“How to study the Bible”

Session #11

Carmel Baptist Church

March 26, 2008

Rounding third base and heading home Three types of people in a “How to study the Bible class” • • • Need to have some fire to light the wood Need to throw some gasoline on the fire Need to catch some other piles of wood on fire

How to study the Bible  Build into your life a discipline to read the entire Bible once each year  Start having devotions every day  Learn to study the Bible in some depth

Learn “how” to study the Bible in depth  Doctrinal  Being born again  Glory of God  Baptism  Biblical  Seeing Christ from OT to NT (Luke 24:27)  Blog site with description of Christ as subject of each book of the Bible  Exegetical (John 1:18)  Laws of the heart  Laws of the head

Learn “how” to study the Bible in depth  Exegetical  Author’s Background  Theme  Plan  Cardinal Rule of sound exegetical Bible study  There is only one correct interpretation of any one Scripture and that is what the author meant by what he wrote.  The correct interpretation of any Scripture is the Author's meaning.

Starting with Devotion and Reading I was reading, meditating and praying over my devotion today which was in 2 Samuel Chapters 5-7.

In 2 Samuel Chapter 6 we read the story of David and all the people of the Lord dancing, singing and celebrating.

And two verses later Uzzah sticks out his hand to keep the Ark of God steady and the anger of the Lord blazed forth and struck him dead.

Just let the scene play out in the video camera of your mind before we move on. Do we understand the importance when it comes to the holiness of God?

Have you ever followed up on the cross references in this particular story? (Remember the importance of cross references in the margin of your Bibles) Well, if you are reading in a study Bible there should be a cross reference that takes you to:  Numbers 7:4-9  Numbers 4:5-15. By reading the cross reference you come to understand that God told Moses "who" was to carry the sacred objects of the Tabernacle and "how" they were to be carried. When God gives instructions He expects them to be followed out exactly as He has given them.

Can you think of any other Old Testament narratives that display the justice and holiness of God in this way?  Leviticus 10:1-3 is the story of Aaron's two sons who were stuck down by fire from God because they offered a strange first before the Lord in relation to the incense.  1 Samuel 6:19 when the Ark of the Covenant came back to Israel on the back of a cow. Apparently the Israelites decided to take a look and in the NASB translation is says that over 50,000 men were killed by God.

What the point? God's holiness is to be honored, praised and exalted and it must not ever be tainted, besmirched or trampled.

Have you ever caused harm to the holiness of God with your thoughts, speech or actions?

Why did He allow you to live?

Isn't the only correct Biblical answer to that question because of His mercy and grace?

Do you have a fear of God to the point that you tremble in view of offending His holiness? We American Christians have become so encapsulated within this sinful and evil culture that we don't have a proper fear of God. This doesn't mean a cowering fear as if God was an abusive Father, but a fear in reverence of His greatness, and His glory. So is this just the God of the Old Testament? You should know better than that just look at Acts 5 and the story of Ananias and Sapphira. They according to Dr. Luke lied to the Holy Spirit about the sale of their property and God struck them both dead.

Keep reading and go to Acts 12 and the story of Herod the king. He received glory from the people that should have gone to God and God struck him with worms that ate him from the inside out and he died 3 days later. Is the church today preparing the people of God in the importance of holiness training? It seems that we are much more concerned about how we can relate, appease and appeal to the culture. There is little concern about holiness when you compare the stats of those who aren't Christian as opposed to those who say they are Christians.

So what is God doing in your life as you study the Bible? Grace comes down - isn’t that the point of what Jonathan Edwards wrote when he said God is glorified in His creatures by appearing to their understanding? As you, with a prepared heart, read the word of God then He reveals Himself to your mind.

Joy rises up - C.S. Lewis says that we praise what we enjoy and that is so true! When God’s word is digested then joy rises up leading us to praise and worship Him.

Love overflows - here we see the horizontal consequences of God’s word lived out among others. Is your study of God’s word leading you to minister to those He has place around you?

Encouragement for ministry People in your sphere of influence are struggling with:  Marital issues  Financial problems  Excessive worry  Pornography  Relationship problems  Health issues  Hopelessness in life  Guilt and condemnation from life events They don’t need Oprah or Dr. Phil instead they need you to point them back to the truth of God’s word!

In conclusion: The statistics show that few Christians take time to read, have devotions and study their Bibles diligently and consistently. The people of God, must get back to the word of God, in order to manifest the life of God for the glory of God! Don’t be casual and apathetic about the word of God. Read carefully the words of the Lord Jesus from the book of Revelation; Rev. 3:15 ¶ ‘I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. Rev. 3:16 ‘So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. PRAY-PRAY-PRAY for a white hot desire and passion for His word! Moses said “these are not idle words these words are your life”