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Diversity of Customs & Rituals

Presented by:Robi
Caring Across Cultures
A Roadmap for Bisexual
Each Group has a different roadmap for advancing
effective communication, cultural competence care.

Size, setting and resources will impact the implementation
of A Roadmap.

The Baguio Bisexual reflects your members who reflects
your community
Caring Across Cultures & Belief

Identified the main cultural and spiritual makeup of our

Made a list of questions that would be asked

Identified area clergy and religious/non religious leaders to

Set up meeting for interview

Visit and Invite to be Involved

Caring Across Cultures & Belief
Beliefs What are the basic tenets of your community?
Practices What rites/rituals/holy days/weekly days are
Religious Materials Scripture, readings, prayers, statues,
icons etc.?
Diet/Medication Are there restrictions? Preferences?
Communication Addressing individuals? Family Makeup?
Hierarchy? Equality? Male/Female relationships?
Dress? Issues of modesty?
Health Care and your community View of illness?

Caring Across Cultures




Be the bridge between the Bisexual
and the community
Hospital Environment
Individuals From a Community
What are your own Beliefs and Practices?

What are your own Values? Traditions?

From what cultural, ethnic background do you

What are your own Dispositions?

How do you see Illness? Dying? Death? Grief?

How do you see suffering?
Baguio Bisexual
Individuals from a Community
Different is Different: Not right or wrong.

Ask s, You are not expected to be an expert.

Be open about differences.

Dont make assumptions.

Encourage questions.

Dont treat others as you would want to be treated

Dont assume touch or calling one by their first name

Organizational Readiness

Is there a Board-approved policy encouraging
diversity across the organization?
Is diversity awareness and cultural proficiency
training mandatory for all senior leadership,
management and staff?
Do you have a succession/advancement plan for
your management team linked to your overall
diversity goals?
Does your strategic plan emphasize the importance
of diversity at all levels of your workforce?

Diversity and You
Recognize your own biases and assumptions may influence
your perception, attitude and behavior towards others.

Raise your awareness of diversity and inclusion by
participating in cultural events: fairs, festivals, lectures

Increase your social circle to include people that are different
from you

Dont tell ethnic or sexual jokes

Be honest about your feelings

Remember that mistakes happen

Organizational and Individual




Organizational and Individual Program
Baguio bisexual Purpose
Baguio Bisexuals celebrate diversity and inclusion by allowing
employees to come together in efforts to share the richness
of their cultures, background, traditions, heritage and other
characteristics with everyone who comes in contact with
Baguio Bisexual. This includes other Members, community
members, family members and friends.

Positive energy, and a positive work environment, is created
as a result of BBs coming together.

All members with similar interests and backgrounds are
encouraged to work together on ideas, programs and
initiatives that will make BB an even better place to work.
Moving Forward

Talk to your community leaders

Talk to those who are responsible for diversity initiatives and

Talk to your members

Moving Forward

Assess your instruction's community what are the
primary ethical and cultural groups in your area?

Remember this is about patient safety,
communication and competent care.

Remember this is about establishing an environment
where patients, families and employees are treated
with courtesy and respect regardless of personal
characteristics including but not limited to race,
age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion,
nationality, or disability.