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Use of Life Insurance in

Tax Planning
Tax Planning for the Wealthy Family Workshop –
June 15-16, 2010

Presented by: Mimi C. Tang, CFP CLU CHFC

1 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Mimi C. Tang, CFP CLU CHFC

Mimi Tang offers financial planning and insurance
services as an independent Representative, under Mimi
Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd. These services are
offered independently of Peak Securities.

Mimi Tang is an Investment Advisor for Peak Securities
Inc. Peak Securities Inc. is registered with IIROC
(formerly known as IDA) and a member of the Canadian
Investor Protection Fund. It is a full service investment
broker and its’ responsibilities is limited to investment
products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

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Dying Rich Old Man

3 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.

Primary Purpose of Life Insurance

 To provide cash on death:
• Pay off personal debts
• Funeral and last expenses
• Payment of capital gains
• Probate fees
• Charitable bequests
• Business owners:
• Funding the purchase of shares under
shareholders agreements
• key person insurance
• collateral insurance to cover bank loans

4 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.

Types of Life Insurance

• Term:
– Five, Ten, Twenty Year
– Can usually be converted to permanent insurance without evidence of
– Cheapest form of insurance, premiums increase by term period
– Not permanent, usually expires at age 65 or 70
• Permanent:
– Term to 100
– Whole Life – Participating or Non-Participating
– Universal Life
• Living Benefits:
– Critical Illness, Disability, Long Term Care

5 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Other Types of Insurance:

• Annuities:
– Prescribed
– Non-Prescribed
• Segregated Funds:
– A Segregated Fund (Seg Fund) is a type of
investment fund administered by Canadian
insurance companies in the form of individual,
variable life insurance contracts offering certain
guarantees to the policyholder such as
reimbursement of capital upon death
6 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Estate and Tax Planning Strategies with
Life Insurance
• Permanent Insurance:
– Term to 100
• Premiums are set and payable till age 100
• No cash value until age 100 (cash value usually equals
the face amount of insurance)
• Usually the cheapest type of permanent insurance
• Riders can be added to the main policy:
– Waiver of premium on disability
– Guaranteed insurability option
– Term insurance (5, 10 or 20)

7 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Participating Whole Life Policies:
• Premiums are higher than cost of insurance
• Excess deposits are invested and dividends (in effect
return of premiums) are paid by the insurer to be used
by policyholder:
– in cash
– Deposit in an interest-bearing account (tax-sheltered)
– To apply against next policy premium
– To purchase paid-up additions (additional insurance with
no further premiums)
– To purchase term insurance
– Dividends not guaranteed and insurer are extremely
conservative in their assumptions

8 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Universal Life (UL)
• Introduced in the 1980’s when interest rates were higher
• Unlike participating whole life policies, UL policies allow
policyholders wider range of investment options to choose
from like fixed term deposits or investments tied to stock
market indices
• Flexibility as premiums can be increased , decreased or
• Greater death benefits like “face plus fund value”
• Death benefit option to increase by specified rate each year
(convenient for estate and tax planning like for example
exposure to capital gains increases)
• Potential risks and rewards greater with UL than Whole Life
• Investment growth is tax sheltered
9 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Exempt Life Insurance Policies
• Policy accumulating cash reserves are not subject to
taxation as long as they do not exceed the “exemption test
• It is usually the contractual responsibility of the insurer to
ensure that a policy is and remains exempt
• The tax free mortality gain is the most attractive feature of
life insurance
• Under Section 148 of the Income Tax Act, properly
arranged and planned, a large pool of tax- free dollars will
be available to fund obligations arising from death. The
death of the life insured under an exempt policy is not a
disposition for income tax purpose and the proceeds
payable are not subject to tax.

10 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Calculation of Adjusted Cost Base
(ACB) of Life Insurance Policies
• Factors that increase the ACB:
– Premiums paid to the policy
– Policy gains included in income (example: from
withdrawals or policy loans)
– Repayment of policy loans which were subject to tax
• Factors that decrease the ACB:
– Proceeds of disposition
– The net cost of pure insurance (NCPI)
– Participating whole life policies, policy dividends
11 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Tax Tip
• For Corporation with Holding Company
– Have beneficiary be the Holdco
• Full proceeds (ACB and the cash value) tax free

12 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Tax and Estate Planning with Life
• Taxation of Property Held at Death:
– Canada does not have estate taxes
– Canadian resident is generally deemed to have
disposed of his/her property for fair market value
(FMV) immediately before death.
– Deceased is taxed on his/her terminal return any
gains/losses at year of death

