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Chapter 1

An Introduction to
Marketing Research
Marketing research provides information to
help implement…
• Marketing
• Marketing Concept
• Marketing Strategy
Marketing research provides information to
help implement…
• Marketing: process of all activities necessary for
the conception, pricing, promotion, and
distribution of ideas, goods, and services to
create exchanges that satisfy individual and
organizational objectives
Marketing research provides information to
help implement…
• Marketing Concept: the business philosophy that
holds the key to achieving organizational goals
consists of determining the needs & wants of
target markets and delivering the desired
satisfactions more effectively & efficiently than
Marketing research provides information to
help implement…
• Marketing Strategy: consists of selecting a
segment of the market as the company’s target
market and designing the proper “mix” of the
Key Point: To practice marketing; to
implement the marketing concept; to
implement marketing strategy, managers must
make decisions.
Many decisions require additional information
and marketing research is needed in order to
supply that information.
What is marketing research?
• Marketing research: is the process of designing,
gathering, analyzing, and reporting information
that may be used to solve a specific marketing
problem. (Burns & Bush)
…is the function that links the consumer, customer, and
public to the marketer through information—information
used to identify and define marketing opportunities and
problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions;
monitor marketing performance; and improve the
understanding of marketing as a process. (AMA)
What is online research?
• Online research: the use of computer networks,
including the Internet, to assist in any phase of
the marketing research process including
development of the problem, research design,
data gathering, analysis, and report writing and
What is online research?
• Web-based research: research that is conducted
on Web applications; may use traditional
methods as well as on-line research methods in
conducting research on Web-based applications
• Online survey research: collection of data using
computer networks
Marketing Information System
• Marketing Information System (MIS): a structure
consisting of people, equipment, and procedures
to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute
needed, timely, and accurate information to
marketing decision makers
Components of an MIS
• Internal Reports System
• Marketing Intelligence System
• Decision Support System
• Marketing Research System…this system
provides information not available through the
other systems. When a specific problem must be
solved, marketing research is often needed. It is
also “project-based” and is not continuous as are
the other systems.