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Maximillian Robespierre

By: Ryan Bogdan

Gotta Start Somewhere
Born: May 6, 1758
Maximilien François Marie Isidore de
Arras, France
Poor family
Mother died when he was 9
Raised by relative
Had 3 siblings

Middle Years
First studied at the College at Arras
Rose above in his studies
He was granted a chance to study at Louis-le-
Studied law like his father
Continued to excel at his studies
Like a happy story book?

Jean Jacques Rousseau
 Deism
 Natural Goodness
 Born freely into chains
 Democracy
 Anti-Catholic
 Anti-Monarchial

 Jacobin Club???

A Call To Politics
Went home to practice law (Arras)
Was known for his enlightened thoughts
Elected to the Third Estate
Served on the National Constituent Assembly
Became know for his oratory skills
Also became known among the people
Petion de Villeneuve and “the Incorruptible”

What happened to Louis???
He tried flee France with his wife and kids
Duke of Brunswick????
He had a Manifesto
He ran away to Versailles with his wife and
Georges Jacques Danton…….Gotcha!!!!
Louis was put to trial
 ……………………………………….was found
Robespierre spoke at the trial
Wisdom of Robespierre
"You have not to pass sentence for or against a
single man, but you have to take a resolution
on a question of the public safety, and to
decide a question of national foresight. It is
with regret that I pronounce a fatal truth:
Louis ought to perish rather than a hundred
thousand virtuous citizens; Louis must die
that the country may live.“

Louis was executed on July 21, 1793

Griondin Rule
Moderate Rule end in June of 1793
Declared war on Prussia and Austria
Lost a lot of battles
Managed to hold them off near Vedee
Soon hated for its policies
Mountain party formed
Griondists were kicked out of the National
Robespierre was elected as one of the 12 to the
Committee of Public Safety
The Only One Who Matters
Started to eliminate those dictated as enemies
of the Revolution
Pure Rousseauism
Jacques René Hébert (March 24th 1794)
Little Herbs
Georges Jacques Danton (April 6th 1794)
All about the money
Reign of Terror???

And Here We Go
Commune of Paris
Cult of the Supreme Being
Justice ------ Condemed
1300 people in one month
About 28 a day
Even the Jacobins began fearin the Max
Many victories began to be won be the French
Security is not a problem

Now Down The Hill
With less need for high security Robespierre
began to lose power
Saint-Just trying to help out
July 27th 1794
Held under arrest with supporters
Commune to the rescue……sorta?
Tough Shape
Was beheaded on July 28th with 21 other
Next not much better

Legacy As Seen Today
Is taken to be a tyrant
First Fascist Leader?
Successful law man
Tried to make things look “necessary”
Jacobins were shut down
Ended the French Revolution

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