13 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Exception: Transfers of Property to
Spouses or Spouse Trust at death
• “rollover” occurs for income tax purposes to
the surviving spouse or spousal trust.
• is deemed to be disposed of for its’ ACB,
resulting in no capital gain or loss.
• A spousal trust will be disqualified if, for
example, the spouse’s entitlement will end if
he/she remarries or other conditions to
spouse’s right to capital or income.
14 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Types of Property that can be
• Real Estate as an investment or cottage that is
not the deceased’s principal residence
• RRSP’s and RRIF’s if surviving spouse is named
as beneficiary
• Shares of public traded and private
• Mutual and segregated funds
15 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Joint Last to Die (JLTD) Policy
• Tax burden realized on the surviving spouse could
be satisfied through a JTLD policy (payable on
second death). A great advantage of being paid
when needed:
– The premiums are generally very inexpensive
compared to a single life policy
– Least expensive way to fund estate liabilities
– More cost effective than:
• Taking a loan
• Liquidating assets
• Self-insuring

16 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Premium Matchmaker
Face Amount $250,000 , Non-Smoker
Age 10-year Term Term to 100 Life Provider (UL)
Male 50 $ 475 $ 3,290.00 $ 2,811.22*
Female 360 2,690.00 2,153.06*
Male 60 1,345 5,787.50 5,622.45*
Female 950 4,587.50 4,433.67*
Male 70 10,265 10,265.00 12,043.37*
Female 2,735 8,605.00 8,977.04*
Male 50 1,242.48*
Female 50 (combined age Male 39 N/S)
(First year maximum annual deposit $11,392.50)
Male 60 2,701.53*
Female 60
(First year maximum annual deposit $16,787.50)
Male 70
Female 70 (combined age Male 59 N/S) 5,055.00*
(First year maximum annual deposit $28,652.50)
*Pls. Refer to page 11 for disclosure
• * For Universal Life (UL) insurance, the premium
amount is the annual minimum Level cost of insurance
premium for the selected province of issue. The Death
Benefit of all UL plans is based on Sum Insured Plus
Fund Value option .
• Premium rates may or may not change at time of

• NOTE: This is an illustration and not a contract. Every
effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but
accuracy is not guaranteed. In the event of
discrepancy, your insurance policy governs.
18 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Cost of Insurance
for age 60 N/S Single Life Premium Joint Last to Die
M $5,787.50 F$4,587.50* $2,701.53*

*Rates provided by BMO Insurance
Total cost for M/F $10,375.00 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Life Annuity
• Insured gives the Insurance Company a lump
sum of money
• Insurance Company provides an income stream
for the rest of your life
– Each payment is part repayment of capital and part
• Once contract is issued, it cannot be changed or
• The older you are, the higher your payment
(opposite to life insurance)

20 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Types of Annuities
• Life versus Term Certain
– Life annuity pays until the annuitant dies.
• Payments can be guaranteed for a number of years or as long as the
insured lives
• If death occurs before the guaranteed period, payments would
continue to the beneficiary
• If death occurs after the guaranteed period, there is no residual value
– Term Certain Annuity pays for a fixed period like 5, 10, 15 years.
Stops at the end of the fixed period
• Prescribed versus Non-prescribed
– Prescribed could be registered (payments are fully taxable) or
non-registered (only the interest portion is taxable)
– Non-prescribed: taxable amounts are different, usually higher
during the early years like a mortgage

21 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Life Annuities
• Can be issued as single life or joint life
• Smaller income payments on a joint life versus
single life
• Income payments can change upon first death if
issued jointly
• Immediate Annuities:
– Income payments starts
• Deferred Annuities:
– Income payments are deferred for certain situations
where income must start at a certain date in the

22 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Insured Annuity
Current GIC Investments
• Despite the low interest rate environment in Canada
over the last 15 years, currently over $800 Million of
wealth in Canada is still placed in GICs earning low
after-tax returns.

• The problem with this investment strategy is:
– Low rates of return for many years
– Interest income is 100% taxable
– Increasing your income decreases your capital
Source: BMO Insurance Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
The Insured Annuity Solution
• This solution combines two financial
– Prescribed Life Annuity
– Life Insurance policy
• This combination creates an extraordinary
opportunity to increase income, lower taxation
and guarantee the investment capital is
returned at death to the beneficiaries.
Source: BMO Insurance Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.

