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Lecture-6 Examples

Air enters a 28-cm diameter pipe steadily at 200 kPa and 20°C with a velcity !
" m#s$ Air is heated as it !lws% and leaves the pipe at &80 kPa and '0°C$
(etermine )a* the vlume !lw rate ! air at the inlet% )b* the mass !lw rate !
air% and )c* the velcity and vlume !lw rate at the exit$
Air enters an adia+atic n,,le steadily at -00 kPa% 200°C% and -0 m#s and leaves at
&00 kPa and &80 m#s$ .he inlet area ! the n,,le is 80 cm2$ (etermine )a* the
mass !lw rate thru/h the n,,le% )b* the exit temperature ! the air% and )c* the exit
area ! the n,,le$
0team enters a n,,le at '00°C and 800 kPa with a velcity ! &0 m#s% and leaves
at -00°C and 200 kPa while lsin/ heat at a rate ! 2" k1$ 2r an inlet area ! 800
cm2% determine the velcity and the vlume !lw rate ! the steam at the n,,le exit$
0team !lws steadily thru/h an adia+atic tur+ine$ .he inlet cnditins ! the
steam are &0 3Pa% '"0°C% and 80 m#s% and the exit cnditins are &0 kPa% 42
percent 5uality% and "0 m#s$ .he mass !lw rate ! the steam is &2 k/#s$
(etermine )a* the chan/e in kinetic ener/y% )b* the pwer utput% and )c* the
tur+ine inlet area$
Air enters the cmpressr ! a /as-tur+ine plant at am+ient cnditins ! &00 kPa and
2"°C with a lw velcity and exits at & 3Pa and -'6°C with a velcity ! 40 m#s$ .he
cmpressr is cled at a rate ! &"00 k7#min% and the pwer input t the cmpressr is
2"0 k1$ (etermine the mass !lw rate ! air thru/h the cmpressr$
8e!ri/erant-&-'a is thrttled !rm the saturated li5uid state at 600 kPa t a pressure !
&60 kPa$ (etermine the temperature drp durin/ this prcess and the !inal speci!ic
vlume ! the re!ri/erant$
A ht-water stream at 80°C enters a mixin/ cham+er with a mass !lw rate ! 0$"
k/#s where it is mixed with a stream ! cld water at 20°C$ 9! it is desired that the
mixture leave the cham+er at '2°C% determine the mass !lw rate ! the cld-water
stream$ Assume all the streams are at a pressure ! 2"0 kPa$
A heat exchan/er is t cl ethylene /lycl )cp=2$"6 k7#k/ : °C* !lwin/ at a rate ! 2
k/#s !rm 80°C t '0°C +y water )cp = '$&8 k7#k/ : °C* that enters at 20°C and leaves
at ""°C$ (etermine )a* the rate ! heat trans!er and )b* the mass !lw rate ! water$
A hair dryer is +asically a duct in which a !ew layers ! electric resistrs are placed$ A
small !an pulls the air in and !rces it thru/h the resistrs where it is heated$ Air
enters a &200-1 hair dryer at &00 kPa and 22°C and leaves at '6°C$ .he crss-
sectinal area ! the hair dryer at the exit is 60 cm2$ ;e/lectin/ the pwer cnsumed
+y the !an and the heat lsses thru/h the walls ! the hair dryer% determine )a* the
vlume !lw rate ! air at the inlet and )b* the velcity ! the air at the exit$
A 2-m- ri/id tank initially cntains air at &00 kPa and 22°C$ .he tank is cnnected t a
supply line thru/h a valve$ Air is !lwin/ in the supply line at 600 kPa and 22°C$ .he
valve is pened% and air is allwed t enter the tank until the pressure in the tank
reaches the line pressure% at which pint the valve is clsed$ A thermmeter placed in
the tank indicates that the air temperature at the !inal state is 66°C$ (etermine )a* the
mass ! air that has entered the tank and )b* the amunt ! heat trans!er$
A 0$--m- ri/id tank is !illed with saturated li5uid water at 200°C$ A valve at the
+ttm ! the tank is pened% and li5uid is withdrawn !rm the tank$ <eat is
trans!erred t the water such that the temperature in the tank remains cnstant$
(etermine the amunt ! heat that must +e trans!erred +y the time ne-hal! !
the ttal mass has +een withdrawn$
An adia+atic air cmpressr is t +e pwered +y a direct-cupled adia+atic steam
tur+ine that is als drivin/ a /eneratr$ 0team enters the tur+ine at &2$" 3Pa and
"00°C at a rate ! 2" k/#s and exits at &0 kPa and a 5uality ! 0$42$ Air enters the
cmpressr at 48 kPa and 24" = at a rate ! &0 k/#s and exits at & 3Pa and 620
=$ (etermine the net pwer delivered t the /eneratr +y the tur+ine$