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Personal Policies and Procedure

Under this heading, one may find work
schedule where rules on attendance and
punctuality are stated, working days and hours, as
well as break periods.
One may find also the work requirements such as
uniforms, identification cards, locker rooms, and
annual physical and medical examination.
II.Employee benefits.
Usually, part II of a handbook, code or bulletin
pertains to employee benefits. One is informed of
bonuses and allowance, paid leave of absence,
hospitalization and medical benefits, free protective
equipment, insurance coverage, personal loan
assistance benefits and retirement and death

The objectives of company rules and regulations may not be
exactly the same for all companies but they redound to the
following: promote order, discipline, and harmony among employees
by establishing a code of a conduct in the company in order to
achieve efficiency in the operations of the company, to prevent
taking advantage of fellow employees, and to ensure that each
employee fulfills his obligations to the company.

2.To protect the rights of every employee by clearly specifying
what may or may not be properly done under specified
circumstances. as a general policy, all employees are enjoined by
their respective companies to faithfully comply with existing
policies, rules and regulations. many of the rules and regulation
adopted by companies are those pertaining to the following
cases which call for disciplinary action:

A. Cases for Discipline Action

1.EXCESSIVE TARDINESS- it has conceded to employees a leeway
by tolerating late attendance which, however, in some companies
should not be more than twice within a pay period.

2.FAILURE TO PUNCH TIME CARD-all authorized departures from the
place of work in pursuance of company business or by reason of
approved hourly leaves, and the arrivals there from, shall be
accounted for by the employee in his time card.

3.ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE OR NOTICE- Any employee failing report
to work without securing the previous written approval of his
superiors shall be held in violation of this provision in certain
companies cases of absence of such suddenness and urgency
preventing the employee from securing the necessary application
as per required procedure, a note or telephone call to the medical
sub-department (if the reason is illness),or to employees
immediate supervisor(if the absence be for any other reason)shall
be sufficient notice to avoid being penalized under this provision.

4.LOAFING OR LOITORING-employees found idling away from place of
work although within the premises of the company during working

5.MALINGERING-an employee keeping away from his place of work
shirking from his duties on the pretence of illness is guilty of malingering
and shall be penalized under this heading upon recommendation by
the company medical authorities to the employees
division/department head.

shall be punched by no other than the employee named thereon.

7.SLEEPING DURING WORKING HOURS-Illness will not be allowed as an
excuse from a person found sleeping during working hours.

8.DESERTION OF POST-any employee who during his scheduled hours of
duty should abandon his post without authority and without any
justifiable action shall be penalized under this provision.

forging,counterfeiting,unauthorized alteration,erasure,obliteration,or
other wise falsifying company documents.

10.IMMORALITY:LEWDNESS-any employee who shall exhibit lewdness, either by
word or action, or shall express.

11.DISRESPECT AND DISCOURTESY-employee shall, at all times, be respectful
and courteous not only to their own superiors, but to all officials and employees
of the company as well.

12.CONVICTION OF A CRIMINAL OFFENCE-the gravity of the crime committed
shall be measure of the penalty to be imposed.

13.BETRAYAL OF COMPANY TRUST-employees who, to the detriment of the
company and/or its employees, reveals or passes secrets and confidence or
books, reports, data or other records of the company.

company property and equipment are intended for the use of the employees
in the furtherance of the company business.

regulation to fight within the premises of the company. fighting spells less of
manhours,expence,and slowing up operation.worse still,it introduces into our
midstan atmosphere of violence that puts everyone ill at ease in fear of his own
personal safety.

16.Misuse of Trip Pass/Reduced Rate privileges
- It is intended for the enjoyment of employees and their
independent only. They are therefore personal and non-transferrable

17. Intoxication
a. Any employee who imbibes, intoxicating liquors or beverages
w/in company premises during his tour of duty therefore including meal
or other breaks shall be subject to disciplinary action.
An employee exhibiting signs of inebriation or drunkenness shall also be
subject to disciplinary action.

