Project management Review

The Project Management Review is conducted to measure the deliverables produced by the project, and the results of the review are documented on the Project Review Form which is presented to the sponsor for approval. The frequency with which review are conducted depends on the duration of the project and the frequency with which the problems occur.

What to Review
• Review the schedule to determine whether the activities within the current phase were completed on time . • Review the expenses to identify the current expenditure of the project to date vs. the planned expenditure listed in the Financial Plan for the project. • Review the deliverables to ensure that all deliverables listed in the Project Plan have been delivered on time and are to the level of quality expected by the customer. • Review the risk in the Risk Register to ensure that you have a clear action plan for mitigating all medium and high priority risks.

Types of Reviews
• Status Review • Design review • Process Review

Status Review
Status review is conducted to know the status of the project. A status review is usually conducted at two levels: • Cursory Review • Comprehensive Review cursory review is the brief review and the comprehensive review is the detailed review. The project manager should take care that team members give status reports that are validated by meaningful numerical figures on cost, performance, time and the scope.

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The primary objective of design review is to check whether the design of the product or service being produced is of the desired performance quality. Elements of design review : Are the quality and quality assurance standards specified? Does the equipments and processes suit the application? Are the given handling, storing, shipping specifications adequate? Are there sufficient maintenance features and requirements? Is there compatibility between the specified materials and the design environment in which the material will be put to use?

Design Review

Process Review
• The primary objective of conducting a process review is to determine whether the processes are going on as planned and whether any improvement is possible the two objectives of process review are: 1) To preserve the performance of project processes those are going on well. 2) To improve the processes those are below standards. Even if nothing wrong with the processes, there may be some scope of improvement and process review suggest how improvements can be made.

Project review stages
A review should always be conducted before taking any major decisions that can affect the future of the project. Review after submission of project proposal • The proposal is in keeping with the existing business strategy • The proposal is flexible

Project review stages
Review in the implementation phase • Status review • Design review • Process review Review at the completion of the project • Evaluate the project efficiency by comparing the delivered output with the planned one. • Document the lessons learned as these may be helpful in the management of future projects.

Project review stages
Review in the post implementation stage • This kind of review is usually conducted any time between three to six months after the completion of the project. The project manager undertakes the review to judge whether the project was successful in meeting its goals or not.

Project review stages
• Evaluate the benefits of the project and compare them with the benefits listed in the initial plan. • Judge the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivered output of the project when it is put to use in real life situations. • Document the lessons as they may prove helpful in managing future projects.

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