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• Syakira and her friends
had a great farmstay
experience last
weekend. Her parents
took them to stay at a
farm. The farm belongs
to Encik Nazim. Syakira
and her friends stayed
there for two days.

On the first day of their farmstay, Encik
Nazim took Syakira and her friends to the
cowshed. On their way, they saw a herd of
cows grazing in the field.

• When they reached the cowshed, they saw
some workers milking the cows.
After that, he took them to the chicken
coops. He reared the hens for their meat and
eggs. Encik Nazim's workers were feeding a
broad of hens and some were collecting eggs.
Syakira and her friends collected the eggs too.
They were very excited.

On the second day,
they went to the fish
pond. Encik Nazim said
that they harvested the
fish and prawns last
week. They sold them at
the market. Syakira and
her friends learned a lot
of things during the farm
stay. They enjoyed their
stay very much. It was
indeed a wonderful
experience for them.

place to stay at
the farm.
Milking-to press
the breast of
the cow
raise/take care
1. The groups receive the papers , cellotape and
2. Read the question from the slide.
3. Answer the question according to your group
Eg.Group member no 1 answer question no 1
1.Who is the owner of the farm
1.The owner of the farm is encik harun
• Discuss the answer and write down to papers
• put the stick at the paper using cellotape.
• Next put it to the sponge.
• Give to teacher to check the answer.
1. Who was the owner of the farm?
2. Where Syakira and her friends visited on the
first day?
3. What did Syakira and her friends collect at the
4. Why Syakira enjoyed her farmstay?
• The owner of the farm was Encik Nazim.
• They visited at the cowshed on the first day.
• They collected the eggs.
• They enjoyed the farmstay because they
learned a lot of things during the farmstay.

• Each groups gets the fishing rod , manila card ,
and phrase cards.
• Look to the picture from the manila card.
• choose the right phrase cards to form the
sentence using fishing rod.
• Form the sentences and paste into the manila

in the field.
A herd of
• A herd of cows grazing
in the field.

• The workers milking the
• Encik Nazim reared the hens for
their meat and eggs.

• Syakira and her friends
collected the eggs.