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I Nyoman Yesaya Cavin

Fak. Kedokteran Univ. Kristen

Grade 1: Stretch of the ligament without macroscopic
tearing; little swelling or tenderness; slight or no
functional loss; no instability.

Grade II: Partial macroscopic tearing of the ligament;
moderate pain, swelling and tenderness over the
involved structures; some loss of motion; some
instability (mild or moderate).

Grade III: Complete rupture of one or more ligaments;
severe swelling, haemorrhage, tenderness;
considerable loss of motion, and moderate or severe
Rest Ice Compression Elevation (RICE)
Soft Bracing
Protected Weight Bearing
Wobble Board
Plastic Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery
RICE (First Step Treatment After Incident)
Soft Bracing
Early Mobilization (Functional Treatment)
Plastic Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery
Conservative (Immobilization)


Protected Weight Bearing
Mobilization (Functional Treatment)
Elastic Bandage
Managing Soft Tissue Ankle Injuries, A
summary of recent research 2002
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