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Removing Abnormalities that have crept in

since the Plants were set up. Restoring the

Decay: natural or forced
A Culture for Prevention
Adherence to Process Conditions/ Process
Continuous Innovations in Process, Products,
etc. For this: Challenge the way we Think, the
way we Act
Develop the Organizational Capability (MCpk)
for challenging and improving on the status
Key Objective
Develop Values, Beliefs and Attitudes for
rejecting Abnormalities/ Deviations from World
Class Standards. And, we develop an
Abnormality Free Culture that is a prerequisite
for QCDIP.


Use Weapons, Tools and Techniques for
achieving our Mission.
First Step: Full use of Five Senses
There is a saying: Keep your eyes, ears, nose
and hand alert while working in a plant
The basic mission is to ensure normal
Eyes: any abnormal disorder in level, flow,
process parameter, metering, control,
operation, etc.
Ears: any abnormal sound, if installation
Nose: any abnormal smell of overheating,
burning, leakage
Hand: instant feel of temperature,
vibrations, elasticity, etc.
Feel: feel for irritation, etc.
Unveil the Abnormalities
Minor Flaws
Accumulation Dust, Dirt, Powder, Oil, Grease,
Rust, Paint, Coolant, Soil, Ash,
Sludge, Sweep, Splash, Stain,
Sogged, Leak-solified, Fumes,
Debris, Fibers, Straws
Bulging, Cracking, Crushing,
Deformation, Chipping,
Bending, Blasting, Bursting,
Insulation / Coating / Lining,
Corroding, Softened surface
Shaking, Falling out, Tilting,
Eccentricity, Wear, Distortion,
Misaligned, Rattling Sound, Non
matching, Swaying, Locking,
Back lash, Loose contacts
Belts, Chains, Rollers / Spindles,
Hangers, Hoods, Stays, Cables, Props,
Fasteners Ropeways, Bearings, Hinge &
Unusual Noise, Overheating, Vibration,
Strange smells, Discoloration, Incorrect
& Improper calibration, Improper fluid
flow, Pressure/Temperature Oxidation,
Improper operation, Starvation,
Cavitation, Water Hammer
Blocking, Hardening, Accumulation of
Debris and of Chemicals, Peeling,
Malfunctioning, Choking, Sticky /
Viscous flow, Inconsistent, Scaling
Minor Flaws
Lubrication/Coolant Insufficient, Unidentified &
Unsuitable, Sub grade, Hot,
Carbonized, Gritty & Dirty,
Foaming, Choked
Dirty, Damaged or Deformed
lubricant Inlets, Faulty / Long /
Haphazard lubricant pipes,
Inadequate Pressure & Flow
Lubrication Supply
Dirty / Damaged / Leaking,
Sight glasses, Distant location,
Improper type, Incorrect scale
and readings.
Oil Level Gauges
Unfulfilled Basic Conditions
Tightening Spring & Fasteners - Slackness,
Missed / Crossed / Crushed
Threaded, Too long, Corroded,
Wrong / Damaged Washer,
Unsuitable / Over Tight,
Improper Gasketing, Mis-
matched seats, (Tong and
Grooves) Improper MOC and
Dirty / Damaged, Faulty;
Pressure / Temperature / Volume
Weight / Flow / Power / Voltage /
Current Records Meters,
Integrators & Recorders
Unfulfilled Basic Conditions
Equipment &
Under capacity, Mismatched,
Inadequate control devices,
Sluggish, Mal-routed, Wrong
feeders, Inadequate Stirring /
Mixing / Agitation / Decanting,
Crushing / Sizing / Grading,
Disruptive Material Flow and
Movement, Restriction /
Defective Design Nuts and Bolts, Equipment,
Belts, Chains, Bearings, etc.
Lack of Maintenance No Maintenance Schedules,
Improper Maintenance
Planning / Resources
Unfulfilled Basic Conditions
Cleaning Shape, Construction, Covers,
Layout, Footholds, Space around
the Machine and Equipment
Covers, Construction, Layout,
Instrument Position,
Orientation, Main Panel / Meters
/ Recorders, Operating Range
Display, Material Level in Silo /
Tankers / Wagons / Gear Boxes
Position of Inlet, Construction,
Shape Height, Footholds,
Lubricant Overflow, Drainage
Inaccessible Places
Machine Layout, Position of
Valves, Switches and Levers,
Footholds, Starters, Breakers
Covers, Construction, Layout,
Size, Foothold, Dusty / Fuming /
Dark / Hotter Zone
Position of Pressure Gauges,
Thermometers, Valves, Thermo-
regulators, Relays, Controllers
Flow meters, Moisture gauges,
Vacuum gauges, Level sensors,
Limit / Time Switches
Inaccessible Places
Product Leaks, Seepage, Overage, Spent,
Spoiled, Spills, Spurts, Scatter,
Leaks, Spills, Spurts, Scatter,
Overflow, Overage Spent Spoiled
Raw Materials
Leaking, Spilled, and Seeping
Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Fluids,
Fuel Oil, etc.
Leaking compressed air, Gasses,
Steam, Vapors, Exhaust Fumes,
Acid Fumes, Process Fumes
Contamination Source
Liquid Leaking, Spilt and Spurting Cold Water
/ Hot Water, Half - finished Products,
Cooling / Washing, Waste Water, Liquor
/ Oil, and Effluents etc.
Flashes, Cuttings, Packaging Materials,
Non conforming Product, Sand, Gritty
Matters, Spent Liquor, Set / Over aged
Resin, Rubber
Contaminants brought by People /
Fork-lift trucks, Infiltrating through
cracks in Buildings, Pollutants ingress
Contamination Source
Foreign Matter Inclusion, Infiltration and
Entrainment of Dirt, Rain
Impurity, Rust, Chips, Wire
Scraps, Insects
Dropping, Jolting, Collision,
Vibration, Skidding / Slipping,
Sudden Stoppage, Thermal
Stress, Quenching
Wide Variation, Absorption,
Condensation Leak, Too Much,
Too Little, Infiltration,
Quality Defect Sources
Grain Size Crystallization, Crushing,
Screening, Disintegration,
Separator Classifiers,
Decanters, Abnormalities in
Screens, Centrifugal Separators,
Compressed Air Separators
Concentration Inadequate Warming, Heating,
Compounding, Mixing,
Evaporation, Stirring
Inadequate Warming, Heating,
Compounding, Mixing,
Quality Defect Sources
Machinery &
Pumps, Fans, Blowers,
Compressor, Columns, Tanks,
Agitators, Vessels, Elevators,
Conveyors, Crushers,
Pulverizes, Disintegrators, Ball -
Mills, Heat Exchangers, Coolers,
Filters, Kiln, Dryers,
Transformers, Press, Cells,
Reformers, Extruders,
Piping Equipment Pipes, Hoses Ducts, Valves,
Temperatures / Pressure Gauges,
Voltmeters / Ammeters,
Electronic Ears, Sound / Gas
Emission Monitoring, Relays
Switches, Regulators
Unnecessary Items