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Overview Of Laptops
Market Growth

Preference  Major Players

Laptops were originally considered to be "a small

niche market" and were thought suitable mostly for "specialized field applications" such as "the military, the Internal Revenue Service, accountants and sales representatives". But today, there are already more laptops than desktops in businesses, and laptops are becoming obligatory for student use and more popular for general use. In 2008 more laptops than desktops were sold in the US and it has been predicted that the same milestone will be reached in the worldwide Maninder market as soon as late 2009.

Laptop sales-2002-2008

•Annual sales grew by 114% •Households accounted for 44% of the market growing 150%, Businesses accounted for 56% of the market growing 93% Maninder

Market Share and Growth

The laptop market in India grew by 84.8 per




Company Information
Hewlett-Packard Company commonly referred

to as HP, is a technology corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States; with offices at the old Compaq Campus in Houston, Texas. HP is the largest technology company in the world and operates in nearly every country. HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, storage, and networking hardware, software and services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise servers, related storage devices, as well as a diverse range of printers Kavit and

HP is the largest worldwide seller of personal

computers, surpassing rival Dell, according to market research firms Gartner and IDC reported in January 2008. The gap between HP and Dell widened substantially at the end of 2007, with HP taking a near 3.9% market share lead. HP is also the 5th largest software company in the world. In 2008 HP retained its global leadership position in inkjet, laser, large format and multifunction printers market. Also HP become #2 globally in IT services as reported by IDC & Gartner. It is one of the only American PC-focused computer companies Kavit publicly traded under the NYSE.

 HP Pavilion is a line of personal computers produced by

Hewlett-Packard and introduced in 1995.  The name is applied to both desktops and laptops for the Home and Home Office product range.  When HP merged with Compaq in 2002, it took over Compaq's existing naming rights agreement. As a result, HP sells both HP and Compaq-branded machines. Computers can be ordered either directly from the factory or over the phone, and can be customized through choosing desired specifications.  Take Action. Make Art  HP and MTV held a contest for young people around the world to help design a special edition HP notebook.  The theme: the cause that is most personal to you. It all starts with your personal view. Imagine that your design is a positive thought, a belief, a message you want to tell the world.  Your take on how to make our planet or your community a Nirav

Model’s of HP



S T R E N G T H S
 Bigger name in the

W E A K N E S S E S

market Trust of People HP. is the market leader beating its biggest competitor DELL Has a great dealership chain in the market. Better after sales service

Later entry into skin segment. DELL Beats HP in promoting Business model


O P P U R T U N I I S T E

T H R E A T S
DELL with plan to set service center across India would prove to be biggest threat SONY capturing people’s vision with design specification model

Introduction of touch

pad and think pad expected to boost company’s sale Opportunity to grow since laptop market is emerging in India Already a market leader so great opportunity to be the king of market. Low on price and High on configuration



Research Objective
Which is the most commonly used laptop in the

market. laptop.

What influences people to buy a particular

What is the penetration level of HP in the


 To identify customer needs. 
  (Note: All Data were collected on market research done on 100 people)


1) Do you have a laptop ?


2 ) W h i co m p a n y ’ s l p to p d o yo u u se ? ch a


3 ) T h e p u rp o se o f o w n i g a l p to p ? n a


4) Do you use HP? a) yes b) no

5)If HP, which Model would you prefer?
a)HP Mini 15 b)HP Mini 17 c)HP Mini 12.1 d)HP Pavilion 15 e)HP Pavilion 17 f)HP Pavilion 12.1 g)HP Compaq 17 h)HP Compaq 15 i)HP Compaq 12.1

Models chosen by people *


6) What would influence your buying decision while buying a HP Laptop? (Tick as many as applicable)   a)Performance b)Configuration c)Design d)Touch Screen e)Price f)Any other (specify)  


7)Would you suggest any changes for HP Laptop in the following fields?

  a)Design b)Pricing c)Configuration d)Quality e)Any other (specify)

44% 13% 23% 11% 9%


8)Why would you not buy an HP ?

  a)Looks. 20% b)Pricing. 44% c)Configuration 16% d)Quality. 02% e)Any other (specify). 18%


9)Which laptop do you like the most ?

  Rank a)HP. 3 b)SONY . 4 c)DELL. 1 d)COMPAQ. 2 e)LENOVO. 5 f)ACER. 6 g)TOSHIBA. 7 h)Any other (specify).


10)Yo u se e k i fo rm a ti n re g a rd i g l p to p s n o n a
b e fo re b u yi g i fro m n t


11)What influences you to buy your preferred HP?

a)Friends. 1 b)Neighbors. 5 c)Advertisements. 2 d)Self Experience. 3 e)Any other (specify). 4


1 2 ) W h a t i th e p ri ra n g e yo u l o k o u t fo r s ce o w h i e b u yi g th e l p to p ? l n a


13)While purchasing a HP, what would you usually go for?

  a)Configuration b)Speed c)Design d)Size

33% 44% 10% 13%


Something about you    

     


: _____________________________

Occupation : _____________________________   Age group : 1.< 25 2. 25—34 3. 35-44 4. 45-54 5. >54  Address : _____________________________ _____________________________

   

HP is one of the best laptops available in

market Good after sale service Offers good configuration at attractive price Finally as a team our group recommends HP based on personal usage experience