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Role of Social Worker

Adult Education
Amit Kumar Yadav
School of Social Work
Roshni Nilaya
8/28/2014 1
Adult Education
Adult engage in systematic and sustained Learning activities
Gain new form of ASK (Attitude, Skills and knowledge) and values
Merriam & Brockett (1997)
"...we define adult education as activities intentionally designed for the
purpose of bringing about learning among those whose age, social
roles, or self-perception define them as adults."
8/28/2014 2
Perspective of Adult Education
Courtney (1989: 17-23)
The Work of certain institutions and organizations
A special kind of relationship
A profession or scientific Relationship
Steaming form a historical identification with spontaneous social
Distinct from other kinds of education

8/28/2014 3
The work of certain institution and
Shaped by the activities of key
organization like I/N/GOs

A special kind of relationship
Engage in part of everyday living
The process of managing the
external conditions that facilitate
the internal change
Relationship that involves a
conscious effort to learn something
8/28/2014 4
A profession or scientific Relationship
Training or preparation
Specialized body of knowledge
The way in which adults are
encourage to learn and aided in
that learning is the single most
significant ingredient of adult
education as profession
Steaming form a historical identification
with spontaneous social movement
Adult education can be
approached as a quality
emerging through developing
activities of unionism, political
parties and social-movement like
in India, Independent
movement, women movement,
Dalit movement and so on
8/28/2014 5
Distinct from other kind of Education
8/28/2014 6
Principles of Adult
They will only learn they are
internally feel to learn
They learn when they feel they
need to learn
Active participation is essential
Adult learning is problem based
and those problem must be
realistic. Finding solution to
Cant made to learn
Learn by doing

8/28/2014 7
Adult education in India
Provided night schools
Almost all over the India
The government launched the program of Social Education under the
Community Development Program in 1952, as a part of the first Five
Year Plan
Recent, The Government launched National Literacy Mission for
spreading education

8/28/2014 8
Strengths and Weakness of Adult
education in India
Women motivation and
Coverage weaker section of
Positive impact in society
Feasible Program
Program worked well

Poor Training quality
Poor learning Environment
Lack of Media Support
Not encouraged by Volunteer
No linkage between literacy,
post-literacy, follow-up and
continuing education

8/28/2014 9
Role of Social Worker
Raise awareness to realize
Formulate youth Groups
An administrator
Focus on skill based training
Help to design the curriculum

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Sebestian sir
PG Groups
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Thank You One and ALL
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