Informative Writing

Journalistic Writing
Literary Writing
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Informative Writing
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
 to inform or present information
 to do so in an unbiased manner
 to use resources that are reliable
and scholarly
 to be clear and organized
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Omitting your opinion does not
give you permission to be boring.
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
To inform
To raise awareness
To educate
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
A thesis statement is a
short statement that
summarizes the main
point or claim of an
essay, research paper,
etc., and is developed,
supported, and explained
in the text by means of
examples and evidence

Introduction paragraph with thesis statement
Body paragraphs with support
Conclusion with a unique and
engaging restatement of thesis
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
By date or time
By order of importance
By definition
By theme
By compare and contrast
By historical or
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Social Media: Good or Bad
Social media has not been just a platform for easy
and simple advanced online marketing but it has become
a revolution of our century.

Many people are using different social networking
sites and some have tried to capitalize on its importance
but they do not know about its advantages and

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
The following are list of positive and negative effects of
social media to users that need to consider.
Through social media you can keep in touch with your
friends and loved ones. It can help you reconnect with lost
loved ones and you can keep in touch will military family
overseas and out of town family. Another, you can stay
informed about the world. It enable you follow news
stations (CNN, Inquirer) pages on Facebook and twitter,
saves time from reading a whole article.

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
It also gives you the opportunity to widen your
business. Social Media is a great and cheap way to
promote business using adverting and marketing
Aside from that, it lets you meet people who can
help you with your career. You can find out what
companies are hiring and find people to hire for your
company, you can ask and can get responds from
your friends.

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
But along with its advantages come its
disadvantages and one of these is security
concerns/hacking. Someone can hack into your
account and get your personal information and you
can possibly be a victim of identity theft. Another is
fake profiles. Fake Facebook accounts are created to
scam people by pretending to be an organization and
taking money or someone can pretend to be
someone else so they can get you to talk to them

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Cyber Bullying is also the latest disadvantage
of social media. It includes mean text messages
or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on
social networking sites, and embarrassing
pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
The use of social media is also time consuming.
Employees may waste valuable time using social media
channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
Lastly, it can also cost you your job. Employees
can also use social media to attack the company’s
reputation and possibly get fired or sued.

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Like any other type of networking or social
media it is a good idea to do your homework and
make sure that you know what you are getting into.
Understand the terms of use, the rules and
regulations, and be clear on issues like security and
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Take responsibility for your own safety
and integrity and never join something just because
it is trendy or all your friends are doing it.
In evaluating the advantages and
disadvantages of social networking, it is best to be
cautious. After all, the lack of both can have a
devastating effect.

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Journalistic Writing
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
 to write clear, concise and colorful writing
 to do so write simply but not dull, and
 to use descriptive words only when they have
 to maintain balance in each issue (pro and con
 to strive for a thorough representation of all
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
 to quickly inform
 to entertain
 to persuade
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
News writing
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Pakistani brothers sentenced to 12
years in jail for cannibalism

Lahore: Two Pakistani brothers, who spent two years in jail for
cannibalism in 2011, were on Wednesday sentenced to 12 years
rigorous imprisonment by an anti- terrorism court in a fresh
human flesh eating case that shocked the nation.

The Anti-Terrorism Court in Sargodha district of Punjab province
announced the verdict two months after they were arrested in

The two -- Muhammad Arif (35) and Farman Ali (30) -- will
undergo rigorous imprisonment in the Mianwali district jail.

Ms. Rona C. Catubig

They belong to a small town of Darya Khan of Bhakhar district some
400 kilometers from Lahore.
They were re-arrested in April for allegedly eating the flesh of a dead
child at their house. Both of them had earlier been in prison for two
years for cannibalism.

According to police, the brothers had dug up more than 100 corpses
from the local graveyard and eaten them before they were arrested
following tip off from neighbours in 2011.

Since there has been no laws related to cannibalism in Pakistan, the
brothers were convicted for "desecrating a grave" at that time.

Ms. Rona C. Catubig
They were freed in May 2013 but they again got involved in eating
human flesh.

Both of them are married and have children but their wives
abandoned them reportedly when they came to know that their
husbands were cannibals.

Since there is no law in Pakistan related to cannibalism, the police
arrested the duo under the Anti-Terrorism Act declaring that their
action created fear and insecurity among people.
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Feature Writing
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
Literary Writing
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
 to create an emotional appeal among
to create experiences that are shared to
the readers
 to capture the readers’ attention
Ms. Rona C. Catubig
 to express
 to entertain
 to communicate

Ms. Rona C. Catubig