 Co-branding

is a brand management tactic that brings together  two or more brands, creating a stronger brand presence than  can be provided by either brand alone.  The objective of co-branding is to develop marketing leverage  by combining complimentary elements of each brand’s equity to  create a distinctive, compelling offer to consumers.

 Shared Product Equity Co-Branding  Ingredient Co-Branding  Value –chain Co-Branding  Promotional Co-Branding  Innovation Co-Branding

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more brands used on a peer or equal basis providing related and distinctive value to the joint branded offering through an association of product technologies. An example would be JELL-O and Oreo pudding snacks and JELL-O and Chips Ahoy! No-Bake dessert. Most often the brand identities comprising the co-branded effort share equal prominence in the identity structure.

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one or more of the brands provides a distinctive ingredient or component to the primary or carrier brand. In this case, the ingredient brand is subordinate to the carrier brand. Examples include Gateway Computer with Intel chips (ingredient brand) and Clorox cleaner with Teflon. In all cases the ingredient brand’s identity structure is subordinate to the carrier brand in the co-branded identity structure.

 Co-branding

began with endorsements.  good beginning point for organizations  and can result in significant brand enhancement  and sometimes even an unplanned opportunity.

Promotional/sponsors hip co-branding

Product-service co-branding

•Supplier-retailer co-branding •Alliance co-branding

 Innovation-Based


 Dilution

: brand loses its meaning to customers
 Devaluation


 amalgamation of two or more  product has a unique appeal  defining their customer


Benefits of Co branding 1. to create financial benefits;  2. to provide customers with greater value;  3. to improve on a property's overall image;  4. to strengthen an operation's competitive position; and  5. to create operational advantages. 

 “mix

the old wines in a newer bottle!!! “

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