18. Insubordination
- One of the essential qualifications of a good employee is the
willingness to follow orders issued by his superiors. Any employee who
shall deliberately refuse to obey as ordered or shall otherwise urge or
incite other employees to disobey or disregard order coming from a
superior , shall be adjudged guilty of insubordination.

19. Unauthorized Possession of Firearms or Deadly Weapons.
The carrying of firearms or deadly weapons, whether licensed or
not under special permits, within company premises, is strictly prohibited.

20. inciting or Participating in Riots or Disorders.
-In relations between employees and management, or
even among personnel themselves, there must xist cordiality
and proper decorum at all times. When points of controversy
arise and the parties cannot, for the moment see eye with each
other there are certain rules of procedure for the peaceful and
amicable settlement of grievances prescrippbepd, not only by
working agreement, but also by the laws of the land, w/c must
be followed.

21. Theft (Stealing Company Property or Personal Effects of the
Of the so many vices and vbad habits that humanity has
been cursed with, stealing ranks among the lowest and bases of
the lot.
-Any employee caught removing or attempting to
remove from company premises, w/out authority to do so, any
equipment, tools, material, and/or supplies owned by the
company, regardless of the condition or value of such property,
or caught stealing personal belongings of co-emplloyees, shall
be punished w/ disciplinary action.

22. Withholding and Diversion of Use of Company Funds.
-The Diversion and use of company funds to serve an employees
own purpose and charging the same to their personal accounts deprives the
company of the use of such funds, and shall hold the offender punishable
under these rules.

23. Malversation and Misappropriation of the Company Funds
- Money belonging to the compsnyare entrusted to the employees
for a definite purpose and objective. When such money is used for something
other than what it was intended for, or when squandered or appropriated fot
the personal benefit, and gain, the employee commits malversation and
misappropriation of company funds and forfeits all rights to remain in the serice
of the company.

24 misappropriation of Employees Wage Salaries and other Accounts
-Any employee who , shall defraud another employee by collecting
through any means the latters wages, salary or other accounts due from the
company, and misappropriating the same, shall be liable for disciplinary

25. Gambling
Management cannot permit itself to become party to a deliberate
violation of municipal laws, nor can it allow any of its personnel to bring
disgrace to te companys name brought about by involvement in police raids
and arrests w/in company premises. Gambling the premises will not be
permitted and indulging in the same will be penalized.

26. Usury
Money lending at exorbitant rates of interest is definitely illegal
and punishable by law. Management severely condemns usury as evil
w/c does so much to place a large number of employees in desperate
plight, thus adversely affecting personnel morale and efficiency. TO
stamp out this pernicious offense, this will serve notice to any employee
thus engaged w/ other employees as victim that management will not
hesitate to report such practice to the proper authorities for
prosecution, w/out prejudice to the disciplinary action herein provided.

27. Wanton Destruction of Company property
- Any employee who, through a wilful act and motivate purely
by a spirit of malicious mischief, destroys or cause to be destroyed any
property belonging to the company, whatever it costs, shall be
punished w/ disciplinary action.

28. Abuse of Authority
Supervisors and other officials of the company who, for their
own personal convenience, shall assign menial and servile tasks for
execution by employees under their charge, or should impose upon
them duties w/out official connection to their work w/ the company
especially after working hours, or who shall lay hands on the person of
subordinate, shall be held for the disciplinary action for abuse of

B. Acts of Dishonesty and Infidelity
It is the declared company policy that any
employee found to have committed any act of
dishonesty or infidelity in the handling of company
funds or property shall be terminated from the service
of the company for cause.

The collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
-is a mutual agreement made and entered into
by and between the company and the employees
represented by the UNION. The purpose of the CBA is
to eliminate the causes of industrial unrest by settling
all issues, grievances and controversial matters of
whatever kind between parties and to promote and
improve the industrial and economic relations b/w the
company and the Union by outlining.

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