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Inspiration from Lord Ganeshjee

Big Head inspires us to think big and think profitably. Big Ears prompt us to listen patiently to new ideas and suggestions. Narrow Eyes point to deep concentration needed to finish tasks in hand well and quickly. Long Nose tells us to poke around inquisitively to learn more and Small Mouth reminds us to speak less and listen more


Ask what is the value of a year to a person who failed in his annual exam. Ask what is the value of a month to a lady who gave birth to a pre-mature baby Ask what is the value of a week to a film producer who could not release his movie Ask what is the value of a day to a newspaper publisher who brings out news items Ask what is the value of an hour to a patient who was admitted in a hospital for his heart attack Ask what is the value of a minute to a person who missed a train Ask what is the value of a second to a person who has won Silver medal in Olympics


One day seminar on
1.World economic Crisis-Impact on India 2.Women entrepreneurs 3.India and inflation 4.Human Resources Management-A to Z

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Select sessions /topics on emerging issues of today E ncourage participants to deliver at maximum M anage time to optimize output I ndicate your Mind/ Thought N ote down what you think is Important Appreciate others view point R emarks should be relevant

World economic Crisis - Impact on India

Today’s economic scenario

Global Economy

The technological development that characterizes the past two decades has triggered a communicational enhancement around the globe. Interconnectedness between people is greater everyday; goods, services, money, and information are exchanged between the furthermost parts of the world. This phenomenon is called globalization.

Remember, whenever the US is involved, it is always global, be it terrorism or economics.

Business Cycle

In the cycle of economic growth and decline. There are four stages in the business cycle: Expansion, Growth, Contraction and Recession.

Meaning of Few Words

RECESSION : A period of general economic decline; specifically, a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters.

A popular distinction between recession and depression is:

'Recession is when your neighbor loses his job; depression is when you lose yours.

MELT DOWN : means sustaining heavy losses.

 SLOW DOWN : means falling of prices
Example – interest rates ( ON Investment- To receive low, on Loan- to pay more)

Meaning of Few Words
Sub-prime Crisis : A sub prime mortgage is granted to borrowers whose credit history is not sufficient to get a conventional mortgage. Often these borrowers have impaired or even no credit history. These can also include interest-only loans. It effects on US Economy : The sub prime mortgage crisis is threatening to put the U.S. economy into a recession. This primer it tracks how the sub prime crisis unfolded, affecting first the real estate market and now the economy overall. It also explains how interest rates and real estate play an integral role in the U.S. economy. Finally, it gives resources for those who are suffering from the sub prime mortgage crisis directly.

Effect on Industry : The economic slowdown has begun to hurt companies across industries forcing many top rankers to cut production, opt for reduced working hours and rationalize their workforce.

Effects on Industry & Individual

Presently in INDIA slowdown cycle

Recession effects on ;
   

Nation’s Production Rising Unemployment Falling Interest Rates and Decline in the Demand for Money

STRATERGY : We should feel proud of ourselves for having so far escaped the full trauma of financial crisis. This has been because of our excellent pre-emptive monitoring and supervision of the crisis & sound regularity & compliance mechanism. This has been because our banks are well provided, well regulated & well capitalized. The Power to drive the global economy now vests with two major players: China & India. It is the size of their domestic economies combined with their savings rate that offers hope for the rest of the World. There is a little risk of collapse because they do not over-extend themselves in lending against securities or real-estate.

Austerity measures initiated in Indian industry

Austerity measures initiated in Indian industry.

AT LANCO Austerity Measures Suggested
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Review of all existing contracts including capex plans. Review of Pending Purchase requisition / Purchase orders No Capex . Review of Manpower: Rationalization of all non permanent employees – Serious Plan to be worked out. Further Recruitment only on absolute need. Monitoring of employee overheads, Overhead payments Reduction of expenditure on Conferences, Seminars etc. Increased Credit limit with vendors Minimize all Non Productivity Expenditure Control Overheads: -Reduction of Traveling Expenditure -Use of Pooled Car -Overheads Monitoring

Women Entrepreneurs


ATTITUDE determines your career success • Desire to achieve can make you an entrepreneur
STAY HUNGRY , STAY FOOLISH- By Rashmi Bansal talks about entrepreneurs who have stepped away from fat salaries and cushy jobs to the challenge of entrepreneurship.

Ideology or motivation
•To provide employment as many as possible and improve quality of life- sarat IIMAFOODKING(A food chain and catering services) •Desire to contribute something to society – Narendra murkumbi-(shree renuka sugars) •Strong desire to achieve some thing more in life- Subramanian (subhiksha- larget grocery chains) •Other motivators like money, power,the challenges and learning opportunities and commonly ABILITY TO HOLD ON TO AND REALISE THEIR DREAMS BINDS THEM ALL IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP THAT EASY?

Answer is Big and resounding



•Ability to execute GREAT IDEA in practical terms – Example RR •One needs – GOOD DOSE OF WORLD WISDOM to run a business •GRIP ON CASH MANAGEMENT, ECONOMIC VIABILITY, PROFITABILITY AND RULES AND REGULATIONS …HIGH EQ •SELF MOTIVATION AND PERSEVERENCE. •Able to weather the adversities of crises,setbacks and change and turn them into new breakthroughs •Must posses the mindset to create and exploit your own opportunities. •Must be preapred to take and accept risks and the possibility of failures.(who risks nothing, gains nothing and learn nothing)

A TASTE OF HARD WORK- over night successes seldom happen. Secret of Microsoft success as said by CEO Steve Ballmer is “HARD,hard,hard,hard,hard,work”

you still have beilef in your ability to succeed. greater success comes only to those who do not confine their thinking to a defined mould

Can you join these nine dots with four straight lines without lifting your pen?

Yes you can, But only if you think beyond the areas of dots
Similarly, greater success comes only to those who do not confine their thinking to a defined mould

India and inflation

What is inflation? The simplest definition is that inflation is a general increase in prices. More specifically, the inflation rate published by most governments is usually a comparison of the price of a selection of goods and services over a one-month, or one-year period. These goods and services are carefully chosen to be representative of those used by most households.

Why is inflation important? As inflation increases the cost of living rises. Suppose the present rate of inflation is 3%. What that means is that the goods you could buy last year for $100 this year will cost you $103, next year $106, and in ten years time $134. If your income isn't increasing at the same or a greater rate, then you will not be able to live at the standard you currently enjoy. In general it is only the money paid for employment which increases, at least roughly, with inflation. Investments rarely do. And that is why inflation is important to all of us.

Human Resources Management-A to Z

Any questions please?


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