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We thank our guide Professor Eiram

Shaikh for her exemplary guidance,

monitoring and constant encouragement
throughout the course of this thesis.

We even would like to thank our colleagues
for the co-operation given by them.
Parth Badani - 103
Siddhi Gor - 111
Jay Gujarati - 112
Avni Shah - 142
Hiral Shah - 143
Saumil Shah - 148
Alcoholic Drinks
Soft Drinks
Bottled Water
Carbonated Drinks
Sports Energy Drinks
Growth of fruit drink market

Inhome consumption of fruit drinks

Mango based drinks industry.


Advanced technology and the instrumentation

Environment-friendly company

India currently produces about 50 million tones of fruits, which
is about 9% of the worlds production of fruits.
Though India has a strong raw material base, it has been unable
to tap the potential for processing and value addition in
perishables like fruits and vegetables.
Only about 2 percent of the fruits and vegetables in India are
processed, which is much lower when compared to countries like
USA (65 %), Philippines (78%) and China (23)%
Factors driving demand for our
Changing age profile

Increase in Income

Social Changes

Life style factors

Availability of Organized Retail outlets
Primary Market
Kids Fond of Fruit Juice (fond of mango, strawberry)
Teens More experimental
Youth Experimental and more buying power
Working People
Elderly people

Secondary Market
Travel Industry
Airlines, Railways and Local Transport Systems
Movie Theatres, Malls, Amusement Parks.
School, Colleges
Hotels, Restaurants, Bars etc.

By leveraging the benefits of
liberalization and integration of the
markets of the world, FP will seek to
serve both domestic and international
Metropolitan Cities, major
cities/towns of the states.
Density of Area: Urban, Semi-urban,
Climate: Tropical

Age all age group
Gender Both Male and Female
Family size - doesnt matter
Education - doesnt matter
Income middle & hi end consumer
Occupation student, working and
retired people
Nationality/race doesnt matter
Language - doesnt matter


Benefit sought
Product usage rate
Brand loyalty
Income status
Personality No
Lifestyle Yes
Value Yes
Attitude Yes
Real with a market share of 57 % offers to its consumers
the largest range of 9 juices that comprise orange,
mango, pineapple, mixed fruit, grape, guava, tomato, litchi
and cranberry.

Frooti from Parle Agro is the largest distributed fruit
drink with 85% market share (Tetra Pack). It reaches
more than 10 lakh retail outlets in up to class C towns.

The drink became a hit with successful advertisement
campaigns like "Taaza mango, maaza mango and Botal
mein aam, maaza hain naam.
Marketing Mix
Fresh punch is a 100 percent fruit juice which will be produced
and marketed by the FP Agro Industries Ltd.
Our Product Variants
(Himachal Pradesh)
Hazira and Dahej
As a new comer our pricing strategy will be based on
Penetration Pricing
Brand awareness through Informative

Use of Print Media, Radio
Advertisement, Hoardings in Public
Spots, Sample Distribution,
Organizing Events, TV Commercial

Tie Up with major Cinema halls.

In-film advertising.
Social Networking

Creating a community on Facebook
Creating a fan page on Facebook

Creating an active account and giving regular updates
on product
Encouraging suggestions by followers
To be a leading producer of fruit drinks based on
dedication to nature, corporate and process hygiene,
dynamic leadership and commitment to our partners and
To be India's premier Fruit Drinks Company, offering
nutritious and superior quality tasting drinks to its
consumers. By 2016 we aim to achieve 30% of market
share, and while doing it we would be the best in terms
of consumer value, customer service, employee talent,
and consistent and predictable growth.
Target of capturing 5% of the market share within a year and
30% by 2016-end

Initially we would be outsourcing the processing of fruits, but
after 3 years we would check the feasibility of starting our own
processing plant.

R&D Department to be set up by 2014 early, in order to
facilitate innovation in existing products.

We would open Satellite Branches in Major Cities to facilitate
product training & improve on Market Share.

FP Agro will be undertaking a host of energy conservation