Latina Constant

Rose-Mary Reynolds
In this presentation, the industry that is
Engineering and Design will be fully examined as
it pertains to the technology being used. The
personnel in this industry will also be fully
described as well as recommendations on why
the use of computers are either beneficial or not
to this type of company.
Engineering can be defined as the application
of scientific, economic, social, and practical
knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain
structures, machines, devices, systems, materials
and processes.

Design is the creation of
a plan or convention for the construction of an
object or a system (as in architectural
blueprints, engineering drawing, business
process, circuit diagrams and sewing patterns).

Engineers are individuals that apply
their scientific knowledge to solve
practical problems, often with an eye
toward optimizing cost, efficiency, or some
other parameters.

There are three main types of engineers:

• Computer Engineers: engineers analyze and evaluate
computer systems, both hardware and software.

• Electrical engineers: deal with the study and application
of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

• Civil engineers are engineers that deal with design,
construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally
built environment including works like roads, bridges and

A designer is an agent that "specifies the
structural properties of a design object“

Types of Designers:
• Web designers
• Graphic designers
• Architectural designers

Computer-Aided Design is the use of computer systems to assist in
the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

There are different Computer Aided Design editors. The most
popular editor being AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is a software application supporting both 2D and 3D
formats. It is used by:

• Drafters
• Architects
• Engineers
• Marine Engineers and Naval Engineers
Advantages of using CAD software:
• to increase the productivity of the designer
• improve the quality of design
• improve communications through

Disadvantages of using CAD software:
• implementation expenses
• job elimination

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting is a CAD system
with additional drafting features.

They enable engineers and architects to:
• insert size annotations and other notes into a design
• Produce 2D pictures of objects in addition to the
technical drawings produced through CAD
Computer-Aided Engineering is the use of computers to analyse engineering
designs and to stimulate complex electrical and mechanical systems.

A CAE software used by many engineers is NX CAE.
It is used because:
• it reduces production development and time
• Designs can be evaluated and refined using computer simulations rather
than physical prototype testing, saving money and time
• CAE helps engineering teams manage risk and understand the
performance implications of their designs.

Drawbacks of CAE software:
• The requirements of the CAE are still
very high for applications based on PC
platforms, which implies a high cost of
• The software also has considerable
costs, as well as the training that is
needed to make be able to work with
this type of application.

Graphics Plotter

High Resolution
Using Information Technology in this industry can be quite beneficial as it:
 Improves the quality of the design
 Reduce cost and time
 Increases the productivity of the engineer or designer

Disadvantages of using Information Technology would be basically:
 Implementing such software may be costly
 Jobs that would be usually done by other personnel of the industry, might not
be necessary as before

From our research we suggest that personnel should do
in terms of information technology are:

• Using CADD instead of CAD as it has more features
which would be better in aiding the designers
• Using Inkjet printers rather than impact or line
printers as it produces high resolution images in
order to see the details in the design
Throughout this presentation, the different
types of software and hardware used in this
industry were discussed. How this technology
was used by the personnel had also been
explained. Recommendations had been
mentioned as to how the industry should use
the technology provided.

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