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Basic course

Dhaka 2007
Loepfe Brothers Ltd.
How to use the features of modern yarn clearers
Mr. Alfred Rickenbacher
How to use the features of modern yarn clearers
• Company and history of Loepfe Brothers
• Presentation of Loepfe products
• Optical yarn clearing principle
• YarnMaster Spectra
• Seleset chart with example
• Philosophy in quality control
• SFI Channel
• Online Data
• Analyze yarn faults
• Question
Time schedule:
• History (11 Slide) 20min 09:00h - 09:20h
• Spectra (45 Slide) 110min 09:20h - 11:30h
• Tea time 20min 10:15h - 10:35h
• Seleset practical application 30min 11:30h - 12:00h
• Lunch break 60min 12:00h - 13:00h
• SFI (22 Slide) 50min 13:00h - 13:50h
• Quality Standard (12 Slide) 30min 13:50h - 14:20h
• Online Daten (21 Slide) 50min 14:20h - 15:10h
• Tea time 20min 15:10h - 15:30h
• Analyze a yarn fault 60min 15:30h - 16:30h
• Question and time reserve 30min 16:30h - 17:00h
Target of the Workshop:
• a better understanding of the Spectra clearer
• the knowledge with practice exercise deepen

History of
Loepfe Brothers Ltd.
• founded in 1955 by the brothers Helmut and Erich Loepfe in Zurich
• first product: opto - electronic weft feeler for shuttle looms
• employs 150 persons in production, research & development,
customer support, sales, administration
• from 1963 onwards electronic yarn clearers for winders
• since 1994 part of Barco NV, Automation Division
• 2004 integration of Treepoint Ltd into Loepfe Brothers Ltd.
• End of 2007 part of ITEMA Group Italy
Electronic weft monitoring for
all weaving machine models

Electronically controlled
projectile brake

Electronically knot and
stop motion detector

Electronically controlled
thermo cutter
Electronic controlled weft brakes
Weaving Solutions

Dyeing/Finishing Solution
Top level solutions for . . .
> Material control
> Color matching and control
> Process formulation and optimization
> Dye liquor control
> Process control
> data exchange and data presentation
of YarnMaster yarn clearers
> exclusive: on-line laboratory for
imperfections and hairiness
> fully digital, modular yarn clearing system
> on-line laboratory functions
and foreign fiber detection
> exclusive: on-line monitoring
of Surface Index SFI
Spinning Solutions