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Oracle Applications Release 12

Ivruksha - Administrator
General Ledger - Ledger Sets
Features / Purpose
Prerequisites of Setup
Information required for setup
Setup - Ledger Set
Q & A
In release 12, the concept of Set of books has been
enhanced and termed as Ledgers. Ledgers are of
different types, I.e. Primary and Secondary ledgers.
To make working with ledgers more easier, the new
feature called LEDGER SET has been introduced. As
the name suggests it is nothing but a Set or Group of
ledgers. It helps the user in saving time on repetitive
tasks performed on ledgers.
We will learn more about LEDGER SET in further slides.
A Ledger Set can contain any number of ledgers, there is no
specific ceiling proposed so far.
A Ledger Set can include another ledger set within.
A Ledger Set can only have those ledgers which are sharing
the same:
Chart of Accounts
Calendar/Period Type
A Ledger Set can have Primary, Secondary and Reporting
currencies attached to it, but they need to have the same Chart
of Accounts and Calendar/Period Type combination.
A single ledger can be made use of in Multiple Ledger Sets.
One can run concurrent programs or processes for multiple
ledgers easily.
Opening and Closing periods
Generating recurring journals, etc

One can generate reports for multiple ledgers in no time.
Reports relating to consolidation
Financial Statement Generator Reports, etc
In case of a ledger set, which contains more than one
ledger/ledger set in it, user can optionally set a default ledger
for effective usage.
Ledger set can be secured by having a Definition Access Set.

You cannot add ledgers that do not share the same chart of
accounts and Calendar/Period Type to a Ledger Set.

You cannot have a reporting currency which is of type
Balance Level in the Ledger set, even if it shares the same
Chart of Accounts and Calendar/Period Type.

Chart of Accounts
One need to define a chart of accounts structure in place.

Period Type
Period types needs to be defined, which in turn will be used by
Accounting Calendar

One has to define an Accounting Calendar

Existing Ledgers or Ledger Sets
One must have few pre defined ledgers or ledger sets in place.
From the previous screen shot of the setup screen
we can make out that following details are
required in order to Define a ledger set.
1) Ledger Set
2) Short Name
3) Description
4) Chart of Accounts
5) Calendar
6) Period Type
7) Default Ledger
8) Ledger/Ledger Set
Ledger Set Name
It is a free text field, please provide a name for your Ledger Set
Short Name
You can have a abbreviated form of your Ledger Set name as your
Short name.
Give a proper description, detailing the purpose of the Ledger Set.
Chart of Accounts
Select your chart of accounts from the list of values
Select your calendar from the list of values
Period Type
Upon selecting the calendar, the period type will be populated
Default Ledger
In case if you are planning to attach more than one Ledger or
Ledger Set to your current Ledger Set, you can optionally select
one of the ledger as a Default ledger.

Ledger/Ledger Set
From the list of values, select the ledgers and/or ledger sets as per
your preference.

Switch responsibility to General Ledger
Navigate to Setup > Financials > Ledger Sets
Enter the name for your Ledger Set
Enter a Short name for your Ledger Set
Enter Description for your Ledger Set
Select an appropriate Chart of Accounts
Select a Calendar, which will default the Period Type
Select a Default Ledger (Optional Step)
Select ledgers as per your requirement.
After saving, a concurrent program is automatically
run by the system, you will get the following note.

Check the Status of the program, if it is completed normal,
then there are no issues with the Ledger Set we have defined.
Q & A
Can a Ledger Set be created without any ledgers in it
No you cannot create a ledger set without ledgers, you must have at least one
ledger or ledger set assigned.
Can a Ledger Set be deleted after defining
No one cannot delete a ledger set which has been created
Can one modify the Ledger Set which is already defined.
Yes, you can add or remove Ledgers / Ledger Sets
After setting up the Ledger Set, is there any additional
setup required before using the same
You must assign the Ledger Set to the profile option GL: Data Access Set.
Oracle General Ledger automatically creates a Data Access Set, whenever a
Ledger or Ledger Set is created.

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