what is air pollution?

Air pollution is, as the name suggests, polluting and poisoning of air and atmosphere around the earth. Air pollution is caused by many harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and excess of carbon dioxide.

Causes of air pollution
Due to increase in number of vehicles Due to deforestation Due to nuclear projects Due to industrialization

 Due to indutrialization: For developmental purposes rapid industrialization is being carried out. Thus large amount of harmful gases are emitted.

 

2:Due to increase in number of vehicles Number of vehicles emit large amount of harmful gases.

Due to deforestation:
Due to deforestation the number of trees decreases. This results in increase in carbon dioxide gas giving rise to air pollution

Due to nuclear projects:
Due to nuclear projects and experiments harmful heavy elements are given out to the atmosphere giving rise to air pollution.

 Air

of air pollution

pollution has hazardous effects on earth, earth’s environment ,human beings as well as other biotic factors living on the earth. of air pollution are as follows:

 Effects  On  On  On

climate biotic factors earth


Due to air pollution negative effects have been observed on climate Global warming is one of the major effect of air pollution.

 

Due to global warming ice caps are melting Thus sea water level is rising

Effects on biotic world

Is this our future?

Effects on biotic factors:

Air pollution is a very serious problem because it has a direct and fast impact on health. Air pollution gives rise to various health problems such as respiratory diseases, skin allergies etc. Due to the use of CFS’S the ozone layer which protects our planet from harmful rays of the sun is getting destroyed giving rise to skin problems like skin cancer. This affects not only humans but also other animals


haze or smog reduces visibility and that acid rain from chemical emissions damages property, pollutes water resources and can harm forests and wild life

Air pollution can negatively impact human health and cause cough, cold burning eyes ,breathing problems and even death.

In years to come man will be seen carrying oxygen mask!

Thus now it is up to us whether to save our planet and live IN peace or create more pollution and leading towards our own end. Nature has provided us with wonderful gifts. Now it is our turn to return back the things as beautifully as they were given



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