 International product planning involves determining

which products to introduce into which countries.

 Deciding ; what modifications to make in the product
, new products to add , brand names to use , package
designs to use , guarantees and warranties to give ,
after-sale services to offer and when to enter the
 Product objectives emerge from the combination of
host country objectives and corporate objectives.
 Host country objectives vary depending on country’s
economic , political , and cultural environment.
 Corporate objectives may be defined in terms of
activities , financial indicators , desired position and
all these in combination with each other.

 Continuous development and introduction of new
products are keys to survival and growth.
 What is a new product?
 Newness of a product can be assessed in the context
of the product , the organization , and the market.
 Newness of a product may be an entirely new
invention or innovation
 Newness may also be organizational , as when a
company acquires an already existing product with
which it has no previous experience.

 Newness in context of market ;
An existing product that is not new to a company
may be new to a particular market.
 Identify new product ideas from different sources and
 Sources and channels – customer s , suppliers ,
competitors , company sales people , distributors and
agents , subsidiary executives , headquarters
executives , documentary sources( information
services reports and publication ) and firsthand
observation of the market environment.
 Those ideas relevant to the company undergo
screening at decision centers within the organization.
 New product department collect , screen , identify
new product ideas for product development.
 Functions ;
1. To ensure that all relevant information sources are
continuously tapped for new product ideas
2. To screen these ideas
3. To investigate and analyze selected new product
4. To ensure that resources are properly used for the
introduction and development of the product on a
worldwide basis.
 It is important to test a product under actual market
conditions before proceeding with full-scale
 Testing of a new product under actual marketing
conditions is called new product testing
 The test does not necessarily involves a full-scale
marketing efforts.
 It may simply involves observing the actual use of the
product in the target market