Critical thinking in psychology

Dr Omar Almodayfer


Be aware about the need for psychological sciences. Be aware about hindsight bias and overconfidence bias. Be able to think critically using psychological sciences.

Do we need psychology as a ?science
What do you think?

We know it by nature why should we study ?it


If you fold a paper on its self 100 times, roughly how thick will it be?

?What about
  

Intuition. Common sense. When you recall experience you recall parts of it and not all of it.

The naked intellect is an extraordinary inaccurate instrument


2 groups activity

Life is lived forward but understood backward

?True or False
1. 2.


Lie detection test often lies. If you want to teach a habit that persist, reward the desired behavior every time and not intermittently. Most 1 year old infants recognize their own reflection in a mirror.

Hindsight Bias

I knew it will happen I knew it all along phenomenon

Hindsight bias

The tendency t believe, after learning an outcome, that one would have foreseen

http://www.mste.uiuc.e du/reese/monty/monty .htm

Arrange the following letters to produce words
 

Wreat Etryn.

:Answer the following

How many bad drivers are in the streets of Riyadh?

British experts

The telephone may be appropriate for our American cousin's, but not here, because we have adequate supply of messenger boys.


It a well known global human being phenomenon in………

So science is needed

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