How it works...
Step 1:
Purchase the
Step 2:
Purchase a Life
Death Benefit
replaces Investor’s
Income from
the annuity
Partial income
used to pay
Source: BMO Insurance Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
That’s a difference of $3,517 per year!
A GIC pre-tax equivalent would have to be 7.3% per year
...every year!
Insured Annuity vs. GIC:

Gross annual income generated from Annuity = $ 12,268
less taxes paid on income (assuming 45% tax rate) = $ 1,191
less premiums for Term to 100 insurance plan = $ 5,085
Total net annual income from Annuity = $ 5,992

Gross annual income generated from the GIC = $ 4,500
less taxes paid on income (assuming 45% tax rate) = $ 2,025
Total net annual income from GIC = $ 2,475

Insured Annuity Case Study
Source: BMO Insurance Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
That’s a difference of $3,517 per year, an increase of 142%!
Insured Annuity vs. GIC

Insured Annuity Case Study
Source: BMO Insurance Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Source: BMO Insurance Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Case Study on Segregated Fund and
Life Annuity
• Client, 65 yrs. Old, diagnosed with cancer
• Disabled nephew
• Client wants to leave a monthly income to
nephew for the rest of his life should she die
• Solution:
– $100,000 in a Segregated Fund
– Beneficiary, her nephew with condition
• Proceeds to buy a 10 year life annuity for her
nephew Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Corporate- Owned Life Insurance
• Capital Dividend Account (CDA)
– Is the vehicle through which insurance proceeds
received by a private corporate and may in turn be
distributed tax-free to its’ shareholders.
– Purpose of the CDA:
• Originates from the “integration theory” – is the
fundamental basis on which the Canadian corporate tax
system orginates.
• Integration theory holds that income tax should
be the same (no more no less) as income
earned by the corporation or earned directly
30 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Capital Dividend Account (CDA)
• CDA is a notional tax account which includes certain tax-
free amounts received by a corporation
• Outstanding credit in the CDA can be distributed tax-free to
the shareholders
• Amounts credited to the CDA:
– Tax-free portion of capital gains (currently 50%)
– Capital dividends received by the corporation
– Certain tax-free amounts which the corporation receives from
the sale of “eligible capital property” like goodwill of a business
– Amount of any life insurance proceeds received by the
corporation from a policy under which it was beneficiary, less
ACB of the policy to the corporation
31 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Purposes of Corporate-Owned
Life Insurance
• Availability of the CDA
• Buy/Sell Funding
• Key Person Insurance
• Collateral Insurance
• Charitable Giving
• Pay Estate Liabilities
32 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
The Corporate Asset Transfer Plan…
it’s simple!
Source: BMO Insurance Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
• The Jim Pattison Group began on May 8, 1961 when Mr.
Pattison purchased a General Motors automobile
dealership by borrowing $40,000 from the Royal Bank of
Canada, and placing his home and life insurance policy
with the bank as collateral. Acquisitions in subsequent
years included the following:

• 1965 - Awarded license to operate Vancouver AM radio station CJOR
• 1967 - Acquired Neon Products (Vancouver) & Seaboard Outdoor Advertising
• 1968 - Acquired Overwaitea Foods (Vancouver)
• 1969 - Acquired Provincial News (Edmonton)
– Employees: 2,500 Sales: $100 million
• 1980 - Started Jim Pattison Real Estate Group
– Employees: 6,000 Sales: $500 million
• Purchased Beautiful British Columbia Magazine
• 1984 - Acquired Canadian Fishing Company

Jim Pattison Story
34 Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jim Pattison, June, 2007
Jim Pattison Story
• 1985 - Acquired Ripley's Believe It or Not!
– Employees: 6,000 Sales: $1 billion
• 1990 - Acquired the Foodservice Packaging Group
– Acquired the Flexible Packaging Group
– Acquired Coroplast and Montebello Packaging
– Employees: 10,000 Sales: $2 billion
• 1991 - Started Jim Pattison Trade Group
– Started Financial Services division
• 1994 - Acquired Westshore Terminals, a BC-based coal-export terminal facility
– Employees: 15,000 Sales: $3 billion
• 1995 - Acquired Buy-Low Foods
• 1997 - Started Select Media Services
– Opened Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach, SC
• 1999 - Acquired Cooper's Foods
– Employees: 20,000 Sales: $4.4 billion
• 2000 - Opened Ripley's Aquarium of The Smokies, Gatlinburg, TN
– Employees: 22,000 Sales: $4.6 billion
• 2001 - Acquired Monarch Broadcasting
– Acquired Van-Whole Produce
– Employees: 24,000 Sales: $5 billion

