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My Team
History of Softball

Softball was created on Thanksgiving Day in 188
by ! George Hancock! a re"orter for #hicago
$oard of Trade% He invented the game as a form
of indoor baseball on a cold winter day% Softball
has grown immensely over the "ast 1&' years%
Today it(s one of the most "o")lar team s"orts in
the *nited States! with more than 1+ million
,mericans "artici"ating every year%
• Softball is a bat-and .ball s"ort "layed between two teams
of / to 10 "layers% 1t is a direct descendant of baseball
altho)gh there are some key di2erences3 softballs are
larger than baseballs! and the "itches are thrown
)nderhand rather than overhand% Softball is "layed on a
smaller diamond than in baseball4 a softball 5eld(s average
distances from home "late to the center! left and right 5eld
fences are &&' feet for females% Des"ite the game(s name!
the standard softball is not soft4 in fact! it is harder than a
The Game
• There are / "layers on a
softball team%
•The "laying 5eld is divided
into the in5eld and o)t5eld
• The lines between the bases
are 6'( a"art and when 7oined
they form a 8diamond( ! inside
the baseline is known as the
•9)tside the baseline b)t
inside the "laying 5eld is called
the o)t5eld
•,ny ball going o)tside the 1
st or
:rd base line is a fo)l ball ; r)nners can not advance
and the batter gets another try )nless the ball was
ca)ght in the air! which translates to an o)t<

,n o=cial game is innings ; a inning is when both
teams have had their t)rn to bat<
My Team the Jayhawks

>laying softball is very
 f)n% @s"ecially! when
yo) "lay on the team 1
"lay on ; The Jayhawks<%
Ahen yo) "lay  softball
yo) have to always
make s)re yo) listen to
yo)r coach% 1f yo) don(t
listen then yo) won(t be
able  to win  the game%
,lso! hitting and
catching the ball is very
im"ortant in the game
Ahat #oaching Softball means to
• Coaching softball means putting the best interests of
your players/team ahead of your own.
• Coaching softball means making each decision based
upon what you honestly believe is best for the team,
not only for today, but for long term as well.
• Coaching softball means understanding that the easy
way out now rarely takes you closer to where you
ultimately want to be down the road.
• Coaching softball means being able to stand up for
what you believe in both when no one will know and
under the highest scrutiny.
• But most of all, coaching softball means selfessly
serving others while guiding them toward success and
helping them reach their biggest goals and dreams.
The diagram of the Softball
Softball >ower

Softball >ower Drive - Go)T)be
Base Running

The "itcher m)st have both feet on
the "itcher(s r)bber and can only
take one ste" forward while "itching

The ball m)st be thrown )nderhand

$oth hands m)st be on the ball at
the start of the "itch

$atters m)st follow the same order
thro)gho)t the whole game

The batter is o)t if and when3
a% , Hy ball is ca)ght
b% The batter does not stand in the batter(s boI
c% Three strikes have been called
$ase E)nning

E)nners m)st to)ch each base in order

E)nners may overr)n 1
st base only! all other bases the r)nner may
be tagged and called o)t if they are o2 the base

E)nners can not lead o2 a base! they m)st be on base )ntil the ball has left the
"itcher(s hand

9ne base r)nner can not "ass another base r)nner that is ahead of them

Stealing a base is not "ermitted

, r)nner is o)t if3
They are tagged with the ball before reaching a base
The ball gets to 1st base before the r)nner
They r)n more than : feet o)t of the base line to avoid being tagged
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