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Stages of

teacher „s
4.0 Introduction
The concept of effective schools :
goal - to bring the education
system towards excellence.

Slogan : “World Class Education”

Educators need to achieve a high
level of quality in education.

One need to an effective teacher :
 Personality
 Competent
 Effective
 Skilled and experts in their
respective fields

Encouragement through various
awards given by the Ministry of
Education to the schools to
enhance the quality of education.

It takes a lot of time to be establish.

Beginning teachers will face the
critical period throughout the
teaching process.

The beginning teachers will face
some kind of reality shocked.

The knowledge and skills are not
enough to deal with the realities of
the job.

Trainee teachers should prepare
themselves before they are send to
the real world.
 When the teacher trainees are posted to the school their role
as the real teacher will be started.
 However, nowadays we have heard many criticisms about the
quality of the new teachers.
 The novice teachers are passive, uncreative, boring, not
imaginative and not able to implement all the knowledge that
they have learnt in campus in the real life situation.
 They have lost focus in early year of teaching.
 The school see that the IPG is not able to produce the high
quality of teacher.
 The teacher trainees has been exposed to the school situation
in campus however all the theories that they have learnt need
time to be implemented in the real situation.
 The early changes from the student to the teacher is the early
experience that full of challenges and hardships.
 The teacher will face problems such as culture shock, new
environment, and teaching and learning problems.
 Therefore, you should know to play the role as the new
teacher and make effort to make positive development.
 The school should help the novice teacher to develop their
professional skill.
 In early stage of posting, you will received many briefing from
JPN, PPD, and administration about your roles as the
educators .
 Novice teacher should learn more about management and
teaching and learning skill.
 Implement all the knowledge that you have learnt from BIG.
 Novice teacher should realize that teaching is an unique
profession because teaching and learning process happens all
the time not only in the class.(143)
 You should work proactively based on the rules that have
been given to you.
 The teacher role is to develop the human capital, being
creative and being honorable.
 Other people will see you as the most potential person
because you are fresh graduate from the IPG.
 As the teacher, the most important thing that you must have
is the skill to educate the children.
 The novice teacher should receive and do the best all the
responsibilities that have been given to you.
 Besides, offer yourself to help other people so that other
teacher will see you as the high quality of teacher.

 The novice teacher should show your ability in all of these
 Your quality and ability to adapt in school environment.
 The implementation of teaching and learning processes.
 The implementation of co curricula activity in school.
 The work load management.
 Novice teacher should try to adapt with the school culture.
 Try to build the friendly culture with other people.
 The novice teacher also need to be aware and alert with the
new info such as student information, t&l info and
administration info.

 Novice teacher will be observed by the school, PPD and JPN.
 Therefore, you should show the positive performance and
always being productive.
 Novice teacher should show your creativity to make the class
fun and enjoyable.
 You should know the teaching pedagogy and the added value
to make the class more effective.
 The steps that can help the teacher to develop their teaching
skill to make the class more enjoyable are:
 Know and understanding the characteristics of pupils
 Creative and innovative
 Teacher’s personality.

4.2 A Teacher‟s Competence
 Defined as the teacher‟s ability to do
something successfully or efficiently.
 In the era of globalisation, a competent
teacher should be able to apply ICT in
teaching and learning process.

 Teachers should practise the spirit of being
responsible with full dedication and not to
selective in doing works.
 Teachers should have and show full
commitments towards their teaching
profession and are willing to implement
various strategies for delivering knowledge to
the learners.
 Teachers will emphasise the quality of
processes and outcomes related to the
teaching and learning.
 Teachers should be fasilitators and
motivators to pupils in teach and guide
them develop their potentials in terms of
physical, emotional, spiritual dam
intellectual aspects to the optimum level.
Several Types of
 Professionalism competence
 Competence in achieving the vision and
 Personal integrity
 Competence in using the ICT
 The mental competence and intelligence
 The emotional and spiritual stability
 The quality of one‟s wisdom and

 Eilane (2000) has found out the characteristics that
are usually possessed by the competent teachers:
 Personal characteristics
 Ways of conducting teaching and learning process
 Intellectual characteristics
Personal Characteristics
 Mission driven (Bermatlamat)
 Positive thinking and self-confident
 Being perseverance in accepting
complains related to the teaching
 Be willing to provide guidance in guiding
for those pupils or colleagues who need
Ways of Conducting Teaching
and Learning process
 Practise the With-it-ness technique
throughout the process of teaching and
learning in classrooms.
 Possess the appropriate and relevant
teaching styles and techniques.
 Possess the capability to motivate pupils in
learning processes and improve the
effectiveness of the teaching and
learning processes.
Intellectual Characteristics
 Do have the good reading habits
 Possess the postive mental life
 Able to achieve self-actualisation
 Being open-minded in doing works.

The Principles To Be Mastered
 Do it Right First Time (DIRFT)
 Teachers teach and pupils learn
 Possessing the similar school visions
 Teachers reap what they sow
 Continuous improvement
 Prevention is better than remedial
 The real teachers

Do It Right First Time (DIRFT)
 Each given task should be done in the
competent ways and try to prevent the
occurance of making mistake.
 Teachers should conduct the effective
teaching and learning processes by
applying the appropriate teaching
strategies. Pupils should acquire the age-
relevent or the right knowledge.
Teachers Teach and Pupils
 Teachers should take the full responsibility
for carrying out the teaching process by
fully utilising the time in school effectively.
 Teachers need to prepare the lesson
plans before conducting the lesson in
 Keep in mind that “no class will be left
without a teacher is in the class”.

Possessing Similar School
 Teachers should understand and keep in
minds about school visions.
 The outcome is that all the school
teachers will be working together and
sharing their competences in trying to
achieve the school visions together.

Teachers Reap What They Sow
 Teachers should provide full commitment
in the teaching profession and will obtain
he satisfactory outcomes from pupils.
Continuous Development
 Not easily give up in doing something or
learning something.
 Always have the feeling “want to
improve” while doing the school works in
terms of co-curriculum, corriculum,
administration works and so on.
Prevention Is Better Than
 Teacher should not only be able to
resolve problems in school but be able to
apply prevention to avoid something
 Being preventive rather than remedial
 Being proactive in dealing problems.
The Real or Actual Teachers
 Be responsible, competent, able to show
full commitment.
 Take it as a must for going to school and
 Always do reflection towards themselves
before blaming the faults on others.
 Do not ruin the reputation of the teaching
profession but always uphold the good
name for it.