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“Sobre La Nueva Ortografia De La Lengua Talaga”

( On The New Orthography of the Tagalog

• Rizal Expressed here his advocacy of a new
spelling in Tagalog.
April 1890
He laid down rules for the Tagalog language
-The letters "k" and "w" be used instead of the
Spanish "c" and "o."
Inspired by Dr. Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera
D. Pedro Serrano

2. "wa" - Dr. Pardo De Tavera
Palatitikang Tagalog
* 3 patinig - a, i, u
* 14 katinig - ka, ga, nga, ta, da, na, pa, ba,
ma, ya, la, wa, sa, ha

Mga patinig
* a - ginagamit tulad sa kastila
* i - sa gitna ng pangungusap ay katunog ng
i ng Kastila, sa huli ay tunog na kahawig ng
'y' ng Ingles
* u - sa gitna, tunog kastila, sa huli,
nagtutunong 'o' at 'u'
Mga Katinig

* d - minsan nagiging 'r'
* h - banayad, h sa dulo ay wala sa Tagalog
* ng
* m/n
* g
* k at w
* j at l
“Sobre La Indolencia De Los Filipinas”
(The Indolence of the Filipinos)

• La Solidaridad in five conscutive issues
on July ( 15 and 31), August ( 1 and 31)
and Sept. 1,1890.
- rationally countered the accusations by
Spaniards that Filipinos were indolent ( lazy)
during the Spanish reign.
- Filipinos are innately hardworking.

Factors pointed by Rizal “what brought the
decrease in the productive activities of the

1. The Galleon Trading destroyed the previous links
in the Philippines
2.The Spanish forced labor
3. Many Filipinos became landless and wanderers
4. System of education is not based in agricultural,
industrial and technology, but about in repetitive

5. Spaniards are example of negligent officials
6. Gambling like cockfights
7. The crooked system of religion discourage
the native people to work hard
8. Very high taxes

Other articles of Rizal w/c also
printed in La Solidaridad:

A La Patria ( November 15, 1889)
Sin Nobre (without name)( February
28, 1890)
Cosas de Filipinas (things about the
Philippines)(April 30, 1890)

Historical Commentaries Written in London

• Ma-yi
- This historical commentary was written by Rizal in London on
(December 6, 1888).
-he wrote an extensive article on the meaning and determination of
the island Ma-Yi described by Chao JuKua, the Chinese chronicler, in
his old Chinese codex.
• Acerca de Tawalisi de Ibn Batuta
- is believed part of ‘notes’ (written in collaboration of A.B. Meyer
and F. Blumentritt) on a Chinese code in Middle Ages
-Dr. Hirth translated from German
written(January 7, 1889).
-Tawalisi – (article is about) w/c refers to the northern part Luzon
or to any of the adjoining islands.

Following historical commentaries penned by
Rizal in London:
• La Political Colonial On Filipinas ( Colonial
Policy in the Philippines)
• Manila En El Mes De Diciembre ( December,
• Historia De La Familia Rizal De Calamba
(History Of the Rizal of calamba)
• Los Pueblos Del Archipelago Indico ( The
People’s of the Indian Archipelago)

er Writings
Other writings in London:

• La Vision Del Fray Rodriguez ( The
Vision of Fray Rodriguez – bitter attact on
his novel Noli Me Tangere with a pen name
- published in Barcelona.

er Writings the
- Originally written on Tagalog
- directly address to the women of Malolos, Bulacan
as a responsed to Marcelo H. Del Pilar’s request.
- greatly impressed by the bravery of the 20 young
women in malolos who plan to establish school to
learn Spanish.
- Felipe Garcia priest of malolos against to the women.
- The letter expressed that the women must have a
chances to go to school like men.
(Women’s right of Education).
Points mentioned by Rizal in his letter
to the young women of Malolos:
1. The priests in the country that time did
not embody the true spirit of Christianity.
2. Private judgment should be used
3. Mothers should be an epitome of an
ideal woman who teaches her children to
love God, country and fellowmen;

4. Mothers should rear children in the service of the
state and set standards of behavior of men around
5. Filipino women must be noble, decent, and
dignified and they should be submissive, tender and
loving to their respective husband,
6. Young women must edify themselves, live the
real Christian way with good morals and manners,
and should be intelligent in their choice of a
lifetime partner.