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Roll no.


25 Amey Anil Salaskar (Owner)

17 Prasad Vilas Gurav (Owner)

13 Bhavesh Gurunath Mhatre (BOD)

12 Samir Mohan Shete(BOD)

37 Omkar Pradeep Jadhav (BOD)

55 Rahul Subhash Yadav (BOD)

16 Onkar Sudhir Satam (BOD)
Project at glance
•Shop Name :- Café Emotions
•Product :- Coffee
•Location :- Phadke Road (Dombivli)
•Capacity :- 5000 cups/month
•Raw material :- Coffee bean, Milk, Sugar,
Cream, Ice-cream, chocolate.
•Land :- 3000 sq.ft
•Labor :- 15
•Cost Of Project :- 13crore
Product Description
•Café Emotions unique roasting style
flavored coffee
•Cold coffee with chocolate ice-cream
•Coffee with cinnamon stick
•Hot coffee
•Black coffee
•Chocolate frappe

Market need
Convenience :-

The area of our café is convenient for
valuable customer because it is on phadke road .

Customer services :-

Serving the customer with superior
attention is what the employee are trained to
provide .

Competitive pricing :-

The price of coffee is bit
more than a traditional competitor like
Nescafe. But far less than coffee culture and
café coffee day.

•Increasing sales by 30% in a year…
•Retain customer satisfaction…
•To provide eco friendly environment…
•To provide different types of innovative product
as.. per customer’s taste and preferences…
SWOT Analysis

@ Ensure quality of product.
@ Focusing on customers taste and
@ Pricing policy.
@ Convenient area.
@ Friendly environment.
@ Existing competitors
@ Limited range of coffee
@ Difficult to maintain


@ Introduce online/ telephone order system
@ Developing new product and services in
@ New machines of coffee maker are introduce
in market.

Threats :-
@ Government rules and regulations.
Market Strategy
Vision :-

to make well known café of the city
Purpose :-

to deliver unbeatable coffee experience
Punch line :-

“Let Your Emotion Free…”

Target market :-
•Middle class, student, professional, Teenagers &
Youngster who like refreshment in their busy
•We target people who are lost in their emotions
& into in their emotions…
And also for some couples who love to spend their
time together…

•In local newspaper…
•Created a facebook page of our café…
•We also have used other social networking ways
like twitter, whatsapp, etc.

Marketing Mix
Pricing :-
our cafe’s pricing scheme will be based
on competitive pricing model with other
similar product provider…

Distribution :-
Café Emotions product will be
dispended from our one and only shop. We
provide home delivery…

Promotion :-
our café is located in traffic area so it
will significantly increase visibilities…

Customer services:-
we provide products based on
customer’s taste & preferences…

Conclusion :-
Café is place where people of all the ages come
together spend their valuable time with each
other with a sip of coffee.