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Substation Types

ID Substation Type No.
1 33/11 kV substations 8
2 66/33 kV substations 2
3 66/11 kV substation (total)
Connected to power plant
LILO (big)
LILO (small)
City type
Tail feed type
4 220/66 kV substations
Connected to power plant
Total 167
Note: Cut off date – December 2013
Substation Survey
Following substations were survey during data collection stage:

Substation Substation
Embassy Hawar
Manama Rifaa
Rifaa PS Sitra Local
Madinat Hamad Mahazza
Waterfront Zinj
Criteria for ACA - Substations
Following criteria is used for substation assessment:

Criteria Criteria
Age Technology transfer of equipment
Capability of increasing load demand Operational experiences related to faults
and failures
Physical condition of transformers,
switchgear and cables
Maintenance records related preventive,
regular and emergency
Impact of ambient temperature &
seasonal variations
Condition of inner components (viz. Oil,
SF6 gas, protection relays, etc.)
Condition of protection, control and
monitoring system
Availability of spares
Expansion plans for the switchgear Accidents such as fire, flood or lightning
Failure Causes- Switchgear
Causes for the failure of the switchgear are:

Cause Cause
Age and number of operations SF6 gas leakages
Mechanical problems Frequent short circuit tripping
Malfunctioning of protection Failure due to improper cable
Insulation failure Failure on VT & CT
Overloading Technology transfer & spares availability
Failure Causes- Transformers
Causes for the failure of the transformers are:

Cause Cause
Reduction in dielectric strength (due to
lightning and switching impulses)
Loose connections
Reduction in mechanical strength Design drawbacks related to material and
Reduction in thermal integrity (due to
heating or overloading)
Oil contaminations
Moisture Reduction in electromagnetic integrity
(due to over excitation and over loading)
Fire/Explosion Flood
Insulation Failure Improper maintenance/operation
Failure Causes- Cables
Causes for the failure of the cables are:

Cause Cause
Ambient temperature Lightning impulses and other system
induced over voltages
Overload current beyond rating Excessive tension
Moisture and chemicals in contact Mechanical damage
Poor temporary splices Type of back fill around direct buried
cables or ducts
Switching operations Fire accidents
Classification for ACA
Classification based on Age
Substation Age Age by 2015 No. Units Percentage
33/11 kV >45 years 2 1.2
33/11 kV, 66/33 kV >40 years 4 2.4
33/11kV, 66/33 kV, 66/11 kV >35 years 15 9
66/11 kV, 220/66 kV >30 years 22 13.2
66/11 kV, 220/66 kV >25years 13 7.8
66/11 kV >20 years 3 1.8
66/11 kV, 220/66 kV >15 years 6 3.6
33/11kV, 66/11 kV, 220/66 kV <15 years 102 61.2
Total 167 100
EPC for Refurbishment
Normal Temp. winding
Above normal temp but
below hot spot Temp
Above hot spot temp
(68 K)
Hidd (3) Al Dur (3) Rifaa (2)
Rifaa (1) Al Areen (3) Busaitin (1)
Amwaj (3) Al Madinah (3) Jasra (2)
BFH (3) Buquwwah (3) Madinat Hamad (1)
Busaiteen (1) Busaitin (1) Umm Al Hassam (3)
Dahiyat Al Seef (1) Dahiyat Al Seef (2) Waterfront (3)
Khaleej Al Bahrain (3) Embassy (3)
Marsa Al Bahrain (3) Hawar (3)
Shamal Al Ali (3) ITN (3)
Sitra BSP (1) Jasra (1)
Madinat Hamad (2)
Manama BSP (3)
Sitra BSP (2)
EPC for Replacement
1. MOCBs of substations Sitra PS and Umm Al Hassam are to be replaced with SF6.
2. Electromagnetic relays are to be replaced with numerical relays stage by stage.
3. All 220 kV LPOF cables are to be replaced with XLPE.
EPC for Retirement
66/33 kV Substation
Manama BSP Muharraq “N”
33/11 kV Substation
Bank Hoora
Manama South Manama Town
Hospital Manama BSP
Muharraq “C” Muharraq “N”