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Companys Introduction

Brainchild of Augere Holdings.

The vision of delivering 'broadband for all.
WiMAX technology.
Developing strong local partnerships,
building local companies with
empowered local management.

The internet is one of the most exciting features of
life in the 21st century. Whatever youre into music,
news, views, video, information, chat, contact,
research, for business, pleasure or education we
think you should be able to enjoy, where ever you
are, whenever you want. We are making it our
business to make the very best internet service
available to everyone, at prices anyone can afford.

Interviewee Introduction
Numan Shahzad.
Sales Manager.

How would you define communication?
Without communication it is not possible
to increase our sales, he also said
communication is the life blood of

Is oral communication is batter or written?
Give reason?
Both are necessary for communication. We
use written with in the organization
because we have to maintain record and
oral communication is outside from the
organization with our clients.
Do you apply 7 Cs in your organization?
Which C is important in your point of view?
All Cs are applied in our organization with
out it we cannot communicate with in the
organization and also with our customers.
In our point of view consideration is very
important for us because it shows benefits
for our users.
Do you think culture is an important factor in
Culture is important because people
always communicate effectively and
comfortably. it also help to built trust and
goodwill with out it we cannot get our
desire outcome.
How will you define Goodwill and Credibility
and is it effect communication?
Both are important factors for our
organization we must increase goodwill
and credibility to increase our sales and it
deeply effect on our organization. Goodwill
& credibility also effect on customer in a
certain way that he/she use our services.
Will you use planning steps in your
We mostly use organizational plan in our
presentations and we analyze that what
type of customers will be their were we
will be communicate and their level of
Which organizational plan do you use? Give
We use organizational plan according to
the situation but we mostly use indirect
plan to satisfy our customers.
Which punctuation style you use in letter
We use mixed punctuation in letter
What mode of communication you use in
When we communicate with in the
organization we use Email and we
communicate and with customers we use
telephone, Email, SmS, but mostly we
prefer communication face to face with
customers because this we easily
understand the need and problem of
How do you reply when any person want
information do you give extra information
when desirable?
Yes we give extra information about
services to satisfy the customer need and
provide services.
Would you use golden principal in your
It is foremost for us to use golden principal
in the communication because it shoes
benefits and interest to our customers and
we get positive feed back.
What steps which your organization done for
conducting a meeting?
we inform two days before to all participant
which are involved in the meeting through
Email in which we define time, place, date
and the agenda of the meeting.
What format you use in letter writing?
Mostly we use modified and semi-block
format for letter writing.
How you manage time and space during
We mostly give presentations in our
organization which take less time and space.
Which type of group meeting you conduct in
your organization?
We conduct both formal and informal
group meetings in our organization. When
we finished from work we conduct
informal meeting in our franchises and
formal meetings with our executives.
Which strategy you use in forming a group to
achieve a goal?
The persons we selected are highly
knowledgeable to form the group for
achieving the goal.
What strategy you use in problem solving?
When any problem occur then we first of
all analyze the reasons behind it and try to
solve the problem.