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Music of the 70s

A Variety of Styles

What do you think of when you
think of the 70s?
At the top of your guided question sheet,
write 3 things that come to mind when
you think of the 70s.
70s Listening Intro
Listen to all of the following songs from
the 70s. (#1-10)
Have you ever heard this song before?
What stands out to you the most in this song?

Blended soul music, jazz and R&B into a
rhythmic, danceable new form of music.

Funk de-emphasizes melody and harmony
and brings a strong rhythmic groove of
electric bass and drums
Styles of Music Represented in the
1970s - Funk
How is this music similar and
different from Motown in the 60s?
James Brown
Sly and the Family Stone
George Clinton (Funkadelic)
Kool and the Gang
Earth, Wind and Fire (Pop-Funk)
Stevie Wonder

Jazz Rock
Rock rhythms and electric instruments
mixed together with the melodies and
harmonies of jazz

Music Styles of the 70s
Joni Mitchell
Steely Dan
Doobie Brothers
Music Styles of the 70s Progressive Rock (Characteristics listed

Long songs that are structured, not improvised
Loud and soft passages with musical crescendos
The use of a live symphony orchestra or synthesizer that
sounds like strings
Extended instrumental solos
Blending of acoustic, electric, and electronic elements to
translate the emotion of a song with multiple moods
Multi-movement compositions
Progressive Rock Groups
Led Zepplin
The Moody Blues
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Pink Floyd
Frank Zappa

Progressive Rock Examples

Listening Micro-Assignment
How does this music reflect characteristics
of progressive rock? Describe one
characteristic from the list below that you
hear displayed in this music?
Experimental Rock
Experimental rock or avant-garde rock is a
type of music based on rock which
experiments with the basic elements of
the genre, or which pushes the boundaries
of common composition and performance

Hard Rock/Metal of the 70s
Hard Rock - typified by a heavy use of distorted
electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, and often
accompanied with pianos and keyboards.

Metal - roots in blues rock and psychedelic rock,
the bands that created heavy metal developed a
thick, massive sound, characterized by highly
amplified distortion, extended guitar solos,
emphatic beats, and overall loudness

Hard Rock/Metal
Led Zepplin
Bad Company
Blue Oyster Cult
Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath
Ted Nugent
Judas Priest
Van Halen

Hard Rock and Metal Examples
Black Sabbath -

Cooperate Rock
a term used to describe rock music that
utilised large arena venues, particularly
sports venues, for concerts or series of
concerts linked in tours.
often came from the hard rock, heavy
metal and progressive rock genres, but
utilised a more commercially oriented and
radio-friendly sound
Cooperate Rock Cont.
highly-produced music that included both
hard rock numbers and power ballads,
both often employing anthemic choruses
Boston -
Journey -

Cooperate Rock
Peter Frampton
The Steve Miller Band
REO Speedwagon/Styx
Southern Rock/American Heartland
Southern rock is a subgenre of rock
music, and genre of Americana. It
developed in the Southern United States
from rock and roll, country music, and
blues, and is focused generally on electric
guitar and vocals.
American Heartland Rock/Southern

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
The J. Geils Band
ZZ Top -

The California Sound and Soft Rock
Catchy songs
Proficient musicianship
Great vocal harmonies
Pop, folk, country and blues influence
California Groups
Crosby, Stills and Nash
The Eagles
Jackson Browne
Fleetwood Mac
The Steve Miller Band

Country Rock from the 70s
country-rock is generally used to refer to
the wave of rock musicians of the late
1960s and early 1970s who began to
record rock records using country
themes, vocal styles and additional
instrumentation, most characteristically
pedal steel guitar.
Country Rock
The Marshall Tucker Band
The Charlie Daniels Band

On your guided question sheet, list at
least 3 elements of Country Rock that
you hear in Devil Went Down To
British Pop Rock
Popular music from England that
A combination of rock elements with pop
Arena rock style
Blues influenced rock style
Some extra production in the songs like
orchestra instruments and synthesizers
British Pop Rock
Paul McCartney and Wings
Elton John
Eric Clapton
Rod Stewart
The Bee Gees
Dire Straits
Compare the 60s and 70s
Listen to the following songs.
Write/describe the difference you hear
between the song from the 60s and the
song from the 70s.
Rolling Stones Vs. Elton John
British Pop Rock Performances
Elton John
Paul McCartney
Bee Gees

What is a singer-songwriter?
Singer-songwriters are musicians who
write, compose and sing their own musical
material including lyrics and melodies.

Singer-songwriters often provide the sole
accompaniment to an entire composition
or song, typically using a guitar or piano
Singer Songwriters
John Lennon
Carol King
Bob Dylan
John Denver
Paul Simon
Cat Stevens
James Taylor
Carly Simon
Billy Joel
Singer Songwriter Performances
Billy Joel
John Denver
James Taylor and Carol King
Punk Rock
Punk rock is a rock music genre that developed
between 1974 and 1976 in the United States,
the United Kingdom, and Australia.
Rooted in garage rock, punk rock bands avoided
perceived excesses of mainstream 1970s rock.
Punk bands created fast, hard-edged music,
typically with short songs, stripped-down
instrumentation, and often political, anti-
establishment lyrics.
Punk Rock
The Ramones
The Dead Boys
The Dictators
The Cramps
The Sex Pistols
The Clash

New Wave
New Wave is a subgenre of rock music
that emerged in the mid to late 1970s
alongside punk rock.
Characteristics of New Wave: electronic
and experimental music, mod subculture,
disco and 1960s pop music.
New Wave
The Cars
The B-52s

Compare and contrast
Song #1 The Ramones
Song #2 B52s
Art Music
Talking Heads

Rock Music in Film
Tommy 1975
Grease 1978
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band,
Saturday Night Fever, 1977

Disco is a genre of dance music.
Disco acts charted high during the mid-
1970s, and the genre's popularity peaked
during the late 1970s.
It had its roots in clubs that catered to
African American, gay, psychedelic, and
other communities in New York City and
Philadelphia during the late 1960s and
early 1970s.
Disco Problems
Because disco used electronic drum
machines, many live musicians could not
get music jobs.
The rhythms were very repetitive.

Donna Summers
Gloria Gaynor
Barry White
The Village People
Define/describe each style
represented in the 70s.
Funk, Pop-Funk, Funkadelic
Progressive Rock
Experimental Rock
Hard Rock
Metal Rock
Cooperate Rock
American Heartland Rock,
Southern Rock

The California Sound, Soft Rock
Country Rock
British Pop Rock
Singer Songwriter Music
Punk Rock
New Wave
Art Music
Rock Music in Film and Concert

Review of 70s Music Styles
Listen to the following music from
the 70s and identify what sub-
genre this music falls under.
Funk, Pop-Funk, Funkadelic
Progressive Rock
Experimental Rock
Hard Rock
Metal Rock
Cooperate Rock
American Heartland Rock,
Southern Rock

The California Sound, Soft Rock
Country Rock
British Pop Rock
Singer Songwriter Music
Punk Rock
New Wave
Art Music
Rock Music in Film and Concert