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About Jus Broadcasting
Jus broadcasting is media syndicated, with many platforms, three television channels and radio station. It is based in
New York, but they broadcast throughout North America and plan to cross over into Europe and Asian markets. It is
completely family channel.

They usually broadcast live shows, news, movies, songs, gurbanies and many more. Their goal is to bring Punjab to
world. The channel is very Punjabi at heart, and believes in the values of tradition and culture. Punjabis are known to be
loud; Jus Punjabi is their loudspeaker and we proud to be. For more information visit Punjabi TV channel in USA or call
us @ +1 718-752-9290.
Jus Punjabi intends to bring
Punjab to the world
Meet Our Team
Penny Sandhu
President & CEO
Penny K Sandhu is the architect and driving force
behind the network. Prior to the launch of Jus
Broadcasting, she has had a long history in the media
industry, both in India and United States.

She was born and brought up in a Sikh family in
Punjab and retains strong family ties to her native
state. It was her long-held desire to establish an
American Punjabi channel in the United States to
reach out to the large and vibrant Indo-Punjabi/Sikh
community and give them a voice and exposure in
their adoptive country. Being Punjabi and Sikh herself,
she brings her own unique perspective and
understanding to serving the special programming
needs of her community.
Team Members
Anchor & Host Team
Harvinder Riar
Hailing from Jalandhar District
in Punjab, Harvinder Riar has
been associated with the
Indian media for over 20
years. A seasoned media
presenter and journalist, he
has been part of leading
Punjabi media like the Punjabi
Tribune, Ajit Newspaper,
Doordarshan and DD Punjabi
in India.
Bhupinderjeet Kaur
While she also hosts “YOUR
FARMAISH” on Fridays at
10pm EST, where viewers
send song requests and
dedications to their loved
ones, she is the
Administrative Executive at
JUS Broadcasting. From
Kapurthala in Punjab, BK
completed her Masters in
Jagtar Jaggi
Very popular JagtarJaggi
started his comedy career in
1992 in India. Alongside
BhagwantMaan he created
the very popular show,
‘KulfiGarmaGaram.” A native
of Jalandhar, he currently
resides in New York and hosts
a Live show – JalweJaggi De
and another show –
Arvind Kaur
Compassionate, balanced,
wise, inspiring are just a few
words that describe Arvind,
the host of JUS Galbaat LIVE
on Weekdays at 1pm EST.
JUS Galbaat discusses
problems faced by members
of the Punjabi community
living in North America. A
real-life problem is taken up
by Arvind and presented to
the viewers.
Team Members
Technical Staff
Deepak Dhiman
A veteran of sorts. Deepak
hasworked on Punjabi Movies
and Theater in India for more
than 30 Years. Been a part of
Jus for a long time. Since
2006. Currently he is the
director of broadcasting
operations with us.
Charlie Bognar
Studied Business
Management but later found
his interest in Editing.
Started with Internet TV
Stream CZ. He then studied
3D Motion Later. From free
lancing to video producing,
he has worked with major
brands eg Ford, Ogen
designs, google Chez. Part of
JUS team since July 2013.
Azhan Ahsan
Started his career as a
scriptwriter in Mumbai.
Finished his masters in Film
making and has worked in
and around Tri State Area.
Joined us as a scriptwriter and
Content Provider. Continues
doing the same, also filling in
the position of our Creative
Producer. Directs shows,
designs promos and has
covered many live events and
Daizy Jain
Bubbly and spunky. Like her
name. Daizy has a passion
for graphics and uses her
skills to get our shows and
flyers a fresh look. With a
degree in Mass
communication, it shouldn’t
come as a surprise.
Team Members
Advertising & Marketing Team
Jay Levine
Madhvi Gupta
Jay has been involved with
media marketing and
broadcast industry for the
last 35 years. He has been a
strategic consultant,
represented Production
Companies, Broadcast and
Cable Networks, Advertising
Agencies and Direct
Marketers, in securing video
production and post
production services.
Madhvi hails from the the only
planned city, “Chandigarh.”
After her MBA, she worked on
several projects before joining
JUS Punjabi . A seasoned
business analyst, she consults
clients on effective advertising
strategies, integrating their
products with available data
and technology.
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Believes in the values of tradition and culture
+1 718-752-9290
Phone Number:
36-01 36th Ave
Long Island City
+1 718-752-9290