HR Department
• Human resource planning
• Recruitment and selection
• Induction and training
• Promotion and transfers
• Appraisal and termination of employment
• Discipline
• Rewards and conditions of employment
• Working conditions
• Career development and welfare
• Wage bargaining
HR Planning
• Is a method y which business
forecasts how many and what type of
people it needs now and in future
• Labour requirements demand
• Appropriate supply
workers from within the business
workers from outside the business
Change in demand for workers
Step 1: Forecasting Demand
for employees
• How many?
• What type?
• Where are they needed?
• When are they needed?
Analysing Current
• How many?
• What type?
• What characteristics?
• (age, service, qualifications)
• Wastage and staff loss
Planning Internal Supply
• Using past information
• Workers productivity
• Work study
• Using business and management knowledge
• Calculating staff loss
number of staff leaving per period
Average number of staff in post during the period
Planning Internal Supply
• Promotion
• Training and Development
• Changing employment conditions
• Staff loss and retirement
• Legal factors
Planning External Supply
• Local Factors
– Housing
– Transport
– competition
– Local unemployment rate

• National Factors
– Legislation
– Government Policy
– Skills
– Flexible workforce
– Population trends
– National unemployment rates
Terms we discussed today
• Labour Turnover
• Human resources
• Human resource plan or workforce
• Workforce planning or human
resource planning
Task 1
T Hodgson is a shop that specialises in painting and
decorating materials. It employees seven fulltime
staff. It also hires three part time staff usually on
weekends. Recently two of its older staff have
retired, including its main buyer of specialist paints.
It now has to appoint someone with the knowledge
to buy in the latest paint materials. It has decided to
promote one member of staff who has shown initiate
in taking courses at night school. But it is considered
that more training is necessary. As it has lost a “shop
floor” employee, it must also consider whether to
hire more part time workers or make one of its part
time workers into full time employee.
(a)Explain the ways in which these
businesses have met their human
resource requirements from their
current employees
(b)Discuss the effects of these
methods on:
(a)The businesses;
(b)Their employees.