R.Naga Lakshmi
“SATISFACTION is a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting from
comparing a products perceived performance in relation to his or her expectation.”
-Philip Kotler

Customer satisfaction data are received in a variety of methods, including:

 Feedback received in response to answers to customer complaints.

 Dialogue between the customer and field executive or Management which is
then documented in a trip visit summary report.

 Industry positioning surveys.

 Lost business reports.

 Meetings with customers - interview sessions with questionnaires.

Customer satisfaction is a measure of how products and
services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer
expectation. Customer satisfaction is defined as "the number of
customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported
experience with a firm, its products, or its services (ratings)
exceeds specified satisfaction goals

Measuring customer satisfaction provides an indication of how
successful the organization is at providing products and/or
services to the marketplace.

 The primary objective to know the customer satisfaction levels
on Tata motors in costal auto mobiles

 To know the supply quality products at competitive prices.

 To give full attention to personal service and customer

 Customer will be treated professionally, efficiently and with
courtesy at all times.

 In the recent years, the car scenario on the Indian roads has undergone a
radical change. Today Indian roads are flooded with colorful cars of various
sizes, stunning features, aerodynamic bodies, eye catching front and rear
lights with enormous power embedded engine and their bonnets. These
have been particularly designed to cater for the needs of different classes of
Indian society.
 The competition in the market has grown to such an extent that they are
threatening the very existence of war horse like the Indicia – vista and
reliable beauties like Indigo Manza, Sumo and Nano Tata Motors new
model IndicaV2.
 In order to compete we need to study the Customer Satisfaction, which
will surely cause an impact on consumer purchase behaviors, companies
are always searching for easy to gain the efficiency substituting one
promotional tool for another.

Customer satisfaction is the buzzword of the 1990s. Unfortunately, many managers still think
of satisfying their customers as a nice thing to do rather than a critical component of success.
To maximize profits and productivity, you must recognize five facts:

1. As senior managers, you only know about the tip of the iceberg, a small fraction of all the
problems your customers encounter.

2. Service can be a major marketing tool--converting problem situations into incremental

3. Customer problems can cost you not only an immediate lost sale, but also future purchases
by that customer and by other customers as a result of negative word-of-mouth behavior.

4. You can and must quantify the expected payback from service and/or quality improvements.

5. The market transaction (sale) often is not the key point of customer pain and lost revenue.
Often, both the product offering (product itself, how it is offered, and fulfillment) and
customer expectations are major contributors to problems, even though the problem surfaces
in the customer service area.
 The purpose of methodology is to describe the process
involved in research work. This includes the overall
research design, data collection method, the field survey
and the analysis of data.
 In Research Methodology we have following steps:
 Research Design
 Sources of Data
 Sampling Method
 Field of survey
 Analysis

Stratified random sampling method is chosen.

Samples are devices for learning about large masses by observing a
few individuals. The selected sample is 120.

Primary data collection
Secondary data collection

Questionnaire (Open ended questions & Closed ended questions)

The business people, professionals having cars

 The findings of the present study cannot be generalized
as they are based purely limiting to the one unit of this
singular organization without giving any comparisons to
the practices in similar industry.

 This study is more of workmen oriented.

 This study is more of professional oriented.

 In view of time constraint the study will be for a shorter

 Sample size collected is not very large.
Profile Of The Company
Founder Jamshedji Tata
TATA Group Chairman Cyrus P Mistry
Year of Establishment 1945
Industry Automotive
Business Group The Tata Group
Listings & its codes BSE - Code: 500570
NYSE - Code: TTM
Corporate Office Bombay House
24, HomiMody Street
Mumbai 400 001, India
Tel.: +(91)-(22)-56561676
Works Jamshedpur, Pune, Lucknow and Dharwad
E-mail (for international inquiries)
Quick Facts

About Coastal
Automobiles Pvt.Ltd.

Coastal Automobiles is the authorized dealer for TATA Motors Ltd. for its entire
range of Passenger Cars for East Godavari and surrounding districts.
Coastal Automobiles business is managed under the table leadership of Mr. B. Suresh
Babu and Mr. T.S.S.S Rao, who is a veteran in automobile industry. They are assisted
by professionally trained and dedicated work force extending excellent service.

These fully automated work shop with latest mechanical and electronic equipment as
per the specifications of our principals. The total work shop is located on a sprawling
area measuring 6 Acres. The work shop is manned by more than 250 technically
qualified and trained personnel to provide excellent after sales service.

