Hafiz Jawad Khalid 2006-ag-153

With the growing demand for more comfortable, healthier and environmentally friendly products, efforts in research and development activities in the textile industry have focused on the utilization of renewable and biodegradable resources as well as environmentally sound manufacturing processes in textiles. In this respect, a new kind of regenerated fibres, which are an alternative to conventional ones, and cotton have gained importance in textile manufacturing. One of the latest developments in new

Manufacturing process of regenerated bamboo fibre
Crushing Steeping Pressing







Cross sectional view

Longitudinal view

Fibre characteristics
Tensile strength (CN/ dtex) Dia (micron) Elongation % Moisture absorption%

2.33 40-45 21.9 13

Effect of Acids & Alkalies





Comparison with other fibres
Cotton Bamboo Soybean
Dry tenacity cN /tex Wet tenacity cN / tex Elongation %at break Moisture 43- 20 25- 22 40- 38

56- 27

17- 13

30- 25

10- 6

24- 14

21- 18

8- 7


9- 8

End uses
Bamboo fabrics are made from pure bamboo fiber yarns which have excellent wet permeability, moisture vapor transmission property, soft hand, better drape, easy dying, splendid colors. It is a newly founded, .great prospective green fabric

Anti bacterial
Bamboo fiber has a unique function of anti bacteria, which is suitable to make underwear, tight t-shirt and socks. Its anti-ultraviolet nature is suitable to make summer clothing, especially for the protection of young children from damages of ultraviolet radiation.

Water absorption

Bamboo intimate apparels include sweaters, bath-suits, mats, blankets, towels have comfortable hand, special luster and bright colors, good water absorbance.

Bamboo Curtains

Environmental friendly
In addition to being less expensive and more environmentally friendly than luxury textiles such as silk and cashmere, the green fabrics also enable designers to attract the customers who shun animal-based products. The novelty is a plus.

Bamboo fiber is a unique biodegradable textile material. As a natural cellulose fiber it can be 100 % biodegraded in soil by microorganisms and sunshine. The decomposition process does not cause any pollution in the environment. Bamboo fiber comes from nature and completely returns to nature in the end .

Health Care

Bamboo fibres are also used in bandage, mask, surgical clothes, nurses wears and so on.

Benefits of bamboo fabric
Superb natural softness, with a beautiful silky luster. Moisture absorption that is 3 times greater than cotton. Soft smooth like silk. It has the characteristic of being cool in summer. Excellent ventilation and limited odor retention.