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Overview of Toyotas CSR Activities

CSR Policy announced in 2005.

Contribution Towards Sustainable Development

CSR Committee organized a specialized
division Corporate Citizenship Division.

Toyota pursue initiatives for social contributions
that focus on

Seeking Harmony with People,
Society, and the Global
and Sustainable Development of
Society through Monozukuri

Helping to Realize a Sustainable Society through Forestry
Activities Forest of Toyota.
Human Development Program Toyomori to Restore the
Relationship between Cities and
Mountainous Villages.
Establishing a Model Forest with the Aim of
Revitalizing Japans Forestry Industry TOYOTA Mie Miyagawa
Forest Project.
Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program, Research,
Other Activities Related to Global Warming Countermeasures and
Biodiversity Conservation.
Running the Environmental Program Eco-Schools.
Promoting the Environmental Protection by Together Green
Toyota Costa dos Corais (Coral Coast) Project Contributes to
Conservation of Coast Ecosystem.
Toyota Supports Rainforest Restoration in the Philippines,
Backed by Expertise Developed in Desertification Prevention
Activities in China.

Toyota Traffic Safety Campaigns Conducted Every Spring
and Autumn in Concert with Japans National Traffic Safety
Toyota Driver Communication at mobilitas Aims to Raise
Awareness of Traffic Safety.
Toyota Safety School Teaches Local Children about Traffic
Toyota Child Safety Communication Aims at Greater Use of
Child Restraint Systems.
Developing the White Road Campaign Nationwide.
Toyota Driving Expectations Program Promotes Traffic Safety
Education for Teens.
Supporting Road Safety Education for Young People through
Toyota and You.
Increasing Childrens Traffic Awareness Activities.
Making it Fun to Learn about Traffic Safety Toyota Safety
Education Program.
Kurapika Box Traffic Safety Tool that Shows the
Effectiveness of Reflective.
Manufacturing Begins with Educating People
Toyota Children Meet Artists Program A workshop-style
class with artists, which helps children to discover the diverse
ways of thinking and life.
Automobile Technical Training Course for Brazilian Residents
in Japan.
Toyota Technological Institute Cultivates International
Industrial leaders.
Toyota Technology Challenge Supports Science and
Technology Education.
Toyota Study Assistance Fund Supports Chinese Students.
Increasing Basic Academic Skills by Toyota Teach.
Scholarships for the children of model drivers.
Scientific Jack-in-the-Box! The Why/What Lecture Spurs
Interest in Science and Technology and Fosters Dreams.

Emphasis on Fostering Culture, Broadening Horizons and Revitalizing Local Cultures
Toyota Master Players, Wien Providing Quality Time to
Enjoy World-class Music .
Net TAM, an Art Management Site.
Toyota Production System Support Center Improves
Activities Based on Sharing TPS.
Toyota Community Concerts Contribute to Promotion of
Regional Culture through Music.
From the Pinta Tu Escuela Program to Building a New
Toyota Concert Tour Vietnam Spreads the Joy of
Classical Music.
Providing Regular Medical Service in Impoverished
Support for Youth Sports Activities.
Supporting Employee Participation in Local Sports
Plant Tour.
Charity Drive for Cancer Research.

Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support
Volunteer and Volunteer Training by Toyota
Group Companies.
Table For Two Program to Support School
Lunches in Africa.
Living Trail Supporting Environmental Projects.
Volunteer Activities at a Homeless Support Center.
Further Promoting Volunteer Activities with Team
Employees Take a Proactive Stance in Volunteer
Activities through Toyota Community Spirit.
Forestry Volunteer Activities to Develop Rich and
Beautiful Forests.
Volunteer Activities to Preserve Loggerhead Turtle
Spawning Beach.