35 Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jim Pattison Story
• 2002 - Started ProLogix Distribution Services and AccuLogix Distribution Services
– Acquired Ever Corp.
– Employees: 25,000 Sales: $5.2 billion
• 2003 - Acquired LIN PAC Inc.
– Employees: 26,000 Sales: $5.5 billion
• 2004 - Acquired Classic Attractions (Texas)
– Acquired St. Augustine Sightseeing Trains (Florida)
– Acquired Maltese Signs (Norcross, GA)
– Acquired auto lease business of Cross-Canada Car Leasing Limited (Toronto, ON)
– Acquired periodical distribution companies in San Jose and Chico, CA
– Employees: 27,000 Sales: $5.7 billion
• 2005 - Acquired control of Icicle Seafoods (B.C.) Inc.
– Acquired Freeway Dodge Chrysler
– Acquired Spartech Corporation’s corrugated plastic sheet business
– Started the Vancouver edition of 24 Hours (in partnership with Quebecor Media)
– Formed or purchased interests in several US and Canadian joint ventures in the periodical industry
– Employees: 28,000 Sales: $6.1 billion
• 2006 - Acquired Carthage Cup, Carthage, TX
– Acquired Creative Outdoor Ads, Halifax, Nova Scotia
– Acquired Island Radio Ltd.'s six FM stations on Vancouver Island
– Acquired OK Radio Group Ltd.'s two FM stations in Victoria, BC
– Acquired A&W Fixtures, Cocoa, Florida
– Started Great Pacific Bank Limited, Warrens, Barbados
• 2007 - Disposed of interest in the Vancouver 24 Hours
• 2008 - Acquired Guinness World Records from HIT Entertainment

36 Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Life Insurance
• Asset not a liability
• Creditor Protection Under the Insurance Act
– Each province has an Insurance Act which provides creditor
protection to life insurance policies in the legislation. The
legislation is identical in every province except
Quebec. Sub-section 147(2) of the
Insurance Act (BC) is an example:
While a designation in favour of a spouse, child, grandchild or
parent of a person whose life is insured or any of
them, is in effect, the insurance money and
the rights and interests of the insured therein
and in the contract are exempt from execution
or seizure.
37 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Case Law
1. Ramgotra:
– 1996 Supreme Court of Canada decision in the case of Royal Bank vs North American Life and Balvir Singh
• June of 1990, Dr. Ramgotra transferred his non-insurance RSP to a RIF through North American Life naming his wife as
beneficiary. In Feb., 1992, he declared bankruptcy and was discharged in Jan., 1993 at which time his only assets were
his clothing, household contents and the RIF.
• Royal Bank argued that by moving his RSP to an insurance company’s RIF, the bank’s view was that the RIF remained
part of his estate and was therefore subject to seizure by the trustee in bankruptcy.
• The court ruled and made it abundantly clear that , all other legal considerations aside, the exempt status of the RIF
under provincial insurance legislation was the critical factor in its’ decision.
• The transfer of non-exempt funs to insurance policies and to insurance RSPs and RIFs within one to five years prior to
bankruptcy, will in most cases provide effective creditor protection. 2.

2. Sykes, Robson and Stock
3. Harrison V. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.
4. Minister of National Revenue V. Moss
– The Court ruled that the taxpayer’s insurance policies were not exempt from seizure by Revenue Canada.
• Case of statutory exception: The court held that, while the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada) contains specific
language which prevents trustee in bankruptcy from seizing assets which are protected from creditors under provincial
legislation, no such provisions are contained in the Income Tax Act (Canada)

38 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Use of Life Insurance in Tax Planning
Minimize the expense: cost of life insurance Maximize the tax-sheltered investment Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Private Health Service Plan (PHSP)
3 Ways to Pay for Health Care Expenses:

1.Traditional Insurance
2.Paying out of Pocket

40 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
What is a PHSP?
In 1988, the Canada Revenue Agency under IT-
339R2 under Subsection 248(1) (also paragraphs
6(1)(a), 18(1)(a), 118.2(2)(q) and 118.2(3)(b)),
passed into law the Private Health Services Plan
that allows you to expense your medical costs
through your company as long as they are
administered through a third party arms length
• 100% tax deductible to your company
• 100%tax-free to the employee

41 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
Who is Eligible?
• Incorporated business
• Limited company
• Sole proprietorship:
– 50% of your net income for the year must be your
net income
– Your net income from sources other than business
should not exceed $10,000

42 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
What is Covered?
• Any product, procedure or service you receive
from a medical practitioner. For example:
– Physician, dentists, chiropractor, massage therapist,
ophthalmologist, optical service, psychiatrist,
therapist etc.
• Hospital Services
• Medication
• Prescribed Medical Treatment

43 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.
• One-time set up fee of $295
• 10% administration fee for expenses as they
are submitted (fees are 100% tax deductible
to the company)
• 100% tax-deductible for the employer
• 100% tax-free for the employee
• Easy to set-up

44 Mimi Tang Wealth Mgmt. & Consulting Ltd.

Three Insurance salesman were sitting in a restaurant boasting about
each companies service.

The first one said, "When one of our insureds died suddenly on Monday,
we got the news that evening and were able to process the claim for the
wife and had mailed a check on Wednesday evening."

The second one said, "When one of our insured died without warning on
Monday, we learned of it in 2 hours and were able to hand-deliver a check
the same evening."

The last salesman said, "That´s nothing. Our office is on the 20th floor of a
tall building. One of our insureds who was washing a window on the 85th
floor, slipped and fell. We handed him his check as passed our floor."

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