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IMPORTED SHRIMP DUMPED IN THE US – CASE STUDY ruled Shrimps imported from China and Vietnam • US DOC

is being dumped on US Market • Both countries has been sold at less than fair value, with margins ranging up to 112.81% for China and 25.76% for Vietnam. • As a result US Shrimp Companies are facing the heat as this has affected their market Share in their Own country

IMPORTED SHRIMP DUMPED IN THE US – CASE STUDY industry group had asserted that the target • The US
countries sell shrimp in their home countries at prices between 32% and 349% higher than they charge in the US. • An alliance of shrimp producers from eight US states has demanded the imposition of tariffs ranging up to 267%. • The governments of China and some other countries criticized the decisions, but only Brazil has threatened to contest the ruling in the World Trade Organization if duties are indeed imposed. • US companies that market, distribute and sell seafood said that the imposition of duties would hurt consumers of the US' most popular seafood by pushing shrimp prices up. • Imposition of anti-dumping duties requires final affirmative determinations both from the Commerce Department that dumping occurred and from the US International Trade Commission (USITC) that the imports "injured or threatened" US industry.