Coastal Automobiles has in house counter business having tie-up with TATA Motors
Finance Limited, HDFC, and ICICI to provide hassle free finance to its customers.

These automobiles are to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by adhering to
systems and procedures through quality service.

These automobiles is to expand their paradigm to encompass the customer experience in
its entirety by providing One-Stop Shop with hassle free finance, insurance, accessories
and delivery across the table with cost effectiveness

1. Which model did you purchased?
 Indica is enjoying the highest market share in Tata motors segment. Next
comesNano&indigio. According to the in this survey mainly 44% of the
people indica, 20% of the people indigio, 16% of the people sumo and 20%
of the people nano have the follow to the customers. So on the basis of the
mainly in this survey indica is mostly one of the highest car in Tata motors.

2. How did you came to know about new model?
 Ads are playing a key role in creating awareness about the variety of cars
introduced by Tata Motors. So ads should be continued or increased.

3. Income level per annum?
 Mainly in this survey 34% of the customers have the 4 lakh, 26% of the
customers 5 lakh and 20%of the customers 3 lakh and finally again 20% of
the customers also above 5 lakh income gained per annum in this analysis.

4. Post purchase behavior of executives in show room?
 Most of the customers are feeling very comfortable with the behavior of
executives even after the purchase.

 The customers we have purchased the car in 2013 or 50% from my sample
in Tata Motors (Coastal Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.) in Rajahmundry. As well
as the following in to the customers in 2012 customers 30% of the cars
and in 2011 customers 20% of the cars purchased in Tata motors (coastal
automobiles Pvt. Ltd.) in Rajahmundry.

6. How many pay services did you utilize?
 Totally in this survey mainly 58% of the customers response depends up
on the 4-6 times services.

7. Most frequently arise complaint?
 Most frequently arise complaint is safety of the car. In this survey
following in to 54% of the customer’s safety complaints and 22% of the
customers engine complaints and 16% of the customers mileage
complaints and finally 8% of the customers others arises of their response
told to us.

8. Time taken to solve the small & regular problems?
 Most of customers are feeling that their complaints are handled early.

9. How do you feel about the service?
 Customers are satisfied with the service that is provided.

10. Availability of spare parts in show room?
 The spare parts for all the cars of Tata Motors (Coastal Automobiles
Pvt. Ltd.) in show room only. 50% of the customers agree this fact.

11. Whether aware of new models?
 In this survey 56% of the customers are aware of new models for Tata
Motors (Coastal Automobiles Pvt. Ltd) in Rajahmundry.

 The main findings of the study are as follows:

 According to the survey conducted, 44% of total sale is Indica. Indica
is most moving vehicle for Tata Motors.

 36% of customers feel that, maximum of three services are provided
for customers.

 Out of the sample size 50, 54% of the customers feel that safety is the
most frequently raised complaint.

 The executives of the showroom treat the customers in a very
comfortable way in pre purchase and post purchase situations. This is
accepted by 46% of customers
• Creating the awareness regarding the products available in Tata
Motors (Coastal Automobiles Pvt.Ltd.) is mainly done by Ads (38%)
and Executive meeting (28%) provides the remaining stand.

• It takes a maximum of a weak to solve the problem raised in vehicle.

• The showroom visiting customers for Tata Motors (Coastal
Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.) will have a possibility of purchase.

• Customers are mostly satisfied with the service that is provided.

• 52% of customer’s complaints are handled in one day.

• 36% of the customers feel service is good.
 Tata is one of the best companies because of its good environment. The
experience in the customer organization was great because I have learnt
many practical concepts and came to know how actually an
organization works.

 This study is done to know the customers satisfaction towards Tata cars
with the help of data collected from customer through questionnaires.
By this study we also knew that customer have mixed opinion about
Tata cars.

 The result of the survey conducted showed that most of the customers
purchase car based on mileage followed by price. This study also shows
that customers prefer looks of the car.

 The Tata motors (coastal auto mobiles Pvt. Ltd.)
Rajahmundry should take steps to give better services to
the customers, since they are not satisfied with the
services by it.
 The Tata motors (coastal automobiles Pvt. Ltd.)
Rajahmundry should inform by the Tata motors, about the
safety problems faced by customers, since a considerable
customers felt that the safety measures are not good.
 The company should find better ways to satisfying the
 Ads are to be increased in various media so that it would
create awareness. The time taken to solve the complaint